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Lady Sonia thinks its funny.
Both funny (strange) and funny (ha-ha), though even when its not funny (ha-ha) it's still laughable.
Lady Sonia thought it was funny, how Ashley (dear, sweet boy, now big and strong and still so very helpful, and still so easily hurt with casual words that she makes sure she's careful with them) practically ran after Leene (dear sweet little girl, a bit selfish, but always dependable, even if only to throw a tantrum at the right time) even though Leene always doted on Yuujel (dear darling precious son, and even at thirteen she'd seen the way he'd played people).
Lady Sonia thought it was funny, how Lucy (nice girl. Nice girl, which really told you all you needed to know) looked at Ashley and Ashley looked at Leene and Leene looked at Yuujel.
Lady Sonia always thought it was funny, even that that bleeding day when Ashley burst into the throne room with a dying Leene and the news that he'd left Yuujel in a room with the life-blood draining out of him.
Lady Sonia still thinks its funny, while Lucy stares at the pure gold band on Ashley''s hand and Leene throws hers out the window and Ashley out of the room and Yuujel sleeps in other people's beds.
Lady Sonia thinks its funny, yet can't quite bring herself to laugh.

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