Utena, Revolutionary Girl Fan Fiction ❯ Silly Utena Crossover Fic! ❯ Chapter 29

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

The Coven of Light Returns!

Washu laughed maniacally, "Throw the lever!"

"Are you sure about this?" Mackie asked nervously.

"Yes," Washu declared, "I am the greatest scientific genius in the universe!"

"Brace yourselves," Belldandy warned the others.

Urd, Mara, Sailor Mercury, Rei Ayanami, Sailor Pluto, and all the other members of their improvised research committee all ducked under various pieces of furniture. Naga and Lina were too busy boinking over in the corner to notice, but with all of Naga's extra padding in the chest area they'd probably both be all right.

"Throwing lever," Mackie pulled the switch, there was a loud click, then nothing.

After a long moment of silence Sailor Mercury stuck her head out cautiously to ask, "Did nothing happen?"

Washu looked up at the device thoughtfully, "I thought my calculations were correct."

"Could we have missed a decimal point?" Yume frowned.

A very odd look appeared on Sailor Pluto's face, and she tilted her head to the side as if listening to something only she could hear. "Oh, dear," she murmured softly.

Sailor Mercury activated her visor, scanning about her until her face went oddly pale. "Could someone take a look outside, please?" she asked weakly.

Rei Ayanami pushed open the window and gazed down at the campus below. "It looks like there are multiple versions of everyone down there," she reported coolly.

"WASHU!" everyone yelled together.

"Lets get to work," Washu sighed to Yume as they began to go over the device.

Sitting in the student council chambers Arisugawa Juri raised her eyebrow as several versions of herself lounged all around the room, looking at each other. "Do any of us know what's going on?" she finally had to ask.

"No idea," the Juri dressed in the black flight suit spoke up quietly, "I just hope I can get back to my Gundam soon."

"Gundam," the original Juri echoed weakly.

"I pilot the Wing Zero in Releena's service," Juri agreed, "and I have pledged to protect her with my very life."

"I just hope I can get back before Touga does anything too rash," a third Juri offered, "he lets his emotions override his reason sometimes."

"The play is only a few days away," Juri mused, oddly dressed just like Ryouko, "and I will not disappoint my Utena-sama by not performing my role."

"My Utena?" Juri smirked softly, "congratulations."

"Thank you," the space pirate garbed Juri smiled.

"None of this matters," another Juri scowled, "it's soon time for my duel with Utena-kun, and I will prove to the entire school that she is no prince!" Softly, under her breath she added, "For Shiori's sake, I have sworn to do so."

"Ookaay," Juri backed away from her overly intense counterpart.

Outside a whip cracked loudly, and a wide-eyed Utena slowly backed away from the black leather clad vision standing before her.

"Bow down and lick my boots!" Dominatrix Anthy commanded.

There was a disturbance in the crowd, followed by a chorus of soft female sighs. Another Utena appeared, not dressed in the boy's school uniform but in a suit, nearly radiating a magnetic charm. "I'm sure that isn't necessary," Mega-playboy Utena smiled at her charmingly, "isn't there something more.. entertaining we could do?"

The dominatrix smiled slightly, running the handle of her whip along the charming Utena's jaw. "Indeed," Anthy purred dangerously, and the two retreated to the dorm together.

"Thank the kami," Utena sighed in relief.

"Utena-sama!" several sweet sounding feminine voices cried as a small army of Wakaba's glomped every Utena in sight, sending some crashing to the ground and others staggering around in circles.

Back in the central lab Washu cried out again, "Throw the lever!"

"But why do I have to throw the lever?" Nene asked plaintively, "I hate being at ground zero when one of her devices goes off!"

"Because it's your turn," the others shouted from their places of safety.

"Pulling lever!" Nene squeaked out fearfully.

There was another loud click.

After a few moments of relative silence Rei Ayanami got up and walked over to the window. "The doubles are gone," she reported, "but nothing else has changed."

"Back to the drawing board," Washu sighed.

Appearing this Episode: Utena, Anthy, Wakaba, and Juri from Revolutionary Girl Utena. Washu, Yume and Ryouko are from Tenchi Muyo. Belldandy, Urd and Mara are from Oh My Goddess. Nene and Mackie are from Bubblegum Crisis. Lina and Naga are from Slayers. Rei Ayanami is from Neon Genesis Evangelion. And finally Sailors Mercury and Pluto are from Sailor Moon.

Authors Note: Gundam Wing Juri is from an incomplete Gundam W/Utena fusion I've been fiddling with, Movie and Manga versions of Juri appear, and one Juri is from my fic, "Utena Muyo! or No Need for Utena!" Both Dominatrix Anthy and Mega-Playboy Utena are from the Blood Soaked and Honor Bound mailing list, of which I'm a member. ^_^