Utena, Revolutionary Girl Fan Fiction ❯ The Most Unexpected thing... ❯ Prologue

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Revolutionary Girl Utena: The most unexpected thing...
Prologue: The Wedding
The chapel was just on the edge of the city, not far from where Ohtori Academy itself stood. Designed in a more ancient style than the modern buildings of the city around it, the church rose up majestically, the stained glass windows designed with ancient images of saints and angels. Cars were lined up outside, and the exterior was draped with festive garlands, a colorful celebration of what was soon going to be happening just inside.
Through the main doors, along the side of the packed main hall, there was the rectory, this time pressed into service as a waiting room where Arisugawa Juri paced back and forth restlessly, much to Utena's amusement.
"What's taking so long?" Juri groused, running a hand through her long orange hair.
Utena smiled up at her reassuringly as the pink haired woman in black said, "Don't worry so much, Juri, I'm sure they'll finish setting up soon."
Juri glared at the calmly smiling Utena, then she suddenly froze as a thought occured to her. "You remembered the rings, didn't you?!" Juri demanded, a bit white around the eyes. Utena reached into her pocket and pulled out two ring boxes. Casually popping them open she revealed two white-gold rings glittered on black velvet. "Thanks," Juri sighed.
"Just like the three other times that you asked." Utena replied teasingly.
Juri blushed just a bit, and resumed pacing the rectory in her tuxedo and tails. She felt a bit relieved that she had decided to skip the top hat, at least. As Juri walked she was unaware of how striking of a figure she made, the rainbow light shining in from the stained glass windows washing across her black garbed form.
Utena certainly noticed it though, feeling just a bit of regret about how things had gone between them, years ago. "You know," Utena quietly commented, "I have to admit that I was kind of worried when you two first got involved." She smiled at Juri's expression, "But you've both matured a lot. I think you will be very happy together."
Just then, Miki stuck his head into the room, the blue haired young man looking impish even dressed in his suit. "The sacrificial altar is ready, you can bring the victim in!" he said with a grin. "Remember, don't let her run away, it ruins the timing!"
Juri shot him a fierce glare of his very own, then they all headed in. Juri took her place up in front of the altar, Utena standing behind her as her best man and Miki officiating in his role as a judge. A few moments later, and the wedding march began.
Juri watched the small, veiled figure slowly makee her way up the aisle, moving smoothly and with grace towards them. Finally she reached Juri's side, and it took a;ll the former duelist's will not to kake her small hand in hers. The ceremony was a complete blur to her, but a few things stuck in Juri's mind; both Touga and Nanami's tears, Saionji's bitter presence, the tears of family and their many friends. And the comforting presence of the veiled figure standing beside her.
At long last Juri heard the words she had so long waited to hear as Miki quietly said, "You may kiss the brides!"
With slightly trembling hands, Juri took the edge of the veil in her hands and flipped it up smoothly. Leaning forward, she took Shinobara Wakaba's beaming face into her hands and kissed her long and hard. Hand in hand the two rushed down the aisle, even as the ladies gathered in the aisle just behind them. Taking her bouquet of red roses Wakaba closed her eyes, turned her back and then tossed it over her shoulder.
"What the hell?!" Utena gasped in surprise as the bouquet dropped right into her hands
Anthy smiled up at her, leaning in close to Utena. "Maybe we should arange for another wedding, Utena-sama?" she whispered in Utena's ear.
Juri laughed as she heard that, then they reached the curb where Juri's classic roadster was waiting for them. As she handed Wakaba in, Juri smiled a soft,very private smile. Sometimes, she still couldn't believe how they had got together...