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Chapter Three
The next day, Utena set about finding two people to fight along side her in the upcoming Duel. There was only one place to go for help: the Student Council. Utena sighed. She was dreading this, but it had to be done.
She made her way into the courtyard during lunch and looked for the usual swarm of girls that could expose Touga from outer space. She found the “swarm” quicker than she would have liked. “Oh man, there's no way I'm going to try and swim through that ocean…” Utena murmured to herself.
At that moment Utena noticed Nanami approaching the sea of girls from the opposite direction. Utena knew what was about to happen and had to admit that she was grateful. Within a matter of minutes, Nanami had chased away the flock of fangirls and was clinging obsessively to her big brother as she always did. Utena chose this time to make her approach.
“Um, Touga?”
The red-head turned around and smiled coyly. “Why, Miss Tenjou… what can I do for you today?” the Seitokai president asked.
Nanami glared and growled at Utena, “Just what do you want?”
Utena ignored Nanami and focused on Touga. She explained her encounter with the boys from the academy in Amsterdam. “Do you know anything about them?” she asked.
“I do indeed,” Touga replied. “The school is actually a college called Crystal Lotus University. Their status on the list of the top schools in Europe is second only to Ohtori. I can understand why they would want to pick a fight with us.”
Utena nodded in understanding. “The Duel scheduled is a three-way battle. I've never done one of those before… And I wanted to ask you if you'd be my second fighter?”
“Of course he won't!” Nanami bellowed before Touga could even answer. “Take your problems somewhere else and stop bothering my big brother!”
“Yes, Utena. I will fight with you,” Touga said calmly, smiling. He said “yes” partly because he wanted to get in Utena's good favor, and partly to spite Nanami.
Utena smiled happily. “Thank you, Touga,” she said, enjoying Nanami's shocked expression.
Later That Day
After recruiting Touga, Utena ate lunch with Wakaba and then headed back inside for class. When seventh period was over and classes ended for the day, Utena made her way toward the Kendo room. Her next task was probably not going to be pretty.
She'd never really been comfortable when approaching Saionji, but it was okay because she usually she didn't have too. He hated her, and she wasn't too fond of him either to be honest. But still, he was the best choice as far as a third fighter.
She wasn't one-hundred percent sure if he was in the Kendo room, but this was where he usually could be found after class. He'd either be training or cleaning. She slowly slid open the Japanese style door and stepped into the large room. Saionji was indeed here.
The Green Rose was practicing with his Katana, not seeming to have noticed Utena yet. He twirled and spun with his sword as though he was fighting an opponent, swinging his sword in the deadliest manner. Utena didn't approach him too quickly. Saionji was one of those types where you never knew when he was going to snap. She had once wondered if he was bi-polar.
She stopped mid-way into the room and just decided to wait until he acknowledged her. She dared not to disturb him. After several moments, Saionji stopped and flipped his ponytail out of his way. He glanced at the pink-haired girl, “What?”
Utena flinched at his tone. Though she was tempted to say forget it and leave, she spoke anyway. She began to explain her situation one last time. Saionji remained quiet throughout the entire explanation, and even when she had stopped talking, he said nothing.
After a few seconds he closed his eyes and swung his sword over his shoulder, “No,” he answered simply.
Utena frowned lightly, “Saionji, please. I'm asking for your help. Just this once,” she said, thinking maybe he wanted her to plead.
“No,” was still his answer even after that.
“Saionji, I need you,” Utena said, clenching her fist. “If you don't, Crystal Lotus University will win and Anthy will be theirs!”
Saionji opened his eyes and looked at her, “What did you say?”
With that, Utena realized how she would rope him in. She hadn't noticed that in her previous explanation, she left out the fact that Aion planned to make Anthy the Rose Bride for his school.
“They're planning to take Anthy,” Utena said. “If I don't win in this three-way Duel, Anthy will become their Rose Bride.”
Saionji stared at her, his face expressionless. “Alright…I'll fight.”
End of Chapter Three
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