Utena, Revolutionary Girl Fan Fiction ❯ The Most Unexpected thing... ❯ Chapter 8

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Revolutionary Girl Utena: The most unexpected thing...

Part Eight

"Is it just me," Saionji asked Touga softly, nodding towards where Juri was stretching, "or does Juri have a particularly murderous look on her face?"

"It's not just you," Touga took a look and agreed, his own red-brown hair falling down his back in a smooth wave. "Have you done anything to annoy her recently?" he asked curiously.

"Not that I know of," Saionji turned away from Juri's glare uncomfortably.

Touga looked thoughtful, "I understand that Juri has recently become friends with Wakaba, however. Didn't you treat her rather badly?"

Saionji's eyes widened slightly as he remembered. "Oh dear," he finally murmured softly. He looked back at the still glaring Juri, "I wonder if I could just surrender?"

"We did give our word to Shiori we'd fight Juri," Touga reminded him with a slight smile. He patted his friend on the shoulder, "Don't worry, she won't do anything too lethal." He paused before quietly adding, "I hope."

"You're so comforting," Saionji said dryly.

Over in the spectator seats there was a great deal of whispered conversation going on among the guests. "Saionji almost looks worried," Nanami noted, watching her elder brother Touga and Saionji readying for their bouts with Juri. The blonde shook her head with a smile, "I wonder if Saionji's figured out what he's getting into?"

"I almost feel sorry for him," Shiori admitted. Her purple hair curled against her neck, brushing up against the top of her girl's uniform. "I wonder if I should just release both of them from their promises?" she mused, moving to get up.

Nanami put her hand on Shiori's arm, "No, you don't need to." She was a bit surprised at the softness of the girl's arm, Shiori's delicate scent washing over her. She let go quickly, almost as if she had been burned.

"Why not?" Shiori asked curiously as she sat back down. Surprisingly her arm almost felt cold, without that gentle touch resting there.

Nanami had a faint blush on her cheeks as she looked out at the waiting fighters, "Both of them could use to be taken down a peg, you know." She looked over at the beaming Wakaba and softly added, "Even if Juri looses, I doubt the two of them would care."

Shiori looked at Wakaba, and was just a bit surprised not to feel a stab of jealousy. Looking back out at Juri she searched for the anger she had felt, the vengefulness, but there seemed to be nothing left there. "You could be right," Shiori smiled slightly at Nanami.

Juri stood slightly apart from the others, readying her sword arm while Miki looked on. "Are you ready, sempai?" the blue haired young man asked.

"Always," Juri answered coolly, her long orange hair flowing over her shoulders. She raised her sword, the weapon shining in the dim light, "I've been waiting for this."

"Make sure you don't lose your perspective," Miki cautioned her, "win the match, don't go too overboard getting Saionji."

"Yes, mother," Juri gave him a gentle smile.

Juri walked to her place, waiting for Anthy. She stood there, holding the two roses dressed in her usual school girl's uniform. An fresh orange rose was put into Juri's pocket as the girl smiled up at her slightly, "Good luck with your next match."

"Thanks," Juri said, looking over at her opponent.

Anthy gracefully walked over to Saionji, placing a green rose in his own pocket. "Thank you," Saionji said, studying Anthy with a searching gaze.

Together they walked over to the squared off dueling arena, a large open space for them to move in. Saionji looked good dressed in his duelist uniform, almost shining with confidence, but there was worry in his eyes.

"Fighters, take your positions," the referee called out. Juri and Saionji each took their place, their eyes meeting like a invisible clash of swords. "Ready," the referee paused for a moment before loudly declaring, "fight!"

Saionji was moving as soon as the referee called, but Juri took a different tact. She stood there calmly, waiting for his rush. He reached her, Juri turned his sword aside even as she moved gracefully to the side.

He skidded to a stop, Saionji raised his blade and ran at her once again. Juri watched his coming, still as a pool of water, moving the minimal amount to turn him aside. But this time her blade flicked out, cutting a decorative piece right off of his uniform.

Juri had a Mona Lisa smile on her face, her expression unreadable as she raised her blade to the guard position once again. The windows to the gum were open, a faint breeze stirring Juri's long hair to flow around her.

"What is she doing?" Wakaba squeaked out nervously as she watched Saionji charge at the challenging Juri once again.

"Wearing him down," Utena said, the pink haired duelist leaning forward as she watched the battle eagerly. "Saionji is tiring himself out, while Juri's saving her strength," she explained, "and when she decides the time is right, she'll strike."

"I wouldn't have thought Juri was capable of such deviousness," Nanami noted, "I underestimated her, I think."

"Never underestimate Juri," Shiori smiled slightly, watching the battle with honest pleasure, "I leaned that the hard way."

Nanami gave her a thoughtful look, "Is that why you were trying to recruit me to fight, because you knew she was capable of this?"

Shiori smiled back at the blonde, "You're dangerous in your own way, Miss Kiryuu. I thought you could at least make this an interesting fight."

"Thank you," Nanami actually blushed a bit as she turned back to the fight.

Saionji panted as he raised his katana again, his eyes narrowed in anger. Juri met his gaze calmly, just a hint of a smile teasing her lips. "You made a fool of Wakaba in public," Juri said softly, "do you remember?"

"Yes," Saionji scowled, meeting her gaze defiantly.

"Well, this little run around the ring you just did is my payback," Juri said. Her blade came up as she smiled, "Let's finish this."

Saionji barely managed to get his sword in place to block her attack, literally skidding backwards as she drove forward. Juri's sword flashed as she attacked smoothly, driving the blade upwards and striking across the exhausted man's chest.

Rose petals fluttered to the ring floor as Saionji dropped to his knees. His sword suddenly to heavy he leaned forward, sighing. "I knew I shouldn't have gotten out of bed this morning," Saionji groaned before simply collapsing.

"Arisugawa wins!" the referee declared again, a broad smile on his face.

"Juri!" Wakaba hit her with a flying hug. "Juri! Juri! Juri! Juri!" she nearly choked Juri before finally letting her go. "That was incredible!"

Touga helped Saionji up, "You all right?"

"Kill me now," Saionji groaned.

"Well, not today," Touga looked over at Juri, the taller woman hugging the smaller girl close. "I didn't think Juri had that in her," he added.

"Trust me, she does," Saionji sighed. He watched the two of them together before adding, "That's so cute it's almost sickening."

"Let's get you some rest," Touga helped haul the other boy over to the benches at the side. "Thanks for taking her on first," he said, "it may help me face her later."

Saionji wiped the sweat from his brow, "At least she's not pissed at you."

"That's a plus," Touga agreed.

To be continued...