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Chapter Two
As per End of the World's instructions, the Student Council members came to the summit of the spot located underneath the giant Rose Crest symbol. This was the same place where council meetings were always held. Though it was dark, light forever shined through the red Rose Crest symbol. The light created a beautiful silhouette of the massive flower logo on the summit floor. Standing in the center of the logo was Touga. He smiled when he saw his fellow Roses approaching, all dressed in their council attire.
“You're here. I'm so glad you could make it,” the Red Rose stated calmly.
“Cut the bullshit, Touga. Let's get this over already,” Saionji replied grumpily. The late hour wasn't helping Saionji's usual bad mood at all.
“I'll say…” Miki agreed, the boy sleepily rubbing his right eye.
“Very well. Follow me please,” the red-head said to his teammates. He led the group back into the elevator that brought them to the summit. They got inside and Touga exposed a hidden panel to the left of the main collection of buttons.
There was only one button located on the hidden panel. He pushed it and the elevator began to move. They rode in the elevator for what seemed like years. Juri couldn't help smiling a bit as she saw Miki's head bobbing up and down as the boy fought to stay awake. Nanami giggled.
Finally, the elevator gave a ding and the doors opened. Each of them, save for Touga, looked on in awe as they exited the elevator. The room was a massive observatory, almost bigger than life. The ceiling and walls were nothing but millions of stars, cluttered with constellations.
“Wow…” Miki murmured as they ventured further into the huge room.
“What is this place, Big Brother?” asked Nanami, clinging to Touga's arm.
“It is simply the observatory,” a deep, seductive male voice answered before Touga could.
All heads turned to the left. Standing in front of what seemed to be a gigantic telescope was the school's current acting Chairman, Akio Ohtori. The extremely handsome man was dressed in a white uniform somewhat similar to the ones the Student Council wore, though his was far more majestic. His light violet hair was out of its usual ponytail and fell freely around his shoulders with the slightest bit of curl. He looked like a prince straight out of a fairy tale.
Naturally, everyone had their own reactions to him. Both Nanami and Juri felt the blood rushing to their cheeks as they watched Akio come closer. Miki shrank back timidly. Saionji kept his usual scowl present, and Touga smirked knowingly toward the dark-skinned man of distinction.
`Slut…' Saionji thought as he glanced at Touga, seeing how the red head was practically humping the Chairman with his eyes. The Green Rose stopped paying attention after a moment, becoming enthralled with his own thoughts of trying to figure out why the Chairman was there in the first place. Unless…
Akio stopped walking when he was close enough. A panel in the floor behind him slid open and a thrown-like chair rose from the hole. The chair, which was actually floating, stopped rising when it was directly behind Akio. The Chairman sat down and crossed his legs comfortably.
“My fellow Duelists, allow me to introduce…End of the World!” Touga announced in a dramatic manner. Three Roses gasped, one sighed.
`I hate it when I'm right…' Saionji thought.
“Thank you for bringing them, Touga,” Akio stated in his usual tone. “Now, as you all know, the most important duels of all are fast approaching and Utena Tenjou continues to dominate the arena. This, we cannot have, can we?”
Saionji growled, causing Akio to focus his attention on him. “And just what do you want us to do about it? None of us has managed to claim a solid victory against…that girl,” the Green Rose stated with annoyance.
“That's quite true, isn't it?” Akio said, smirking.
Saionji twitched. “So just what are we here for?” he asked, his patience growing thinner.
“I called you all here to make sure that your next duels go smoothly,” Akio purred. “I have some fun new toys for each of you. May they help you in the near future.”
A ball of white light then appeared in front of Akio. The sudden appearance of the floating orb caused the group of youths to gasp. It even caused Saionji's frown to lessen. The ball floated in mid air for several seconds before it split into five parts. Red, Yellow, Green, Blue, and Orange were the colors.
The five orbs of light then floated toward each of the Roses matching their colors. “Take them,” Akio stated, speaking to the Roses before him.
The five Duelists glanced at each other, unsure. Touga was the first to take the orb. Holding it wasn't painful, but rather like a new type of energy being introduced to his body. The red light then began to brighten, causing the others to squint.
When the light faded, a sword was in Touga's hand, and a new crest ring was on his finger. The sword was beautiful, a gorgeously upgraded version of the Long Sword which he used when fighting Duels.
“Touga, the element of fire, as well as this sword are now yours,” Akio said, “Use your new abilities to win your fight against Utena Tenjou. Since our situation is so dire, you do not need a Rose Bride to draw this sword. I'm sure it will be a great help to you.”
Soon enough, each of the others had accepted their orbs as well. Each of their swords were upgraded; their old rings replaced by new ones; and their bodies granted elemental abilities.
Juri was granted Earth.
Nanami given Wind.
Miki had Water.
Saionji was bequeathed Lightning.
“Now go, my Duelists. Be strong in your endeavors for the sake of the revolution,” Akio stated to his group of fighters, quite excited to see where these new “toys” would take the five youths.
Four Duels Later
Though Akio had high hopes, Saionji, Nanami, Juri, and Miki had all lost to Utena once again. Touga was the last to Duel her, though that wouldn't be for a while.
Currently, Utena and her good friend Wakaba Shinohara were traveling through the school's maze of halls. “Such a nice day today! We should so go for a bike ride, Utena!” the perky girl said, walking arm-in-arm with Utena.
“Sure, why not? I'd like some fresh air,” Utena said with a smile, chuckling as they walked together.
Later That Day
After their bike ride, Utena and Wakaba parted ways for the day. It wasn't dark outside, but the sun would be setting soon. Utena made a final trip to her locker to retrieve her books. Her mind began to wander back to previous days. She was thinking about her Duels.
She snapped out of her thoughts when she heard footsteps approaching. Utena turned to see three boys coming down the hallway. She blinked in wonderment. The boys didn't look familiar, and their school uniforms were different from the ones the other boys at the school wore. Utena became even more confused when the boys stopped before her.
“Are you Utena Tenjou?” the leader of the three asked, smirking. The boy was handsome, his looks rivaling Touga's. He had fair skin, deep blue eyes, and dark blue hair that reached his waist. He cleared his throat when Utena didn't answer as quickly as he wanted her to.
“Oh, um, yes,” Utena said finally. “Who are you?”
“My name is Aion Harajuko,” the boy answered, “My friends and I are from an academy similar to this one, that hales from Amsterdam. We've heard a lot about you, Miss Tenjou, and that's why we've come to challenge you to a three-way Duel.”
Utena's eyes widened, “You three are…are Duelists?”
The boys held up their right hands. They indeed wore crested rings, though theirs weren't roses. They looked like lotus flowers. “Our school always seems to come second to this one, you see. So, we figured that if we defeat you, we'll finally get the respect we deserve.”
Utena frowned, “That's all? Pretty childish reason to challenge someone to a Duel.”
“Oh, I don't think so. The Rose Bride of this school will become ours, and we will finally blow Ohtori Academy out of the water,” Aion said, “So, do you accept?”
Utena was silent for a moment before she replied, “Yes…”
“Perfect. As I said, it shall be a three-way Duel that will take place here, on the day after tomorrow. You'll need two people to fight along side you, so choose your teammates carefully,” Aion said, “We look forward to beating you,” he added as he and the other boys turned to leave.
Utena frowned at their backs, her pupils trembling. `Teammates? I have a bad feeling about this…'
End of Chapter Two
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