Vampire Hunter D Fan Fiction ❯ Conviction ❯ Chapter 1

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She staggered to the front door of her home. She was cold and wet, mud caking her knees and elbows. Her head was spinning, almost as if she’d drunk too much alchohol but without the repercussions of nausea. She was so confused as to what happened. She had been in the woods all night. She couldn’t remember how she got there. She couldn’t remember what had happened there to put her in this state.

She stumbled through the door. The sun was just starting to color the horizon as she bumped through the rooms, her vision blurred to the point that everything appeared as swirling shadows. She found the downstairs bath and fumbled until the light came on. It seared her eyes but could not break through the euphoria she felt. She leaned against the sink, staring at her reflection, blurred to the point that she could not recognize her face. She fell forward slightly, catching herself on the mirror with an outstretched hand.

Her eyes focused ever so slightly. She was pale—too pale, and as she studied her reflection, her eyes were drawn to her pulse line, the fabric of her top torn and stained red.

Oh no…No, not this… she moaned in her head, her mind trying desperately wake through the fog. Her free hand trailed up to her neck, her delicate fingers tracing the abused flesh. Anything but this…

The death-white skin and empty dreaming eyes of a vampire victim flashed in her mind.

No, that would not be her fate. She would not give up that easily. She stood, staring in the mirror, pulling every ounce of strength to her. She would not lay down and become a noble's plaything. She would not become a doll. She was the daughter of one of the most renowned werewolf hunters in her sector of the frontier. She would not lie down and die. She focused through the fog of her mind, rejecting the vampire’s calming spell.

She would find a hunter. She would find a vampire hunter to kill the noble who did this to her. She would not resign herself to this fate.

She pushed herself from the mirror and stood on her own, the fog nearly cleared. She would clean herself up and set out to the highway just outside Ransylva. Hunters always passed through there. If she waited one would come through—but she would need to test them. What good would a weak hunter do? If they could not best her then she would be better going up against the count herself. She moved about, hurrying to be away from the farm before her brother awoke. She did not want to cause him unneeded stress.

Yes. She would find a hunter and stop this noble from stealing her life.


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