Utena, Revolutionary Girl Fan Fiction ❯ Silly Utena Crossover Fic! ❯ Chapter 18

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

Digimon, biomerge...

Rika and Renamon stood together, looking at the distortion in digital space swirling ahead of them. "Renamon," Rika asked her eagerly, "do you think it might be a way home?"

"I don't know, Rika," Renamon said in her soft, but strong voice. "It may eventually become a portal, but for now..." she trailed off and looked over at Rika fondly. They had come alone to the digital world by an accident, a twist of fate, and Renamon cherished the time she had spent here with Rika, just the two of them. She almost didn't want it to end, but she knew Rika was missed by her friends and family.

"Time to try something lame," Rika said with a small sigh. She pointed her digivice at the distortion and loudly cried out "Digi-port! Open!" Renamon gave her an really odd look, and Rika shrugged, "Hey, it worked in the TV series."

The distortion field suddenly pulled in on itself, then rapidly widened, expanding outward until it revealed lush green fields just beyond it and a crowd of shocked looking people standing nearby! "It does seem to be a portal," Renamon murmured, and took a few steps forward only to stop there abruptly.

"What's wrong, Renamon?" Rika asked her, body poised to move forward or back, depending on Renamon's next few words.

"It doesn't feel quite right, not like it did when I was on Earth before. But I'm not sure..." Renamon said worriedly. She gazed over at Rika, the girl she loved, and wondered if it wasn't a selfish impulse that held her back. `Here, we're all alone together. There, I must share her with others again,' Renamon thought sadly. She shook her head.

"What do you want to do?" Rika asked her softly. She looked over at the tall fox woman admiringly, wishing she could bring herself to say to her what was in her heart. `But what if she doesn't feel the same about me,' Rika fretted, `I would hurt her and myself, too. No, it's best to be silent for now.'

The strange portal began to slowly shrink, the view of the other world growing smaller and smaller. "Let's go," Renamon finally said to Rika firmly. "I'm not entirely sure about this, but we don't dare loose this chance to get you home!" She bounded over to Rika and held her in her arms before she took a flying leap through the portal!

As soon as they passed through, it shut with a loud displacement of air right behind them. They hit the ground, Renamon rolling them both until they finally came to a stop. Rika reflexedly snuggled into Renamon's arms, knowing that as long as they were securely wrapped around her, she would be safe. Renamon uncurled finally, and gently helped Rika to her feet. They looked around in awe at the strange people walking by calmly, until a sweatdropping Rika finally said "Toto, I don't think we're in Kansas anymore."

"Toto?" a perplexed Renamon asked Rika, before taking a moment to look around her bemusedly. `There were certainly a lot of very odd looking humans around here!' she thought with a bit of wonder.

A group of pretty young women in sailor suits were fighting a wierd looking monster, even as the crowds completely ignored them. Two young girls walked by them dressed only in near skintight bodysuits, one dressed in red, the other in white, and snuggling together. Not too far away two young people wearing roses in their lapels were fighting a duel, though over what no one seemed quite sure.

"Old joke," Rika explained. She looked around at the mob and noticed something really odd: they were completely ignoring Renamon along with all the other craziness going on. It was kind of cool, actually, but weird.

A younger girl and her companion watched the two stand and gawk for a bit before taking pity on them and walking over. She smiled at the two of them and asked them cheerfully "Hello, did you just arrive here?" Behind her, the other girl had whipped out a video camera and was recording the first girl's every move.

Rika watched the two girls and sweatdropped, while Renamon smiled at them tentatively, "Yes, we just got here. My name is Renamon, and this is Rika."

"I'm Sakura," the young redhead said happily, "and this is Tomoyo. It's very nice to meet you! Come on, we'll help you find a room," Sakura said.

"The fact I'm a giant fox doesn't bother you?" Renamon asked them, more than a bit stunned. Happy, but stunned.

"I've seen odder, even before I came to Ohtori," Sakura said gently. Tomoyo chimed in her agreement without stopping filming.

"So we're in a place called Ohtori?" Rika asked, and stood nervously by Renamon. She felt Renamon's hand take hers and instantly felt better.

Sakura saw that and smiled a bit, even as she said, "Yes, it's called Ohtori Academy. It seems it was a fairly odd school to start with, and now it's somehow become mixed up with several other worlds!"

"That would explain the distortion we saw," Rika said thoughtfully to Renamon. "This world and the digital one were connected, somehow."

"Let me guess," Sakura said cheerfully, "you leapt through it and here you are, right?" At Renamon and Rika's nods, she shrugged and added "I thought the distortion was some kind of Clow Card until Tomoyo and I fell through it."

"Very interesting," Renamon said softly. Sakura and Tomoyo led them to a large dorm building, a little run down looking but still kind of nice. Renamon looked up at it and asked them, "And this is?"

"The East Dorm," Sakura explained. "A lot of the other-dimensional visitors are staying here, until we can get back home."

The front doors opened and one girl stepped out, before stopping to call behind her "Yolie, we're going to be late!"

Another girl quickly caught up to her and then took her arm possesively. "Kari, you know I'm always worth the wait," the girl called Yolie said to her suggestively. Kari blushed brightly at that remark.

Watching them walk away, Rika said "Is it me, or do those two look strangely familiar?" Before anything more can be said, Gatomon and Hawkmon also speed out of the building after their partners!

"Digimon?" Renamon said softly. "And their tamers..."

"Yes," Tomoyo said cheerfully. She added, "You can talk to them later, though. We need to get you settled first!"

"Definitely," Sakura agreed, and they led the wide eyed Rika and Renamon into the general chaos of the East Dorm. A lot of young men and women walked the hallways, most of them looking pretty odd. Strange costumes and hair colors were the rule, with only occasionally more traditional Japanese hair colors and uniforms.

The sprites of the Light and Dark cards, snuggling sweetly in a corner, were noticed by their mistress, who quickly shooed them back into the Clow book.

"Interesting place," Rika said softly, noticing all the female couples around them. Not to mention the male ones, as Heero and Duo walked by arm in arm.

"Indeed," Renamon agreed levelly, having noticed much the same thing. She looked at Rika and wondered `Dare I tell her? I don't want to drive her away from me.'

Sakura led them to a unclaimed room, and then she made a soft sound of dismay. "I'm really sorry," she said kawaiily, fighting the urge to smile, "it seems there's only a single bed left! Would you two mind sharing a room?"

Tomoyo was smiling as well, standing silently just behind Sakura. `What are those two up to?' Rika wondered with a little frown. "It shouldn't be a problem, right, Renamon?" Rika asked her softly, blushing a bit.

Renamon's tail whipped back and forth behind her, and she had a slight flush to her cheeks as well as she answered, "No, I guess not."

"We'll leave you two to get settled in," Tomoyo said, taking Sakura's arm and leading her away. Once they were far enough away, Tomoyo softly whispered to her, "That was a nice thing you did, Sakura."

Sakura blushed as Tomoyo leaned into her side, "It's obvious they care for each other, they just haven't admitted it."

"Do you remember when we first admitted it, Sakura?" a smiling Tomoyo asked her in a sexy whisper.

Sakura blushed brighter, "Yes."

"Do you want to do it again?" Tomoyo asked impishly.

Back at the dorm room, Rika sat on the desk chair while Renamon tried lying down on the mattress. She was almost too long for it, but with a bit of turning she just barely fit. "It seems to be comfortable enough," Renamon said nervously.

"Maybe we should see how we both will fit," Rika said softly, and then she climbed on the bed beside Renamon, The fox woman's eyes widened as Rika lay beside her, her smaller body seemingly to fit with Renamon's on the bed.

"Rika, I..." Renamon started, only to have Rika snuggle closer and completely derail her train of thought. The girl stroked her fur, up her arms, over her chest and up to her foxlike head. "What are you doing?" Renamon asked in a whisper.

"Something I've wanted to do a long time," Rika said to her softly, and then she gently kissed Renamon.

"I love you," Renamon said shyly, and kissed Rika again.

"I love you too, you dope!" Rika laughed, and hugged Renamon fiercely.

Appearing this Episode: Rika, Renamon, Kari, Yolie, Gatomon and Hawkmon are all from Digimon. Sakura, Light, Dark and Tomoyo are from Cardcaptor Sakura. Heero and Duo are from Gundam Wing.