Utena, Revolutionary Girl Fan Fiction ❯ The Warlord of the White Rose ❯ Dark Warlord? Meet Princess Himemiya! ( Chapter 2 )

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Chapter 2: Dark Warlord? MeetPrincess Himemiya!
The sound of horses galloping stirred the brimming dew from the grass, a small band of people ride like the wind south of the Ohtori Kingdom toward the coastal. The stretch of land continued like an open road, by midday the group reached a wooded area where a mansion was constructed and towering over the trees. Ignoring the heavily wooded area, the four riders continued their approach for the mansion. It is a place for them to find what they're looking for; or rather who they're looking for in hope whoever resides in there would know of the whereabouts of the prince.
“Explain to me why I have to wear this earring,” Saionji said to Shiori as he rode next to her. “I just think it's matching for you, and it comes with the necklace. Since we're on that topic, let me explain to you how the necklace works.” Shiori said. “It is only a temporary spell to lift the curse, but you will turn back into whatever form it was at midnight and last until dawn breaks. Since this is the first day of the spell, you're able to maintain that human form even though it's still dark outside. Be warn, if you ever become enraged, you'll return into the beast form until we can find the caster and get him or her to lift that curse off of you.” Shiori's voice was steady and cold like the artic wind. The Druid always prefer to go straight to the point when things are serious, but would goes in circle with Kozue no matter how serious the matter is to the blue hair.
Within the mansion, the sound of hooves stomping the ground from afar were detected by a look out. The rest of the troops of the mansion were alerted and everyone prepare for battle, though none are sure if this would be a victorious one or one that could be the end for them. The princess remained calm as usual, as does the commander and captain standing by to protect the young princess. Miki and Touga was also present, it's like they're all waiting for the prince to visit.
“Leave no troops alive,” Utena ordered before they even entered the well guarded mansion. As though knowing its master intention, the steed slowed its pace slightly for Wakaba to draw her bow and arrows. Pulling three at a time, Wakaba sent her arrows at the intended targets and take out the troops with accurate speed from afar. Not to be outdone by his savior, Saionji leaped off from his horse and with katana in hand he gracefully cut down those in his path.
The secured doors were blown open, and once the smoke cleared arrows shrieking through the air and killed whatever remaining troops. Only a few of them managed to block the arrows from hitting them were: Juri, and Nanami acting as the princess' frontline protector. Donning their armors, the two young women looked stunning with Juri holding rapier in hand while Nanami prefer dual swords. Wakaba with arrows and bow ready to fire was standing by the doorway with Saionji next to her; blood was brimming on the blade of his katana. Shiori stood opposite from them, and she seemed to be open for an attack donning a cloak of a darker shade than her hair and holding what seem to be a long walking stick in hand.
“We are not interest in anything you would have here, but we know that someone from the castle fled here. We're here to take him in for a few questions we have that needed to be answer,” Shiori spoke in a firm tone as her eyes focus on the orange hair woman. “What make you think we'll hand over whoever you wanted after you killed many of our people?” Nanami asked looking visibly enraged from Shiori's words. “Your people? Those that signed up to be in the service know well enough that there's a chance they will die regardless if it's in the battlefield or not. We have no intention in killing innocent people, but in war there will always be casualties. A person like yourself serving for the Ohtori Kingdom should have know of such fate when you sign up to join the post of military,” Shiori said sharply surprising Nanami and Juri at how a flimsy looking girl knows about such fate.
Juri didn't say anything as she's so enthrall by how the petite girl in cloak look in front of her, and she couldn't help but feel her heart skip a beat. Juri is a heartbreaker, but she never let anyone into her icy heart but now it seemed to be melting before the girl that is her enemy. Her heart surrendered but her mind argued that it is her duty to serve her country and not give up before the fight even begins, and the logic wins because Juri still remain in her guarding position.
“Whatever it is that you want to ask our scholar, I can assure you that he doesn't know. We appreciate that you did not kill people as you please, don't you agree Takatsuki-san?” the blue hair young man said stepping out from behind the two women. “And I assure you that I would burn you to crisp if giving the chance,” Shiori glared at the smiling Miki. “Is Her Majesty not coming?” Miki asked ignoring Shiori's comment as he looked from Wakaba to Shiori. “I'm sure you're not looking for the Lord of the Houses but the head of the House of the Blue Rose.” Shiori mocked him and she knew she hit the spot when Miki's face turned a light shade of pink.
“Shiori, take them out but do not kill them. I want them alive,” a voice from outside echoed. “As you wish,” Shiori replied as she begins to cast her dark magic over the place. Within minutes, the sleeping spell took affect and the enemies slowly crumbled to the ground soundly asleep. Revealing a purple hair maiden dressing in a rosy red gown slumping in her comfortable chair, she looks graceful and serene while the others look anything but serene. Saionji helped Wakaba and Shiori moving the sleeping enemies into their perspective room, though they're not sure which room belong to who so it was rather random. After a while, frustration build and they decided to just bunch them all in the main living quarter since it was large enough to hold a few dozen of people within it.
When everyone comes to, Miki was serving tea to the enemies and even talking to them. “I'm worry that Kozue might do something while you guys are away,” Miki said sitting down across from the girls and Saionji. “I assure you that the punishment for it would be far too much for her to dare and do something she shouldn't be doing.” Wakaba said with a warm smile on her lips while the pink hair took a sip of her tea leaving her mask on still. “If you miss her, you should've visited her more often. Least then I don't have to deal with her all the time,” Shiori said softly. Miki and the others chuckled at the girl's words and they know it's the truth, well everyone but Saionji would know that it was true.
“I see the scholar is awake along with the rest of them,” the pink hair said noticing Touga trying to move about but to no avail. “Struggle all you like, the sleeping spell I used on you was double as paralyses. We wouldn't want you guys to jump us after you wake up now would we?” Shiori said with a mischievous smile dancing in her eyes. “Mister Scholar,” Utena said as she got up and walked over to where Touga is. “I'm sure you know of the Forest of Black Roses, so why don't you enlighten us?” Utena said leaning over until she's only a few inches away from his face.
"I-I don't know what you're talking about," Touga said looking away. "Shall I refresh your memory then?" Utena asked and with a flick of her wrist, she got him by the collar of his shirt pulling up him in the air like a rag doll. Utena is a patient person, but sometimes her patient doesn't seem to want to appear and now is one of those moments where there's no such word as 'patient' in her vocabulary. "If you tell us, we promise to leave your princess in one piece." Utena said plainly. Today, she didn't feel up to killing anyone in particular as of yet but that could be changed depends on the scholar's answer. Wary and not sure if this insane warlord would keep her words, Touga runs the situation everyone is in through his complex mind.
"Kiryuu-san, I would think that it's best you tell her. I've never seen her this merciful so take that deal and go with it," Miki said sipping his tea rather calmly. "Easy for you to say," Touga murmured under his breath struggling to breathe. "Well, it seems that we're not the only one after the scholar." Shiori said suddenly getting up from her normal sitting position that leaves a lot to be desired. "A welcoming challenge," Saionji said with vigor causing the handsome scholar to stole a glance and the handsome green hair. "Never underestimate your enemies, especially when they're not very visible to the naked eyes." Wakaba warned the earnests youth beside her. "Talk about being motherly," Shiori snorted at her fellow friend and that earned her a glare from the normally calm Onion Queen.
"I thought without Kozue, you be less aggressive." Utena said throwing the scholar roughly onto the hard floor. That itself caused Touga to let out a small cry of pain, due to the fact that he can't really move much at the moment because of the spell from Shiori. "I am," Shiori grinned at the pink hair. "Right, lift the spell you cast on them. They'll still be slightly weak even after it, so there's no need to worry about them escaping. I doubt they live if they do anyway, and we're having a more pressing matter at hand." Utena paused for a moment. "Tsuwabuki," she said and like a spell a figure wrapped in black appeared in front of her.
Even in a weaken state, the young princess is still apprehensive as ever with her observing eyes. The pink hair, as she have yet to heard the name for the girl but she sure have a commanding aura about her. The news about having extra guests didn't really sits well with her, but the princess isn't in a state where she could object or say anything in this matter. Rather she looked on and then smiled reassuringly to the other two women besides her. The women grimaced slightly seeing the smile playing upon the princess' lips, though it is a silent order to not do anything rash until further signals or notice whichever come first.
"Milord," the dark figure said in a muffled voice as usual. "Take the scholar, the orange hair woman, Miki, and Shiori back to the castle and prepare for battle if things don't stop here." Utena commanded. "But Milord, what about you and Shinohara-sama?" the boy asked didn't dare to look up but everyone could tell he's worried about his master's well being. "Do you question my decision?" Utena lowered her tone slightly. "No Milord, I apologize for offending you. I deserve any punishment you wish upon me," he said rather sincerely as his head bowed lower to the point that it almost touched the floor. "Mitsuru, you are an irreplaceable comrade and I am thankful that you worried for my safety. But every battle has its sacrifices, this is no different and we know that when we chose our path. Now go, Shiori will help you get there much faster." Utena said with a slight gentleness in her tone as she bent over to pick the boy up to his feet and looking up at her.
"Saionji-kun, you should go with them to help keep them off each other's throat until we get back." Wakaba urged the green hair young man on the matter. "But Shinohara-san," Saionji was about to protest but was quickly silenced when Wakaba raised her hand up in front of her to signal as much. "I will have none of it, remember that you're not best against magic. Now get going, you're burning daylight here." Wakaba was being rather harsh and a bit deadpan if asked. "As you wish," Saionji said in defeat and walked over to drag Togua to his feet. The matter was rather quick and things went smoothly, but not without hearing Shiori say a few curse words here and there before she managed to get her spell to work properly. Teleportation spell was always her least favorite thing to learn, the damn spell is complicated and sometimes doesn't even seemed to want to work at all as she always said.
"Just what do you think leaving the princess here with you if the enemies are coming for you?" Nanami asked roughly with her unruly of an attitude as always. The princess noted that early on, and the fact that she and Touga were siblings was something odd in itself alone. Those two are like day and night, Touga is all about manners and completely useless when it comes to fending for himself as Nanami have no manners whatsoever but strength she have plenty. It must be why they don't stay in the same room for too long, and there would be nothing but absolute silence between them until one of them can't stand it anymore, and Nanami would be the first to break and really throw a tantrum.
"I assure you that, Miss…" Wakaba paused waiting for the blonde to introduce herself even the situation was getting greyer by the second. "Captain Kiryuu Nanami," the blonde replied automatically without much thought put into it. "Well then Captain Kiryuu, the safest place is also the dangerous place. If you're well enough, then help us fend off the ungraceful beasts that's about the tear this place down. I would expect no less from someone so young to have such a title as yours," Wakaba smiled warmly at Nanami. The blonde feels invigorate by that small smile alone, and it bothered her to some extend but this is not a time to start thinking.