Utena, Revolutionary Girl Fan Fiction ❯ Silly Utena Crossover Fic! ❯ Academic Blues Three ( Chapter 26 )

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Academic Blues Part Three

Juri walked back from the kitchen into the dining room, pausing in the doorway to look at Ami sitting at the table. She looked almost serene in her white blouse and blue dress, her small blue curls tickling her neck. She looked up and saw Juri there, and smiled at her gently.

"Dinner's nearly done," Juri smiled, walking in and sitting down in her chair.

"Who's making it?" Ami asked curiously, "It smells wonderful."

"I hired Shampoo and Ukyo for the night," Juri smiled.

"From the scent, I almost thought it was Makoto cooking," Ami smiled.

"I was tempted to ask her," Juri admitted, "but I didn't want anything to get back to you and spoil the surprise." Privately, she thought, `And considering all the rumors about the two of you, I wouldn't want to risk it.'

"No, Makoto and I never dated," Ami said as she calmly sipped at her glass of water.

Juri nearly fell out of her chair in surprise, "How did you know what I was thinking?"

"Michiru asked me the same thing," a shrugging Ami smiled, "and I thought that she and Haruka would pass the same gossip on to you."

Juri was blushing faintly, "Sorry." She chuckled softly, "I was worried you were becoming a mind reader."

"And would that be so bad?" Ami asked quietly.

Juri met those blue eyes levely, "Considering some of my unruly thoughts about you lately, it could be a bit embarrassing."

A blush colored Ami's cheeks that time. Before she could form a reply, Shampoo and Ukyo came in, carrying the first course. She was mildly surprised to see the pasta on the plates, and smiled as the non-alcoholic cider was poured into fresh glasses.

Ami sipped her drink, trying to recover her composure. She looked across the table at Juri, the long orange hair that fell in graceful curls over her shoulders and down her back, a little smile on her face. Her gaze descended to the breasts rising under the white shirt, and a blush colored her cheeks as she thought of those long legs in the black slacks.

"My own thoughts can be embarrassing enough," Ami quietly admitted as she looked up to meet Juri's eyes, seeing the duelist smile gently.

Juri's eyes shone with her amusement, "I'm just glad that we both seem to be thinking the same things." She took a steadying breath before asking, "You know that this isn't a `just friends' kind of date, right?"

Ami fought the urge to blush again as she answered, "That's what I was hoping."

"Good," Juri smiled back at her warmly.

Ami felt her body warming under that gaze, and looked down to notice that somehow she had managed to clear her plate of pasta completely. Juri was done as well, so almost on cue Shampoo and Ukyo arrived with the next course of plates.

"How much are we having?" Ami looked down at her plate of carefully seasoned, grilled steak in awe. `This sort of thing is not cheap,' she thought.

"Just a bit of dessert after this," Juri chuckled. She cut through the meat easily adding, "You're in such good shape, it shouldn't do you any harm."

Ami blushed, "Thank you." She tried to concentrate on eating her meal, feeling Juri gazing at her again.

`She blushes so easily,' Juri thought, `maybe that's why so many people want to protect her.' But Juri knew that Ami was also quite capable of taking care of herself, having seen her in the fencing ring a time or two.

"I'm glad you asked to go out to dinner with me tonight," Juri said quietly, "I was almost afraid you'd change your mind."

"I can't think of anyone," Ami said quietly, "who would refuse to go out with someone as beautiful as you are."

`She said I'm beautiful,' Juri thought as she met Ami's eyes. Choosing her words carefully, "The only reason I didn't ask you out, was that I thought you might be taken."

Ami's eyes widened slightly, "Really?"

Juri reached across the table, gently laying her hand over Ami's. "Of course," she smiled, trying to convey her sincerity in her touch and voice.

The dinner passed by in a blur, talk passing on to less troubling topics. But their eyes would meet across the table often, hands brushing against each other as they reached for spices or bowls. Juri chivalrously rose to pour more cider for Ami, bending close enough to catch the delicate scent of the smaller girl's skin.

Juri walked over to Ami's side of the table, and Ami felt mildly faint. Orange curls traced along her cheek, a bit of perfume, and Juri's body against her shoulder for a fleeting moment. She rose, and Ami was sure she was mischief in those eyes.

Ami gazed down at her empty dessert plate, the delicate cake all gone. "I wish this night didn't have to end so soon," she murmured sadly.

"It doesn't have to," Juri smiled, rising from her chair to walk towards the kitchen. She stopped, "Wait for me, all right?"

Ami nodded, and Juri continued on to the kitchen.

Shampoo and Ukyo worked efficiently, cleaning up the kitchen after their cooking success. "So what did you think?" Ukyo asked.

"You did great," and Juri pulled out her wallet, peeling off several bills for each of them.

Ukyo looked at the wad of cash in surprise, "This is more than we..."

"As I said," Juri smiled, "great."

Shampoo smiled, looking down at her own pile of cash. She nodded towards the dinning room and said, "You make cute couple."

Juri grinned at the two of them, "So do you." With that, she was gone.

"How fencer-girl know?" Shampoo asked Ukyo indignantly.

"She's sharp, is Arisugawa," Ukyo reached out to take Shampoo's hand.

Juri paused in the hall to pull out her cellphone, "Priss? It's Arisugawa. Come by and pick us up as planned."

Ami smiled as Juri walked back into the dining room and offered Ami her hand. "Another surprise?" she asked.

"A little one," Juri answered as she gently drew Ami to her feet. They walked outside together, to find the taxi waiting for them once again.

Juri pulled the back door open quickly and Ami smiled, "Thank you."

"You're welcome," Juri grinned before going around to the other side to get in.

Priss didn't seem to need instructions as she pulled out, taking them across the darkened campus. Ami looked out the window, at the twilight lit buildings that streamed by, even as she felt Juri's warm hand lay over her own. Far too soon for Ami's liking, the taxi slid to a stop.

"The fencing hall?" Ami blinked in surprise as she looked at the building, then over at the mysteriously smiling Juri..

"Wait and see," Juri offered her arm.

With a slight shrug Ami took her arm and the two walked forward together, The door slid aside, and the scent of roses engulfed them. Bouquets were placed around the hall, soft lighting transforming a place of training into a romantic backdrop.

Soft music started up almost as soon as the two of them entered, words beginning in English then shifting to Japanese, "This rose is our destiny..."

Juri took a step away before offering her hand, "Would you care to dance?"

Ami laughed delightedly, "I'd love to." She took that hand, and Juri drew her close as they swayed to the music. They moved together, not quite waltzing but close, letting the music sweep them along as it willed. Ami tilted her head up, her eyes closed, and Juri hesitated but a moment before pressing her lips down on Ami's. They parted, and Ami sighed happily, snuggling in close.

"What?" Juri asked her quietly.

"I've wanted you to kiss me for weeks," Ami said.

"Me, too," Juri agreed. They danced on a few moments, "I suppose this means you'd be willing to go out with me again?"

Ami chuckled, "Of course." She looked up to meet Juri's eyes, "Kiss me again, Juri."

"Whatever m'lady wishes," Juri gently cupped Ami's face, and proceeded to kiss her even better than the last time.

Appearing this Episode: Ami, Makoto, Haruka, and Michiru are all from Sailor Moon. Arisugawa Juri is from Revolutionary Girl Utena. Priss Asagiri is from Bubblegum Crisis. Shampoo and Ukyo are from Ranma 1/2.