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Transparent Mirror

Chapter One ~ All the Petty Things

Darres walked through the halls of the castle with a fast pace. Ishtar..what have you gotten yourself into now?

"Captain?!" Jill called, waving her hands. "Ishtar isn't anywhere…and the Holy Sword is gone as well!"

"When we find her…she is getting a good spanking!" Darres said, as he smacked his head.


"So my widdle Duzzie wuzzie, we must be getting closer to finding out who Phelios's reincarnation is, right?" Ishtar asked, watching as the one krawl shifted into her form…but as a man.

"I am not so sure…" Duzell answered, looking into her eyes. His eyes widened as he did so.


Duzell simply smirked. Suddenly the carriage stopped moving. He shifted back into his cat form.

"We must be here!" Ishtar said, as she ran out of the cart, holding Duzie. "Yup, this is it!" She gazed upon the simple castle, looking of each flower that covered it. "I told you Kiara loved plants!'

Duzell rolled his eyes. Ishtar's black gown made Duzell itch, and he was very uncomfortable with all the flowers around him. They knocked on the rather large door.

"Ishtar! It's great seeing you again!"


Darres scratched his arm as he thought. He took at a bracelet that falan and Illsaide had given him in thanks. It would track down anyone, anytime. Sadly, he could only use it one. He clutched it in his hand. "Should I use it now?"


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