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BlackRoseVixen05: Hello, all!! ((speaking to whatever readers she has left)) No, I'm not dead. Neither are my other fanfics. They are just…on hold. Since I've finally gotten a little urge to write again, I thought I'd try something new. Hope it goes well. I got the idea for this fic when a friend of mine and I were discussing our fantasy endings to this great anime. Since my fantasy refused to leave me alone, I decided to put it in writing. I'm a little unsure about it, but I'm going to try it. So here goes nothing.
Note: This story, twisted and turned to my own liking, begins during the final saga of the anime if anyone hadn't guessed.
Disclaimer: I do not own Revolutionary Girl Utena.
Chapter One, Intro
Once upon a time, years and years ago, there was a little Princess, and she was very sad, for her mother and father had died.

Before the Princess there appeared a traveling Prince, who rode upon a white horse. He had a regal bearing and a kind smile. The Prince wrapped the Princess in a rose-scented embrace, and gently wiped the tears from her eyes.

"Little one," his voice gently stroked, "though you bear up alone in such deep sorrow, never lose that strength or nobility, not even when you grow up. I give you this to remember this day.” He presented her with a ring and continued, “ We will meet again. This ring will lead you to me one day."

Perhaps, the ring the Prince gave her was an engagement ring and this was all well and good. But, so impressed was she by him, that the Princess vowed to become a Prince herself one day.

But...was that really such a good idea?
Story Start
High atop the second tallest tower overlooking the prestigious Ohtori Academy, five Roses sat around a white lounge table. Red, Green, Orange, Blue, and Yellow were their colors. They were the Seitokai, the Student Council. They were the most talented and privileged teens among the hundreds that inhabited the massive learning facility. They were loved, as well as hated by their fellow students. It's hard to say whether this matter bothered them. One would have to decide that for oneself.
Though teammates in a sense, the five roses were far from friends. Perhaps not even allies. They were Duelists. This was a personal claim made by each of the five though this claim would soon be tested to its limit.
The Duelist. The five Roses were especially selected by a man who called himself End of the World. Their “employer” gave his orders through letters. Only one rose knew him personally. However, this was about to change. As duelists, their goal was to bring forth a new world order in which each would be granted that which they desired most in the world…
That which is eternal.
That which shines.
That which brings fame.
The power of miracles.
The power to bring the world revolution.
One could call this “mission” of theirs a competition. Though each would be granted what they desired, the one to bring forth the revolution would have the power to shape the world any way they liked. It was a desperate “whoever gets there first” race.
The only thing that stood in their way was a girl named Utena Tenjou. She was another Duelist who seemed to just appear out of nowhere. So far, none of the Student Council, despite their skills, had been able to beat her. They couldn't have that, now, could they?
It was extremely rare to see all five Seitokai present for a meeting, but the Red Rose, who often received his orders directly from End of the World himself, had insisted that they all be there. Four of the Roses were silent while their president spoke to them. Though, when he finished his sentence, the air around them was anything but silent.
“What?!” The four Roses shouted in unison.
The President chuckled with amusement at the reaction of his fellow council members. “I believe that you all heard exactly what I said,” the Red Rose, Touga Kiryuu, stated in his usual seductive tone. He coyly raked his slender fingers through his blood red hair, waiting for his associates to recover their composure.
“Are you serious, big brother?” Asked the Yellow Rose, Nanami Kiryuu. She was Touga's younger sister and known as the “Queen Bee” among the eighth and ninth grade students.
“You're saying that End of the World wants an audience with the five of us? When?” Pressed the Green Rose and Vice President of the Student Council, Kyouichi Saionji. He was the school's Kendo team captain, as well as the martial arts team captain. Originally from Japan, Saionji moved to Europe at an early age. There, he met Touga and the two became best friends. Though their relationship would hardly be described as that now.
“It's rare to see you taking such an interest in End of the World, Saionji,” Stated the Orange Rose, Juri Arisugawa, who sat directly across from the Green Rose. Juri was captain of the fencing team and a former model for a French magazine. She, Saionji, and Touga together were known as “The Handsome Trio”, despite the fact that Juri was female.
Saionji ignored the Orange Rose's comment and glanced at the duelist to his left as he heard the all too familiar clicking of a stopwatch. There sat the last of the Rose Crest Duelists. Miki Kaoru was the youngest member of the Student Council, as well as the smartest. Though he was only in the eighth grade, his scores and report cards were ranked even beyond college level. Quiet and rather timid, Miki was also an excellent pianist. Together with his twin sister, the two of them wrote a song called “The Sunlit Garden” when they were only six years old.
All eyes were on the Student Council president, the other council members waiting for their leader to answer their questions. “Last night, End of the World, told me that he wishes to meet with all of us tomorrow at midnight. As for the place, you all need only meet me here at the appointed time and I am to lead you to him. He wants to talk with us about a very important matter.”
The other four Roses didn't seem satisfied with Touga's answer. Saionji, being painfully outspoken at times, was the first to voice his displeasure. “Again with these games…”, the Green Rose groaned, “just what does End of the World want with us? We'll tell you rather it's important.”
The other Roses nodded in agreement with Saionji's words. This was something else that didn't happen often.
“I don't know,” Touga answered calmly, with his eyes closed. The rest of the council members twitched visibly.
“And what is that supposed to mean, Touga?” Saionji asked through clench teeth, fighting the urge to dive across the table and strangle the Red Rose for what seemed to be a total waste of their time.
“It means that I don't know,” Touga said. “End of the World hasn't told me anything about what he wants to discuss. I'm just as in the dark as the rest of you.”
“Then…” came the withdrawn voice of Miki, the timid boy speaking for the first time during the entire conversation. “I suppose we'll just to go for the meeting and find out…?”
Touga smirked, “I suppose it does.”
End of Chapter One
BlackRoseVixen05: Well, there you have it everybody! Chapter one! I hope it was enough to get everyone interested in what's to come.