Utena, Revolutionary Girl Fan Fiction ❯ Silly Utena Crossover Fic! ❯ Chapter 16

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

You're Under Arrest...

Natsumi sat back in the passenger seat and looked with admiration over at her partner. Miyuki drove the police car with her particular grace and style, even through the mobbed streets of Ohtori academy.

"This is one weird place, huh?" Natsumi commented, taking a careful drink of her coffee. It was strange, but she and Miyuki always seemed to have cups of coffee, even when they ordered tea. Must be one of those mysteries of policing, she mused.

"Really interesting, though," Miyuki said smiling. "And we do get a variety of stuff to do," she added, thinking about the giant robot clean up they helped with.

Before they can say anything more, a woman's screaming could be heard over the noise of the crowd! "Whaa! Help! Utena, save me! No, don't touch me there!" A short pause, and "Or there, either!"

The Red Queen broke through the crown first, then Ms. Door, the Cheshire Cat, and the entire Mad Tea Party, all helping carry the loudly yelling Wakaba! Just behind them, the leather clad Miyuki-chan cracks her whip and keeps chasing. The two police officers watch them run by, sweatdropping.

Utena staggers out of the crowd, soaked with sweat and totally exhausted. She slumps against the side of the police car, and barely manages to groan out at the two officers, "Can you help me catch them?"

Miyuki pops the backdoor open even as Natsumi yells, "Get in!" They peeled off in hot persuit. "Hey, Miyuki?" Natsumi asked, as they chased the whole mad group, "Isn't that your cute little namesake over there, with the whip?"

"Don't remind me," Miyuki said, sighing. "You know how many people have dropped off love leters at our room because of her?"

Natsumi laughed, "I wouldn't mind."

Miyuki tilted her head and looked over at her thoughtfuly. Before she could think of a coherent reply, Utena stuck her head up between the seats. "Personally, I really don't want to mess with the crazy leather lady. Why don't we just grab Wababa and leave them to their fun?" Utena suggested to them wearily.

"Sounds like a plan," Miyuki said with a nod.

Natsumi held Utena's waist as they pulled up beside the madly running group and Utena carefully leaned over to try and grab on to Wakaba. Wakaba reached, clambered over Utena into the police car, and they carefully began to pull away. However, before they could complete their get away, Natsumi lost her grip on Utena!

"Oh, hell." Natsumi cursed softly under her breath.

"Whaa!" Utena loudly cried as she was carried off by the mob. "God must hate me! Oh, that tickles!"

"Well, one out of two's not too bad," Natsumi sighed. Wakaba quickly stumbled off to change into dry underwear and rest, while Miyuki and Natsumi cruised off to the scenic rest area lookout over the town of Ohtori.

Miyuki parked, seemingly nervous. She suddenly climbed out of the car and clambered up on the hood, sitting up there in the evening sunlight. She smiled a bit, as Natsumi climbed up beside her. "It's quite the view from here," Miyuki said to her nervously. Natsumi just smiled over at her fondly, and Miyuki worked to gathered up her courage as she began to say "Nastsumi, I... I mean, I..."

Natsumi gently stopped Miyuki from saying anything more. "Miyuki, I'm in love with you," she said shyly.

Miyuki's eyes widened, and then she smiled broadly. "Took you long enough to realise!" she cried, and hugged her. "I love you, too!"

Natsumi sweatdropped.

Appearing this Episode: Miyuki and Natsumi are from You're Under Arrest. Wakaba and Utena are from Revolutionary Girl Utena. And Finally, Miyuki-chan and friends are from Miyuki-chan in Wonderland.