Utena, Revolutionary Girl Fan Fiction ❯ The Space Between ❯ Prologue

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Konban wa minna. ^^ I just finished writing
this story at one this morning and I thought
I would send it out. Pardon me, if it truly makes
no real sense at all. When I am tired as hell, I tend
get story ideas and I write what my brain sends

On a note, I want to dedicate this to three people
who I give much credit to my writing:
Amy-You are the reason why I am writing this
story. There are truly no words to tell you how
thankful I am to have you not only as a friend
but as a sister. When I was crying over that mess
in the Utena RPG, you were the one who reached
out, offering to be the shoulder to cry on and the
ear to listen to my rantings. Thank you so much
for your friendship. It has meant the world to me.
Becky-my brat of a sister. I know things between
us have never really been wonderful but I am still
thankful that Mom and Dad gave me a sister to torment
and blame things on. Even without Jade being born,
I would still move Heaven and Earth for you. Aishiteru
Jade-aka Lucifina, Child of Satan. I am so glad your Momma
had you. You are the bright light of my life. I never thought I
would love you as much as I do now even if you are a brat
like your Momma.
Cinta-This story is dedicated to you. Arigatou for being part
of my life and making it worth living. Aishiteru, Hime-chan

Disclaimer: Shoujo Kakumei Utena is owned by Chiho Saito
and Be-Papas, and all other companies involved in both
the anime and manga. Though I would not mind seriously
owning Touga. XDRoxy can keep Akio.
The Space Between
by Utena-chan

The Space Between
Where you're smiling high
Is where you'll find me if I get to go
The Space Between
The bullets in our firefight
Is where I'll be hiding, waiting for you
The rain that falls
Splash in your heart
Ran like sadness down the window into...
The Space Between
Our wicked lies
Is where we hope to keep safe from pain

Take my hand
'Cause we're walking out of here
Oh, right out of here
Love is all we need here
-"The Space Between" by The Dave Matthew's Band

He stepped onto the broken platform of the dueling arena. A lone
figure among the ruins of what was once a place where one could
seek the power of a promised treasure trove of miracles, shining
things, and something eternal. Now there was really nothing left. Not
even the Castle of Illusion shined against the diamond-filled sky. It
was as if the thing truly never existed.

Perhaps it was truly an illusion, a trick of one's mind. Perhaps
these games they had played were that. Nothing but mere illusions
brought forth by one man's conquest to gain what he had once been.
Still that could not account for the young woman who had stormed
into his life and forced him to face the demons of the past. She
could not have been a made-up illusion by Ohtori Akio.

She had been real. She had felt real. Even now he could still smell
the faint fragrances of roses that had unseemingly followed her
everywhere. He knew if he closed his eyes he could see her there
in his mind and that is where he knew his memories of her were
safe. There he could hold onto her as Time tried to take those
precious images and make them a memory of the past.


Kiryuu Touga's body stiffened. He could of sworn he heard
someone speak and he turned to look behind him. Yet there
was no one. The arena was empty save for only him. Besides,
the others had no real memories of this place. Only he did.


That persistent word filled every fiber...every cell of his body
with a fresh new determination he had never before felt. A
renewed strength gathered from inside the core of his existence
that it reached out, grasping him in its talons.


That single word again. Iie!, came the cry from the very depths
of a angry soul that it threatened to consume him as it lashed out
at whatever it was that seemed sinister in its nature. Nothing in
this life or even the next would make him forget the one he loved.

Touga lowered his head, shaking it. What he would not do to
have her back in his life...to make up for the things he had done to
her...and to truly prove that he did indeed love her enough to move
Heaven and Hell if she were to ask.

Find me...

Touga's head shot up and he turned again. It had been she he had
heard. But once again, he was alone. He had dreamed it. He was
sure of it. Had he been grieving for her that his mind had simply made
him believe that it had been she he had heard? It had to be. There
was no simple explanation for it.

"Utena," he whispered her name. He was afraid to say anymore,
afraid that his voice would crack with emotional turmoil he had been
trying to hide. He didn't want to seem weak. Not over one woman
who had turned his world upside down and shook his way of
thinking and living.

Find me...

Again, he could of sworn he heard her whisper the words softly
in his ear, beckoning him from whatever place she was in now.
The faint scent of roses filled his nostrils with their intoxicating
scent drawing him into the space that existed between
dreams and reality.

Touga closed his eyes fixing her image firmly in his mind and
he held onto that one image of her. To hell with Akio and the duels,
he was walking away to find her. The power to achieve whatever
it was they were suppose to no longer held any meaning to him.
They were not her.

He turned towards the entrance and strode underneath the once proud
rose arches. Even now, they looked as though they had aged beyond
centuries. The once black paint had all but faded showing the rusted
metal underneath. Ironic, he thought pausing in his steps, how it reminded
him of the fragile world Akio had created. Those blind to the what was going
on would not see that everything Akio had built was slowly crumbling like
a set of aging buildings.

"I will find you, Utena, and this time I won't let you go," he replied to
really no one in particular but he was sure that Akio heard and he
was gone. Moving down the cracked staircase like a man possessed
and determined of his mission to find a rare gem. But that was she was
to him indeed.

Years Later---

Kiryuu Touga stood on the veranda gazing outward at the approaching
storm. In the distance he could hear the faint sound of thunder and see
the flash of lightning as it lit the darkened clouds. It didn't matter
He had found what he had been searching for all this time even when
he had not realized it during his youth. He would have all the time in
the world to make up for his sins and wrongs he had done in his life.

Long, slender arms reached out wrapping firmly around his waist
as a head pressed firmly into his back and he closed his eyes, smiling.
It had taken him nearly a year but he had found her waiting for him and
she recognized him when he thought she would not. He could recall the
smile upon her face...the love in those haunting shade of sapphire blue...
and the way she said his name like a lover's caress.

"Oi, Touga," she whispered softly lifting her head, drawing him out
from his train of thoughts, "I feel like I am growing a watermelon."

Touga chuckled, opening his eyes and turning in her embrace to gaze
into her lovely face. He placed her heart-shaped face between his hands.

"Our child is not a watermelon, Utena," he smiled at her.

"Easy for you to say, you're not the one pregnant," she grumbled.

Touga chuckled again as his head lowered, capturing the soft lips that
belonged to his wife. Yes, he had found her...in the space between
warring hearts and the wicked lies that had been told.......