Utena, Revolutionary Girl Fan Fiction ❯ Silly Utena Crossover Fic! ❯ Chapter 22

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

Valentine's Day

Utena gave the door a shove, managing to get it open by brute force. They looked at the pile blocking their way, and Utena sighed, "Anthy, get the shovel."

"So many boxes of chocolate for you, Utena-sama," Anthy said, wide eyed. A bit of shoveling and the boxes were inside the dorm, and the two of them began to sort out the boxes.

"Please be mine, Utena, from Miyuki," a frowning Utena read the card aloud, wondering which girl that was.

"That's the girl with the whip, I think," Anthy said as she calmly sipped her tea. Utena paled and tossed the box into the `don't send a thank you card' pile.

"One for you," Utena passed it over to Anthy.

Anthy flipped the card open, and sighed softly, "Saionji." She tossed the box into the `do not open until doomsday' pile.

"I wonder if anyone else at Ohtori has this problem," Utena sighed.

Haruka looked at the piles of boxes with a smirk on her face.

Michiru shook her head. "I hope you're proud of yourself," she sighed.

Haruka looked thoughtful, "You know, I think I am."

Michiru whapped her upside the head.

"Ow!" Haruka winced.

Miki vigorously stacked the boxes on the bed, in the hopes of actually getting out of the dorm room soon. He was blushing faintly, from occasionally reading some of the cards attached. He flinched, reading another one.

"Mine always, love, Kozue," it read.

Touga smiled, typing numbers into his calculator as his girl groupies labored, stacking boxes of chocolates just behind him. "I'm certain I have the most female fans in Ohtori," he crowed.

One girl groupie whispered to another, "Has he read all the `I hate you, you cad' cards that are in there yet?"

Another whispered back, "Probably not."

"No one in Ohtori is more popular than I," Touga laughed.

A third girl groupie rolled her eyes. "Has anyone been over to see Juri's room?" she asked the others quietly.

She got a few odd looks, "Why?"

A smirk, "Touga is definitely in second place, this year."

Juri sighed wearily, glad to be finally on her way to classes. "I can't believe I got that many chocolates," she muttered.

Adoring young ladies lined the sidewalk, looking at Juri with hearts in their eyes. Thankfully, they weren't all carrying those lunch boxes again. Last time had been bad enough!

She pushed the door to the fencing hall open, and froze. "Good morning, Juri-sama," one of her fencers smiled, stacking up boxes of chocolates.

"What's all this?" Juri asked, rather suspecting she knew the answer.

"Chocolates for you," Ami Mizuno shrugged, "I guess they're from girls who were too shy to take them to your dorm room."

Juri groaned softly.

"If it helps any," Ami said with a little blush, "I got a pile of boxes, too."

"Ami!" Minako squealed, and glomped her.

"You've been hanging around Wakaba too much," Ami managed.

Asuka pushed her door open, only to freeze.

Rei Ayanami reclined on their bed, chocolate syrup spread all over her pale body. "Happy Valentine's Day," she smirked.

Asuka sweatdropped, "Rei, you are such a hentai," and firmly shut the door behind her.

Hikaru blinked, as both Umi and Fuu dragged her into the closet. "Happy Valentines day," Fuu kissed her firmly.

Before Hikaru could recover, Umi gently cupped her face, "Happy Valentines Day," and kissed her too.

"Wow," Hikaru managed.

Appearing this Episode: Utena, Anthy, Miki, Touga, and Juri from Revolutionary girl Utena. Haruka, Michiru, Minako and Ami from Sailor Moon. Rei and Asuka, from Neon Genesis Evangelion. Hikaru, Umi, and Fuu are from Magic Knight Rayearth.

"Girl Groupies" is a blatant steal from Dreiser! Go read "Scenes from an Elevator" right now!