Utena, Revolutionary Girl Fan Fiction ❯ Silly Utena Crossover Fic! ❯ Academic Blues Two ( Chapter 25 )

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Academic Blues Part Two

Michiru looked down at her frantic young friend fondly. "So you and Juri are going out for dinner tomorrow night?" she confirmed.

Ami was blushing furiously as she nodded. With a shaky breath she confessed, "I've never done this sort of thing before."

Michiru blinked, "I always thought you and Makoto..."

Ami shook her head no, blushing brighter.

"Sit down before you faint," Michiru guided her to a chair. "So what do you want to have happen between the two of you?" she asked her gently. At Ami's shocked glance she continued, "Do you just want to be friends, or something... more?"

Ami was looking down at the floor as she whispered, "More."

"And does Juri...?" Michiru asked.

Ami looked up at her shyly. "I'm not sure," she said with a little smile, "but she did say I was cute when I concentrate."

Michiru smiled, "That's true." She paced thoughtfully, "A dress!"

"Dress?" Ami echoed.

"I think Juri will be wearing pants when you go out, so pick one of your dresses out," Michiru nodded firmly. She cupped Ami's chin and tilted her face up slightly, "Come over before your date, and I'll do your make-up for you."

"Make-up?" Haruka walked in, looking at them curiously. "Why does she need your help with her make-up?" she asked.

"She's got a date with Arisugawa," Michiru smiled.

Haruka stopped, an odd look on her face. "She's going out with Juri?" she repeated.

"We have a date for tomorrow night," Ami said quietly, looked at Haruka worriedly.

Haruka smiled, "Sorry." She looked up at Michiru, "I have to go out for a bit." With that, she was out of the door in moments.

"What was that about?" Ami sweatdropped.

An hour or so later and Juri was leaving the fencing hall with a bounce in her step. Winning her matches would have been most peoples guess about why, but there was another reason Juri was happy. `I'm going on a date with Ami,' she thought with a grin.

Juri walked by an alcove, when two hands grabbed her and yanked her into the shadows. She strugled for a moment, and quickly came face to face with a clearly irritable Haruka.

"Haruka?" Juri looked at her in surprise.

"What's going on between you and Ami Mizuno?" Haruka asked dangerously, keeping a firm grip on Juri's shirt.

"She asked me out on a date," Juri blinked. This was a side of Haruka that Juri hadn't seen before, and it was making her a bit nervous.

"And what are your intentions?" Haruka narrowed her eyes.

"Uh.. what?" Juri blinked.

Haruka abruptly let go of Juri's shirt as she said, "Ami Mizuno is a friend of mine, Juri. She's a good hearted, sweet kid, and I don't want to see her be hurt."

Juri smiled at her friend tentatively, "I have no intention of hurting her."

"Good," Haruka nodded, "because if you hurt her, I'll hurt you." Having said her piece, Haruka turned and walked away.

`Well, that was interesting,' Juri thought.

The next day ran by quickly for both of them, and soon the time for the dinner had nearly arrived. In her dorm room Ami took a deep breath, looking into her mirror nervously. `My hair's too short,' she thought despairingly, the small curls tickling her neck. The make-up Michiru had applied was subtle, highlighting her bright blue eyes. She wore a white blouse, and a long blue skirt swished around her legs as she moved.

The door bell chimed, and Ami answered it, taking her time so as not to seem too eager. Juri stood there larger than life, dark slacks hugging her hips and long legs, a white shirt tucked into the waistband. Her orange hair fell in graceful curls over her shoulders and down her back. And a smile of pleasure was lighting up her face.

"You look lovely," Juri's voice was husky.

"So do you," Ami looked up at her happily.

Juri offered her arm, "Shall we?" Ami slid her arm into Juri's, and they walked down the hallway together. They rode the elevator down and took a short walk out front before Juri gently helped her into the waiting taxi.

"So where are we going?" Ami asked her as they sat together in the back seat. Juri's hand rested on her own, bringing a shiver to the smaller woman.

"I thought about the dining hall," Juri smiled, "but it's not very private." She looked out at the setting Sun, the light shining on her face, "So I've made other arrangements."

Juri looked over at Ami cautiously, seeing the smile on her pretty face. Her breath had caught in her throat when Ami had answered the door in that dress, and the sweet smiles that Ami kept giving her were taking her breath away.

"A surprise, I take it?" Ami asked softly.

"Of course," Juri chuckled.

The taxi puled up in front of a small house and Juri paid the driver as well as giving a generous tip. "Thanks," Priss Asagiri nodded, "just call, and I'll be back." With that, she was gone.

Ami looked over at the cottage, "Who owns this?"

"I've rented it for tonight," Juri smiled, holding the door open for Ami.

They walked into a perfectly set up dining room, and Juri led Ami over to a seat, holding the chair out for her. "Thank you," Ami smiled up at her.

"I'll go check on dinner," Juri smiled down at her. She strode out of the room down the hallway, then stuck her head in the kitchen, "How's it going?"

Shampoo pushed her long purple hair back, "Near ready."

Ukyo nodded her agreement, "Five minutes, Arisugawa."

Shampoo looked at the boyish young woman beside her, "Ukyo good cook."

"You're not so bad yourself," Ukyo grinned.

Appearing this Episode: Ami, Haruka, and Michiru are all from Sailor Moon. Arisugawa Juri is from Revolutionary Girl Utena. Priss Asagiri is from Bubblegum Crisis. Shampoo and Ukyo are from Ranma 1/2.

To be continued...