Utena, Revolutionary Girl Fan Fiction ❯ The Only Girl for Me ❯ The Tortured Prince ( Chapter 1 )

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Chapter 1 - The Tortured Prince
Kiryuu Touga drove his car up to the visitor's parking lot of Ohtori Academy, the private institution that he has spent his child hood and adolescence attending. He was here for a different reason now, having graduated His younger sister Nanami was graduating at last so he had to return to watch her ceremony and he also promised her that they would spend the weekend together. A promise he was forced to make and was more than likely going to be forced to keep. Although he had to admit it wasn't too big of an issue. While Nanami was rather overbearing at times she more than likely would just want to sit around with him at the family estate. The estate was large and quite exquisite and Touga had to admit that he did occasionally miss the place, and the fact that it was a mere mile away from Ohtori Academy meant that he did not have to worry about travel.
He wandered through the hallways directing himself by memory to the Assembly Hall. He had many memories of this Academy, some that only he remembered. In his sophomore year a girl who would be Prince revolutionized the world. Something that had seemingly cost her, her own life in exchange for improving the world, no one really remember her anymore because of it. Touga paused. He hadn't though of her in nearly four years. It had been the most frustrating of his junior and senior years to realize that he was the only one who remembered the girl, and as a result he realized, Touga had pushed her out of his own memory as well.
Touga just stood in the hallway frozen in place as he remembered the girl. A feminine voice spoke from behind him surprising him and breaking his contemplation. “Are you lost?
He looked behind him and saw a pretty young girl, probably around the age of sixteen dressed in the uniform of an Ohtori Academy student. He couldn't resist the opportunity and smiled the dashing smile of a knight errant that could seduce any fair maiden. “No, not lost at all because it appears you have found me.”
The girl blushed heavily and then stammered out, “I mean do you need help finding where you are going?”
“Not at all my dear,” he replied to her. “I used to attend this school and was just heading for the Assembly Hall.”
“Oh,” The young girl said to him, apparently embarrassed by his attention. Oh how Touga loved this game. “You didn't look like a student so I… just assumed.”
Touga gave a glance down at the deep blue uniform he now wore to attend college in. It was rather funny of him to wear it here since he was out of school for a few weeks, but to him it just felt right. It had the feel of his old student council president uniform. Military-like design, shoulder guards, tour strips, he felt like a captain or a knight while wearing it. He supposes that's why he was wearing it now. “Well I am a student, just not at this school anymore,” he told her, “I graduated four years ago.”
The girl only nodded, her face blushing brightly. “Perhaps,” he asked, “you know my sister Nanami. She's the student council president.”
The girl nodded again, “Yes I do, sir.”
“Oh please,” he responded in a low tone, “Call me Touga. Sir is far too formal for a girl as cute as yourself to call me.”
The girl turned completely meek and Touga had decided he had overplayed his hand. With a casual thought towards the lost opportunity and without another word to the girl he continued on his journey to the Assembly Hall. He seemed to recall the girls of Ohtori Academy had a bit more backbone in his day. Though, Touga realized, that may just be the nostalgia of his glory years more than true fact.
The Assembly Hall, like most things in Ohtori Academy was especially large. The school had a very large population and as such truly needed such a large space. On the stage as a backdrop was a banner of the seal of the Ohtori Academy, a stylized rose against a white banner. He looked down to his finger, once he had a ring that marked him as special; it carried that seal on it. It disappeared at the end of his junior year and he was more than happy to see it go, what was once a source of greatness had become a pain to him that he cared little for. He scanned the assembled students, parents and family looking for the only family he had left at this point. He eventually found her among the group, with her the three tag-alongs she had, had for as long as he could remember. He approached then and saw Nanami's eyes widen with emotion as her eyes laid on him.
“Big brother! I knew you would come! I just knew it!” she said and embraced him tightly as if holding an old lover. Which in Nanami's case, was exactly as she saw her older brother, much to Touga's distaste. Even so, he embraced her back recognizing what it meant to her for him to love her in any way.
“Of course I would come Nanami,” Touga casually replied, “It's not everyday your little sister graduates from high school.”
“I know big brother but you are so busy with college so I was worried that you may have forgotten all about me!” Nanami said with much enthusiasm. “Can you stay for the weekend?” she asked with equal determination.
“Of course I can, nothing is good enough for you Nanami.”
“Oh thank you big brother! Thank you!” she gleefully replied.
It was soon after that that she and her entourage had to assembly to the backstage to prepare for their graduation ceremony. Something that Touga was admittedly grateful for. He did love his sister very much but found her brother-complex irritating when she turned it up to the maximum. He had hoped as she grew up it would fade away but apparently the old axiom of “absence makes the heart grow founder” had proven itself true in her case.
Touga found himself a seat towards the front, in the first couple of rows. Most everyone had come with multiple family members so there were many single empty seats for him to choose from. He watched as the house lights went down and the spotlights came on. Ohtori Academy was well known for it's ritualistic and dramatic nature when it came to school functions. He fondly remembered the Student Council's oath that opened every meeting; he enjoyed the dramatic, having his own flair for just that. The spotlights centered and his enjoyment faded from his face, as the chairman of Ohtori Academy was standing at the podium. Akio Ohtori was what he was known as to most of the people there, though Touga knew his true name; “End of the World.” He was the man who took the revolutionary girl away forever.
Touga gritted his teeth and smiled through out the entire ceremony. He couldn't do anything else. He had avoided End of the World his entire senior year, even resigned from the Student Council so that he would have no ties to him anymore. He could never face him after what happened, he didn't have any desire to be one of his pieces on a chessboard. He had broken away from End of the World's game at the end of his junior year. He had chose friendship and love over power with no controls. He never regretted that decision, just how he went about expressing it.
Touga realized now that he hated End of the World for more than just what he did. He hated him for what he represented. All the bad things Touga could have become was what End of the World was. End of the World was a man who would seduce and use anyone if it meant getting what he wanted. He used his power without rhyme or mind towards what the effects would do to those around him. He had used the entire Student Council, the entire student body, even ghosts from the past to get what he was after. To bring someone to him that could open the doors and allow him to revolutionize the world. He failed. The girl didn't.
Touga watched the ritualistic like ceremony that took place though he had to admit that his mind was elsewhere. Every student stepped onto the stage in total darkness and came into the light to receive their diplomas. It was as if they didn't exist until their name was called and some sort of god like being validated them. It was a metaphor that Touga understood very well. He still remembered what End of the World said to him in a hushed whisper, “No one every changes, Touga. Your still the arrogant playboy.” Touga was determined to prove that the playboy was merely a disguise for the real him. Whoever the real him ended up being.
The graduation ended and Touga had lightened up a bit. He was still wary; this place was doing things to him. Stirring emotions and memories in ways they had never been touched before. He stood up as the graduates filled down to their various families and friends. Nanami, of course ran right back to Touga and shouted out for him as she approached. Something that made Touga feel unsafe, End of the World surely knew he was here now. If he didn't already, that is.
He hugged Nanami again, congratulating her for coming on her own at last. He suggested immediately, “Nanami, why don't we go get a head start on your vacation and graduation. Let's go to the estate right now!” Touga said with a desperateness in his voice that sounded so unnatural. He looked over Nanami's shoulder to see the chairman, End of the World, heading for him and Nanami. He hoped that Nanami's brother-complex would prove useful enough to allow him to escape without this confrontation.
“Oh yes, big brother, that sounds like a wonderful idea,” Nanami replied almost love struck following her big brother has he took her hand and tried to bolt for the exit.
“Kiryuu Touga!” a loud yet gentle voice said. A voice that put Touga's best seductive tones to shame, the voice of End of the World. Touga stopped; he knew he couldn't escape anymore. When End of the World took interest, there was no escape.
He lowered his head for a moment before putting on his best smile and discovering his most friendly, in control voice. “Aiko, it's been years. How is your sister,” he smiled from ear to ear, if End of the World was seeking to claim him again, it was best to start with an open wound. Touga knew that Anthy had given up her role in life and left the school after her own junior year.
“Oh I'm sure she's doing just fine,” End of the World casually replied. If Touga's remark had hurt him at all, no sign showed. “I was however wondering if you could have a drink with me before you leave. I'd love the opportunity to discuss old times.”

“Sure.” Touga said through a gritted smile. “I'd enjoy that very much. When are you available?”
“Oh well I have some pressing business to get out of the way first,” End of the World said as he looked at his watch, “How about you meet me in the observatory in say.” He hesitated in contemplation, “An hour?”
“Of course, sounds lovely.” Touga agreed.
“But big brother,” Nanami whined, “you promised we could go home right now.”

“Yes, Nanami,” Touga answered her, “you can go home right now. I'll be back home in a few hours. Don't be greedy.”
Nanami pouted to herself but conceded the issue.
* * *
Touga wasn't really the bit repentant for being so cruel to Nanami at her graduation. Yes he did love his sister, but she was a pain sometimes, especially when he was trying to accomplish something. Although he had to admit to himself, he had no idea what he was trying to accomplish. In fact, Touga was pretty sure that he was so cruel to Nanami for the simple reason that; End of the World tended to bring out the worst in him.
He had taken to wandering about the school grounds as he waited for End of the World to finish his little charade of being the chairman of Ohtori Academy. He did miss this place sometimes. Some of the happiest moments of his life occurred while at the Academy. He even considered taking the elevator to the Student Council's meeting area on the roof of the Philosophy department but decided against it. Instead he wandered past the Kendo Practice area, the Music Departments practice room and even past an old Dorm building that left him feeling a bit painful for some reason. It wouldn't be until he reached the rose garden that he would fully remember why.
The rose garden used to be tended by Anthy, End of the Worlds now estranged sister, back when she still attended the school. Touga himself had even helped her on more than one occasion. The roses of Ohtori Academy were a special breed with a unique scent and Touga enjoyed helping to keep them alive. It seemed that no one tended them anymore however. The roses were all wilted and dying, if not dead already. It had overgrown as well revealing the painful neglect that it had received in the four years he had been gone.
Touga walked into the garden and looked about. He had made many conquests among the roses in this garden. Some even while Anthy had been tending to the roses herself. He smiled a private smile, he never regretted what he did with his life. No woman that he had one had ever complained at least. He prided himself as good of a lover as he was a swordsman. Meaning he was more than likely world class.
However he thought about the girl who revolutionized the world. He didn't even know why she kept coming back to him so unbidden. They had never been together, not like he had been with most women he was interested in. She always seemed to be somewhat disgusted with the playboy mask that he wore to give himself strength to face the world. Why did he keep thinking of her now, when he hadn't thought of her in five years? Was it just returning to the Academy that was doing it, mere nostalgia haunting him on an already stressful day? While so deep in though he heard a voice from behind him. A voice that couldn't be but was in fact truly there.
“Touga?” the mysterious voice asked aloud.

Touga whipped around quicker than he could think, he knew the voice and it was impossible for it to be here. But when he had turned around he saw her, and it was really her. Her hair long and pink, her bangs curled forward on the sides. Her clothes however were all wrong, she wore a pink ball gown that was reminiscent of something else, but not her, not the girl who revolutionized the world. He now even realized she was wearing a small gold tiara in her hair. But her voice, her eyes, her form, even her smell. All those things told Touga that she was real and that it could only be her. He said the one name that he had not even allowed himself to think in years, for it had grown to painful to remember. “Utena?” he asked with none of his regular confidence. His emotions had grown to strong to put up his walls and facades. “Is that really you?”
She began to respond but as she did she began to fade away into nothingness as if she were a phantom of the past. He charged forward reaching to embrace her before she disappeared forever. He had failed to protect her when he said he would, he had to do something now. But his hands passed through her he grabbed nothing but air and fell forward crashing into a table full of dead roses. Touga couldn't move for minutes after. Not out of physical pain, but out of sheer emotional anguish. He had seen her again, she was still alive, somewhere. He had thought her dead so long ago, he was certain that End of the World had snuffed out her life when she proved to be what he wasn't looking for. But Tenjou Utena was alive. And he now had his goal, to be what he should have been for her long ago, a Knight who serves his Prince loyally and willfully. He would rescue her.
And he knew where to look!
* * *

Elsewhere somewhere in Ohtori Academy, a disused area where the Drama Club plays becomes active for the first time in years. The stage room was nothing but a backdrop of the landscape of Ohtori Academy with unused seats infront of it. They say that only crazy people join the Drama Club, and honestly they are right. But A-ko, B-ko and C-ko had graduated years ago but K-ko, J-ko and L-ko had also taken their place. Unfortunately for them their had never been an interesting story to tell, until now.
Playing in front of the stage lighting K-ko was standing impressively looking much like a powerful hero. “I am the Knight of the Prince,” she announced strongly, “I shall save my Prince no matter the cost.”
J-ko enjoying the play so much but just using her hands indicated, “I demand you go up to the tallest tower and rescue me from the dragon!”
K-ko turned away and said “Yes my Prince as you say it. I'll do it!” she mimed out walking as shadows of landscape moved to imply her movement through until she came to a tower with L-ko standing in front of it looking as much like a dragon as her petite form could allow. “I have come to slay you dragon and to save my Prince!”

L-ko breathed smoke and fire in all directions swishing her shadowed tail around, “Silly Knight, what makes you think that I have your precious Prince?”
“She told me she was here and that you had her,” K-ko said confidently striking a dramatic pose and pulling a sword, “Now give her back to me or else!”
“How did you know it was your Prince who told you to rescue her? Did you see her face?” L-ko asked stomping around in front of the tower.
“What!? Don't you think I'd know my Prince when I see her?” K-ko answered proudly. “Now! Have at you!” she motioned to attack.
But L-ko just waved K-ko off, “So you saw your Prince over there, Silly Knight?”
K-ko replied more confused, “Well not exactly. But I saw my Prince's hands! And that's enough for me! Now die!”
“Silly Knight! How can I have your Prince, she was over there telling you what to do.” L-ko announced proudly as she seemed to breath smoke and fire about.
K-ko looked back and than to the L-ko again, “But she told me this is where she would be so I just know she will be hear waiting for me.”
“No, no silly Knight your Prince is where she's always been I never had her.” L-ko taunts.
“But now I'm all confused if you don't have her where did she go?” K-ko says as she scratches her head.
All three girls said with much glee, “Do you know? Do you know? Do you really know?”
* * *
The Observatory lay at the top of the tallest tower in Ohtori Academy; it was where Chairman Aiko, known to Touga as End of the World, spent most of his time plotting his schemes. It's also where Touga was now heading. He had more than a few questions to ask End of the World and found that he was no longer wary to face him eye to eye again. The anguish and ennui that was effecting when he had arrived had faded into a tempered determination. He was going to find Tenjou Utena; he was going to fulfill a promise he had made in their last duel.
He knew Utena would have found this all to be stupid. She was a Prince who didn't need some dashing man coming to her rescue. If she were here in front of him right now he would reply that even princes have knights to help them when they are in danger.
He found himself at the door of the Observatory; sure that he had beaten End of the World there. If he did he'd be able to search the place. There were always places where End of the World preferred he didn't go. Doors and chambers he was not supposed to enter even though Touga was his right-hand man. Touga didn't care about End of the World's rules anymore. He was his own man now. He opened the door and found himself standing face to face with End of the World. “My, my, my,” End of the World said to him in an almost mocking tone, “Where are you going in such a hurry, Touga.”
Touga almost demanded to know where she was being held and how she had appeared to him. But instead he stopped himself and put up his charming demeanor. End of the World would never be intimidated by Touga's brute force. Different methods of dueling applied to him. He smiled and said, “I was afraid I was late Aiko. Didn't want to miss out on any fun we might have.”
End of the World smiled but was clearly unconvinced, “Well fortunately your not late at all. So shall the fun begin?”
“Most certainly.” Touga replied.
Touga had to admit to himself that End of the World was an appealing man. He remembered why he avoided him so much in his senior year. It was hard not to fall into the habit of an out-for-yourself playboy that he was before Utena had come to Ohtori Academy. He had once idolized Aiko, he loved the way that End of the World would wield people and power like it was easy. He wanted that, it was why he entered the duels to gain the power to revolutionize the world. His goal back then was to become exactly like the man before him. And sitting and chatting about old times and new times made him remember why. In fact, Touga had almost forgotten why he was in such a panic to get to the Observatory before him.
Then End of the World brought up the duels. Actually he made an inside joke about the roaring engine, “Can you still hear it.” End of the World said mockingly to Touga.
Touga didn't laugh even though he was supposed to. His eyes got cold, like blue steel and he looked at End of the World and stated flatly, “Where is she!?”
End of the World actually looked shocked for a moment, Touga's outburst through him off. It wasn't long however before End of the World simply smiled and said, “So you actually remember it, unlike those other dolts I chose last time. You actually remember what happened.”
“Of course I do.” Touga announced to him, “Now, where is she? Where is Utena?”
“What makes you think I have any idea where she is?”
“Because, Aiko, your End of the World. There isn't anything about the duels that you wouldn't know about. Since she was last scene dueling you. You know where she is.”
“And what if I told you she's dead. That she died freeing that wretched witch from her enslavement as the Rose Bride and thus destroying any potential for a future set of duels to release the power to me.”

“Then I'd call you a liar!” Touga declared, “I saw her here today. She was in the rose garden. Then she faded away into nothing.” He had to admit, saying it out loud made it sound rather ridiculous.
“Listen to yourself Touga. She disappeared?” End of the World said with a smile, “Your talking pure nonsense.” However his eyes then darted to a door behind Touga. One of those rooms that Touga was never allowed into.

“Really? Am I talking nonsense,” he headed for the door End of the World looked at., “Then you won't mind if I check behind that door.”
End of the World moved with an amazing speed and grace that Touga had to admire and respect. Before Touga could even think of reaching for the door he was already blocked from entering. “Touga don't make such silly mistakes with your life. You have a huge amount of potential, no point in throwing it all away.”
Touga looked at End of the World and pushed through him slamming his way through the door and running through the darkened room. It wasn't long before he saw it. It was a huge circular chamber that almost appeared as a spherical cage. There was only a single door and a single window. And the door had been cut into multiple times with a sword. From what Touga could see no sword had ever managed to break through the lock on the door. Touga looked through the window, at first there was nothing yet slowly a figure came into view, chained and pierced by huge spikes the figure was in an extreme amount of pain. He started to make out the face, the face of Utena he was sure.
Before he could confirm his suspicions his jacket collar was pulled back his body soon followed as End of the World had yanked him away from the door holding in his hand a stylized rapier. “I warned you, Touga. No one except the winners of the duels are allowed to see this place. I should kill you for this Kiyruu Touga.”
Touga knew he wasn't kidding and this adventure may have been all for naught if he didn't think of something fast, “Oh please, End of the World” he said in a mocking, not begging tone, “You won't kill me.”
“Oh, Touga? And why don't you tell me why I won't kill you,” the rapier End of the World was wielding came dangerously close to piercing through Touga's chest.

“Because, you'd hate to waste my potential,” Touga responded.

For a moment Touga felt that he had played it all wrong, that End of the World was going to kill him here and now. However feeling this way, Touga showed nothing but pure confidence that he was right. Confidence, that paid off when End of the World lowered the rapier and said, “Very good point. So I give you back your life for today. But leave Ohtori Academy right now before I change my mind.”
Touga nodded respectfully becoming the blasé wall of confidence yet again, “Of course Aiko, I'm so sorry to bother you.”