Vampire Hunter D Fan Fiction ❯ Silent Hunter ❯ Chapter 4

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As D gets closer to the castle, he can begin to see the details of its construction. Grander than even the Count Magnus' castle, its spires reach into the very clouds themselves, twirling ever upwards. Its construction is magnificent, as if the very dwarves of ancient legend had built it themselves for their mightiest king. The most noticeable feature isn't all the grandness of its design.
It's the dead bodies hanging from the gate. The stench is enough to choke D, and shut Left Hand up. He stares at it in disgust, as he notices that many of the bodies are those of children. They all seem fresh, as if they were hung there in a welcoming salute.
"Ugh, this is nasty D," Left Hand says from within the glove. D removes it, and holds his hand up so that he can talk with his demonic friend.
"Indeed. Such frivolousness in a vampire is not very common. We must be dealing with a younger vampire, perhaps one who was turned before he had really began to mature." D gazes out past the gate, to the large, ironbound front door.
"Well my friend, shall we stop in and say hello?" D kicks his horse into a gallop, and the gates open as he draws nearer, and he proceeds through it and out onto the drawbridge.
As he trots out onto it, he hears a peculiar keening noise coming from under him. D's eyebrows draw down, and he dismounts from the horse. Walking over to the edge of the bridge, he peers over the brink, his eyes just barely past. He sees a rope, and on the end of it a child is hanging.
The keening noise comes again, and he realizes its coming from the child. Reaching down and cautiously pulling the rope up, D hoists the child over the edge and onto the bridge.
"Hello, child. Can you yet speak?" D looks into the baby boy's face, which is populated by a multitude of small scratches and scars. He looks at D dazedly, then shakes his head, and opens his mouth. What comes out is a series of gurgles, and then the baby grabs D's leg, and gurgles again.
"Uh...." D's face is full of confusion and awkwardness, and since he's never handled a baby before, he isn't quite sure how to proceed. He picks the lad up, and puts him on the back of his horse, which is yet again standing complacently where D had left it. He checks around the boy's neck for any harm the rope may have done. There isn't any. D stares at the kid with some amazement, and then straps him to the horse's saddle.
D leans up to whisper in its ear.
"Go back through the gate, and wait for me with the lad outside." He smacks the horse's rear, and watches as it canters back through the still open gate. He turns around and stares at the castle, then moves towards the front door.