Utena, Revolutionary Girl Fan Fiction ❯ Silly Utena Crossover Fic! ❯ Chapter 14

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

Just Communication...

Treise Khushrenada looked around the totally quiet command center with an very irritated expression on his quite handsome face. A soft beeping from a nearby monitor interrupted his brooding thoughts.

"Mr. Treise," Lady Une's soft voice came over the office communication system. "You have a call from... him."

The screen lit up and Miliardo Peacecraft's scowling face appeared on the screen. "You can't find them either?" he bluntly asked.

"No, I haven't" Treise said to him glumly in reply. "All five of the gundams, Releena, Dorothy and Noin are all still missing, after they went to check out that odd disturbance in a remote region in Japan."

Miliardo grimaces as he says, "The White Fang figures they've gone to ground, and are readying a devastating assault on them."

Treise snorted in disbelief, then nodded as he said, "The Earth forces are getting jumpier and jumpier, waiting for the inevitable attack."

Miliardo nodded firmly. "Lets go out there ourselves," he suggested, "and find out what really happened to them." Treise looked at him thoughtfully a moment, then he reluctantly nodded his agreement.

A nearby voice told Treise "I'm coming too." Lady Une walked in, flightsuit ready.

"Mr. Treise, your Tallgeese II is ready to go. I've also prepared the Wing Gundam for myself."

She looks with clear destain at the former Zechs Merquise. "I'm sure the Epyon is fueled and ready for launch?"

"Miliardo Peacecraft can't officially go," Miliardo said with a grin, "but Zechs Merquise will meet you above Japan." Treise laughed softly, nodding.

Treise gave Une a odd look. "Have you been monitoring my communications, again?" he asked her thoughtfully. Une just smiled mysteriously and didn't answer.

A few hours later, Treise was smiling as he met the Epyon in low orbit. The Tallgeese II and Lady Une in the Wing Gundam hovered beside it, then together they descended. Down, diving through layers of clouds and over rough terrain, until the Ohtori region appeared on the horizon. Treise frowned, seeing a small figure in the distance.

Treise magnified the image, then asked "Zechs, Une, is that the Wing Zero over there?"

"Certainly looks like it." Zechs said calmly.

"I'm attempting communications on the standard frequencies, but nothing's getting through," Lady Une crisply reported. They soared nearer, and noticed the gundam frantically signaling with it's arms.

"He probably needs our help," Treise said smugly. They went down lower, and the gundam's arms signaled to them harder. Suddenly, they hit massive turbulence, and the radio suddenly kicked in.

"You idiots! Stay away, stay back... oh damn. It's too late." Heero said, as his angry face appeared on their video screens. "Try to leave, quickly! Go back the way you came!" Heero asked. Zechs turned his gundam and drove back, only to hit a invisible barrier. He backed up and tried again, coming to another dead stop.

"You can get in, but you can't get out," Zechs said softly. Then he began to swear. The three brought their mobile suits down by Wing Zero.

"Who's in charge here?" Treise asked Heero a few moments later, standing with Une and Zechs at the feet of his mobile suit.

"I'd guess Akio Ohtori," Heero said thoughtfully. "Last time I checked, he was over that way." Treise, Zechs and Lady Une set off. The campus was jammed with people, of all shapes and sizes. As they moved deeper, they noticed more and more damaged buildings, until they came to a fallen robot, and a handsome young man staring at it mournfully.

"Good day, sir," Lady Une said cautiously. "Are you Akio Ohtori?" she asked.

"Yes, I am," Akio said simply. He looked Treise and Zechs over thoughtfully, then smiled broadly. "I have a very important question for you!"

Both Zechs and Treise blinked a bit with surprise. "What question?" Zechs asked him cautiously.

"Do you like Cognac?" Both Zechs and Treise stammered out their affirmatives. "Good, lets go get drunk," Akio said simply, putting an arm over each of their shoulders. Ignoring any protests, he led them away.

Lady Une sweatdropped, and shook her head. A short, but determined search later, and she was directed to the Campus Security office and Lt. Noin. "Lt., report!" Une barked, entering. Noin gave her an amused, steady glance.

"Aren't you a bit out of your jurisdiction?" Noin asked her with a sweet smile. She stretched, catlike, and smoothly got out of her chair to guide Une to a seat. "How are you, Lady?" Noin asked charmingly.

"Ah, fine," Une answered, surprised. "What's going on here, anyway?" she asked plaintively. Noin laughed softly. She sat by Une, stretching her legs out, letting Une see her gracefulness.

"This place is a mix of many separate worlds, or realities. Quatre gave me a long winded explanation that gave me a headache, but until they're separated, we can't leave." Noin smiled comfortingly at Une, putting her hand on hers and patting it softly. "It's a nice place, though, even if it's a bit crazy."

Lady Une blushed, looking over at Noin.

Noin smiled warmly, and brought her chair nearer Une's. "Have I ever told you how lovely you are?" Noin asked.

"No..." Une whispered. Noin leaned over, and ever so gently kissed Une. "Where did that come from?" Une asked, sounding not at all displeased.

Noin kissed her again, gently. "I was your subordinate," Noin whispered, "it wouldn't have been appropriate. But that didn't stop me from thinking about it."

"What about Zechs?" Une managed to gasp, as Noin began nibbling Une's neck.

Noin leaned back a moment, smiling broadly. "We're each others protection. He lets me chase after my girls, while he persues his boys," she laughed. Une smiled back, and Noin drew her into another kiss.

Appearing this Episode: Treise, Lady Une, Miliardo/Zechs, Heero and Noin are all from Gundam Wing. Akio is from Revolutionary Girl Utena.