Utena, Revolutionary Girl Fan Fiction ❯ Silly Utena Crossover Fic! ❯ Chapter 33

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

The End... and the beginning...

Arisugawa Juri, the acting president of the Ohtori school council and therefore the closest person to actually being in charge, looked over at the group of technicians, senshi, goddesses and sorcerers and asked, "You can get us all... home?"

"The math looks about right," Washu agreed enthusiastically, "but the only way to be completely certain is to try it."

"Which brings up the rather difficult question," Rei Ayanami said to them all quietly, "do we really want to do this?"

Juri met Ami's eyes, and she smiled at her gently. Juri sighed softly, "To be perfectly honest, I really don't want you to do this. But I'm not willing to screw up hundreds of lives just to preserve my own bit of happiness."

"She's right," Ami smiled up at Juri sadly as she continued, "we need to do this, to fix what we all set into motion."

Setsuna gave them all approving looks, then she looked over at Washu and Yume, "How soon can you get it all set up?"

"Tomorrow," Yume replied instantly.

"Then if you don't mind," Juri took Ami's hand and gently pulled her to her feet, "I'm going to spend tonight with my girlfriend."

"One final night," Ami murmured.

As the two of them left the already bustling observatory they saw that a party atmosphere had developed across the entire school, a massive celebration quickly getting under way. They were all clearly happy at the prospect of going home, but there was also the sad knowledge that all the newformed friendships here were now coming to an end.

The Ohtori security team was gathered on one side, having a drinking party. Lt. Noin pored for Lady Une, Natsumi and Miyuki cuddled, Leona and the Puma sisters were dancing drunkenly, and Motoko Kusanagi was sitting talking with Shiori quietly.

The tech club was helping Yume and Washu assemble something very big nearby the observatory itself. Noa Izumi, Mackie, Sylia Stingray, Duo Maxwell, and many of the other members labored away, talking cheerfully and slinging down the sake. Nearby, Rei Ayanami and Asuka Langley cuddled together, talking softly.

"Hopefully they don't get too drunk building that," Ami murmured to Juri, "or I don't know what might happen."

"Remind we to spike their booze," Juri grinned.

"Usagi," Rei Hino yelled, running up behind the little blonde.

"Yes?" Usagi blinked. smiling happily.

"Go grab Mamoru," Rei said to her crisply, "we're going to do a threesome."

"What?!" Usagi blurted out, looking up at Rei in surprise. It was clear from the look on her face she thought she was hearing things.

"I've always wanted to," Rei squeezed her hand gently, "and after tomorrow we probably won't remember any of this anyway."

"Hai," Usagi agreed weakly as Rei dragged her off.

"I bet there's going to be a lot of that going on tonight," a smiling Juri noted as the two of them walked off together.

"Usagi, Rei and Mamoru?" Ami was blushing furiously.

Juri had to laugh, softly.

Not too far from where the tech club was working, a dark haired young lady was approaching an older girl. "Megumi?" Skuld asked softly.

Megumi Morisato turned, giving the young goddess a smile, "Yeah?"

"I was wondering..." Skuld blushed, "I mean, I..."

Megumi's eyes widened slightly. "I never realized." She blushed a bit, too, "But you're a little young for me, Skuld."

"That's not really a problem." Skuld shimmered, the girl growing as she soon matched Megumi's height and age. "Is this better?" she asked.

"Much," and the two walked off together.

All over the school the party continued onward, going on long into the night. The morning came much too early for most of them, suffering from hangovers and a painful sense of leave taking, growing stronger by the moment.

"Let's get this done," Juri said. As Ami was about to leave her side Juri squeezed those fingers gently, "I won't forget you."

"Not I, you," Ami agreed before joining the group.

The Moon Princess stood up on a central platform in the device, the Silver Crystal glowing brightly in her hands. In a circle around her stood the three Goddesses Urd, Belldandy and Skuld acting in their roles of past, present and future. Scattered all around the device were Ryouko, Ayeka, Tenchi, the Sailor Senshi, Lina Inverse, Naga, Filla and other beings of power, all contributing their energies to power the great device.

The power levels built up, then Washu stepped up, grabbed the central lever and yanked it down as she cried out to the others, "NOW!"

Juri met Ami's eyes a final moment... then the world dissolved into pure white light...

Juri awoke alone, her bed feeling oddly cold. "Ami," she murmured softly, reaching for the other girl. But her side of the bed was empty, no sign left that she had ever been there. "Guess it worked," Juri murmured to herself sadly.

It was hard for her to even motivate herself to get out of bed, but Juri forced herself to do it. She dressed, pulling on her student council uniform even as she idly wondered if she was still president. She hoped not. The walk to classes was hard, but Juri tried her best not to show it.

"Juri!" the voice cried, "Juri-san!"

Turning, her eyes wide with shock, Juri saw Ami Mizuno running up to her. She swept the smaller girl into her arms, holding her close. They stood there like that a few moments before Juri finally had to ask, "How?"

Ami drew back from her hug a bit, "We couldn't separate all of the timelines, not without doing immense damage to some of the worlds. So we merged them instead!"

Juri looked around, recognizing the faces of some of the students at last. Keichii and his friends, Usagi and the others, A-ko, B-ko and C-ko, and dozens of others. "But the place isn't mobbed like before," Juri managed.

"Everyone who belonged in the past or the future were sent back there, that helped," Ami smiled slightly. She took a nervous breath, "And a bunch of us ended up in Ohtori, rather than Tokyo. Is that all right?"

"It's wonderful," Juri pulled her close, kissing her happily.

The End!

Appearing this Episode: Arisugawa Juri and Shiori are from Revolutionary Girl Utena. Washu, Ryouko, Ayeka, Tenchi and Yume are from Tenchi Muyo. Rei Ayanami and Asuka Langley are from Neon Genesis Evangelion. Ami, Setsuna, Usagi, Rei, Mamoru and the other Senshi are from Sailor Moon. . Lt. Noin, Lady Une and Duo Maxwell are from Gundam Wing. Natsumi and Miyuki are from You're Under Arrest. Leona and the Puma sisters are from Dominion Tank Police. Motoko Kusanagi is From Ghost in the Shell. Noa Izumi is from Patlabor. Mackie and Sylia Stingray are from Bubblegum Crisis. Keichii, Belldandy, Urd, Skuld and Megumi are from Oh My Goddess. Lina Inverse, Naga and Filla from Slayers. And finally, A-ko, B-ko and C-ko are all from Project A-ko.

Author's Note: Well, I hope this ending doesn't disappoint anyone too terribly badly. I'm leaving the door wide open to continue this, so if I feel like it, I can jump right back onto it again anytime. As to why I'm ending it now, to be honest I've become much more focused on my two 'serious' cross-over series Arisugawa's Locket and Eternal City, Crystal Tokyo, and less interested in writing this one. Instead of risking my pumping out a bunch of substandard chapters to keep it going, I thought I'd end while the story was still pretty good. I just hope that everyone enjoyed the ride. If you liked this fic, review, if you didn't review anyway, I'll just ignore it.