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Chapter Five
The odds looked grim for Utena and Saionji as they faced the three Duelists from Amsterdam. Not only were they outnumbered, but they were up against opponents who obviously didn't mind cheating.
Utena broke away from her thoughts as she heard Saionji say her name. “Uh, yeah?”
“I can take care of the those two, and if I can't get Aion as well, you'll have to be ready. Do you understand?” the Green Rose said, not looking at Utena while he spoke.
“What do you mean? You can't beat them both yourself,” Utena replied, “Now's not the time to be rash, Saionji. If you do anything reckless, it'll cost us the Duel.”
Saionji turned and glared at her. “Don't you dare belittle me, you stupid girl,” he hissed. “I know what I'm talking about. So just shut up and stand back.”
Utena's protests fell on deaf ears as Saionji charged toward Reiji and Li. They once again tried their double teaming tactic. As they closed in on Saionji, he suddenly sped to the left. He looked like a streak of green lightning as he darted out of the way of their attack.
Saionji reappeared where the lightning had stopped, standing prepared for their next try. While Reiji stood stunned by Saionji's movements, Li charged him on his own this time. Saionji smirked.
Instead of blocking, Saionji dodged Li's sword as the boy swung wildly at him. He made sure to dodge just enough to miss the blade, but stayed within proximity of him. When the time was right, Saionji knocked Li's blade aside with his own and grabbed hold of the shorter boy's uniform collar. He then lifted his knee and jerked the boy forward, landing a direct blow to Li's crotch.
Li cried out in pain and every other man in the Dueling arena flinched at the sight. “Wh-What are…you doing?” Li wheezed, trembling in pain as he fought to stay on his feet.
Saionji made no reply as he released him. Without Saionji holding onto him, Li could stay up no longer. He dropped to the ground with a thud, groaning with pain. He gasped when he caught sight of the stray petals from a dark blue lotus laying on the ground in front of him. Weakly, he cast his eyes up to Saionji.
Saionji smirked at him, the blue lotus that had once been on Li's uniform was now clenched tightly in the Green Rose's fist. He'd snatched it when he let go of his collar. Saionji threw the rose to the ground and Li soon disappeared from the arena.
`One down… Two idiots to go,' Saionji thought.
Utena was shocked, as was Aion. They couldn't believe that Saionji had gotten rid of one of them by himself. It was fairly easy to do now that he knew what he was up against and knew to be careful.
Reiji was very angry, just as Saionji had been when Touga was transported from the arena. Saionji hoped that the boy's anger would make him vulnerable. They engaged in swordplay for several minutes, each seeming to be equally skilled with a blade. They both even fought with a Katana.
Saionji frowned, unable to find any immediate openings for attack. Finally, he saw one. It was a slim opening that occurred every so often. He'd have to be quick to strike. Reiji was confused when he saw his opponent's eyes begin to glow green light. When the opening happened again, Saionji blocked with his sword and placed his free hand on Reiji's shoulder.
Reiji cried out as Saionji delivered a mild electric shock to his body. While Reiji was dazed, Saionji ducked down and sweep kicked the boy's legs, causing him to fall onto his back. Saionji removed the boy's lotus with ease.
The Green Rose turned to face Aion, a little winded, but ready to take him on as well. Aion was smirking, “I must say, Miss Tenjou, you chose your fighters well.”
Utena wasn't sure what to make of the whole situation. She'd never given Saionji much credit as a Duelist since he'd never been able to beat her, but now she was realizing just how talented he was.
`Saionji…' Utena thought.
“You've fought well, but you'll lose now,” Aion said to Saionji as he took on a fighting stance. Both Duelists charged one another, yet both were evenly matched. Saionji was actually impressed with Aion. So far, he could spot no openings in his onslaught.
“Yahhh!!” Aion yelled as he gave a powerful swing of his sword, which forced Saionji back several feet. The Green Rose staggered a bit, but quickly regained his balance. Aion was upon him again in mere seconds. Saionji held him back with his Katana.
Aion's plan was to tire the green-haired Duelist out, and he was doing just that. Saionji's blocking was growing weaker and Aion would soon be able to make his move. Aion was soon able to break Saionji's guard and, with an upper slash of his sword, he removed the green rose from Saionji's uniform.
In the process of removing the rose, he'd cut through Saionji's uniform and put a shallow slice in the skin underneath. The Green Rose winced as he staggered backwards, Aion no longer advancing on him. There was no need to.
Saionji's hand went to his chest as he panted, his fingers getting stained with blood as it seeped through the cut cloth of his uniform. The Kendo captain sighed as his body began to glow green light. He closed his eyes as he vanished from the arena in a whirlwind of green rose petals.
Utena looked to the wind as the petals were carried away, `Saionji…thank you,' she thought sincerely. She then focused her eyes on Aion as he wasted no time in his advancement on her. She blocked quickly. Anthy stood silently at the end of the arena, waiting for the winner to be decided.
Duplicates of Akio's snazzy red automobile began to zoom around the ring, increasing the level of difficulty of the Duel. Not only did Utena and Aion have to keep their eyes on each other, they had to make sure they weren't run over.
The cars soon began to speed up as the Duel raged on. Utena had to put more space between Aion and herself, though it was extremely hard to do. As one of the cars flew past at close range, it made Aion jump, briefly losing his concentration. Utena didn't let this chance go to waste. She couldn't lose now.
The lights from the castle twirling upside-down above the arena began to shine, as well as the lights from Akio'sars. The ghost of a young man who was clad in white fell from the castle and seemingly merged with Utena's body.
“What?! What's happening?!” Aion yelled, eyes wide.
“Haaahh!!” Utena cried as she sped forward, her sword gleaming. All Aion saw was a blur of pink as she swiftly removed the lotus from his breast. The bells began to toll as the winner was declared.
Utena and Anthy found Saionji and Touga waiting near the front gate of the Academy when they returned. Touga smiled and gave a wave. “I assume everything went well?” he asked.
Utena smiled lightly and gave a nod, “Yes, weon,” she said, before glancing at Saionji who merely stood silently at Touga's side. “Saionji, thank you for all your help. I couldn't have won without you. Is your cut very deep?”
Saionji looked down at the light wound on his chest. He scoffed, “It's nothing at all. Nothing…” he trailed off, seeming disturbed by something.
Utena noticed this, “Is there something the matter?” she asked.
The Kendo captain closed his eyes and turned away, “No,” he answered simply before he headed off into the Academy.
Utena watched him leave, per pupils trembling. She, Anthy, and Touga looked to their right when they heard footsteps drawing closer. It was Aion and his friends. They were heading toward the exit.
Aion paused for a moment and looked at Utena. “I have to say that was a fine match, Miss Tenjou. I see now why Ohtori remains number one. When you graduate high school, I hope that you will consider our University as your college. Farewell,” he said with an honest smile.
Utena smiled a bit in return, “I will. Thank you.”
Aion, as well as Reiji and Li, gave a slight bow and then the three left Ohtori Academy.
Several Days Later
Three days later, the weekend had finally arrived and most of the students were either going home to their families for the two days, or enjoying what the Academy had to offer without having to worry about homework and classes.
Bright and early as always, Saionji, dressed in his Hakama, was quietly making his way to the Kendo Hall for morning meditation and practice. He absent-mindedly raked a hand through his wavy ponytail as he slid open the Japanese style door to the Kendo room.
He blinked in mild puzzlement as he saw Utena, of all people, waiting for him inside the large room. She was dressed in her usual clothes, and had an unsure smile on her face.
“What do you want now?” Saionji asked, already sounding annoyed as he stepped into the room. He closed the door behind him and slowly approached the pink-haired girl.
Utena looked down at the polished floor almost guiltily, “Well, I…I wanted to talk with about something, and… I was hoping to join you for morning tea…” she said, knowing from several students that Saionji had tea before practice every morning.
“What is it? Another outrageous favor?” Saionji asked dryly, stopping several feet before Utena.
Utena finally managed to look up and meet Saionji's cold plum gaze. “Saionji, I-I know that you and I aren't exactly friends…In fact, we've been at odds ever since the first day we met…”
Saionji raised an eyebrow, “And?”
“I admit that, since you've never been able to beat me in a Duel, I'd never given you much credit as a swordsman. In other words, I judged you,” Utena said, sounding honestly guilty. Her eyes left his for a moment and went back to the floor. “When you helped me defeat Aion, you showed exceptional skill. I was dumbfounded. It was at that time that I realized that, in this entire school, I know the least about you. I have absolutely no idea who Kyoichi Saionji is. I felt horrible when I understood that I had passed judgment on a person I didn't even know.”
Saionji was silent, not quite sure what to make of this whole thing. He decided to let her continue.
“This isn't a declaration of love or anything… I'm not even sure if a friendship between you and I is possible, but…if you'll allow it, I'd like to get to know you, Saionji. So, may I please have tea with you this morning?” Utena asked, looking up at him with pleading eyes. Though she was hopeful, she was fully prepared to leave if her request was rejected.
Saionji remained silent for several more moments, seeming to be thinking a few things over. Soon enough, he gave a slight frown and closed his eyes with a sigh. “Do as you like.”
Utena smiled with relief, “Thank you.”
End of Chapter Five
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