Vampire Hunter D Fan Fiction ❯ Silent Hunter ❯ Chapter 5

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After a fruitless search of the castle wings and major rooms, D turned to leave the castle. But then he heard something. He listened hard. And as it slowly got louder and louder, D realized that it was a heartbeat, and his vampiric teeth were growing out, that his mind was beginning to dwell on the fact that there was a beating heart nearby. That was one of the downsides of being half vampire, having moral compunctions, thought D.
He turned to the large wall that forked into the separate wings of the castle, and watched it. As he did, it appeared to melt down into the floor, and a doorway was revealed. He approached, and the door swung inwards with nary a sound. D entered, and all was darkness. He could hear things beyond the range of his sight, and sense things beyond the range of his hearing.
A slight trickle of moonlight came down through a cross-shaped hole in the ceiling, and it revealed very little about the room. The floor was made of smooth rainbow marble. D looked around, the heartbeat being nearer than before. His eyes slowly slid into the infrared range, and he could see a coffin in one corner, and several statues in the other.
He began to walk towards the coffin carefully, since vampires tended to have the area booby-trapped to ward off foolish humans. However, no traps sprang open, only the heartbeat grew louder.
D reached down and touched the coffin, and he noticed it was warm...and wet. He lifted his hand to his nose, and the wetness was blood. He quickly tore the top off the coffin, and stared down uncomprehendingly at Mercy, her neck bitten by vampire fangs, and the bird he had given her without a head. Then, a silent, slippery voice spoke from behind.
"It seems you have found my small present for you, Hunter."
D turned around, his insides roaring with rage. The speaker has now appeared, and it is about as half as tall as D himself. It is indeed young, since it still has a heat signature from its body.
"Did you like the touch with the bird? I thought it might be a little artistic, don't you think?"
D stares at the small shape, lips pulling back from his teeth, and a snarl emerging from his throat. He begins circling the smaller vampire, who in turn circles back.
"Honestly, I could have done so much more for her, you know. Could have made her one of us, don't you think?"
D lunges in at the smaller vampire, who springs out of the way just in time to avoid a throat gorging swipe by D's hand. D turns on him again, snarling with rage and his mouth dripping saliva and snot.
"Seems like I pissed someone off...oops. Hehe." The smaller vampire jumps into the air, and hovers slightly away from the wall. "Come on D, wassamatta, can't fly?"
D launches himself towards the smaller vampire again, who dodges and rips a furrow in D's back. Howling in pain and even deeper rage, he turns and roars at the smaller vampire, who is letting himself back down to the floor.
D's eyes are now a red beyond description, his once solemn face twisted in a horrific rage, such a rage, as man's words will never compare. He roars again, and focuses in on the smaller vampire.
Suddenly, the smaller one doubles over in pain. It lifts its head up, and screams, blood spurting from its mouth and ears, running out its nose, blood running out of other holes. Its clothes are now soaked with blood, blood it had taken from helpless people, animals...and Mercy.
A grin spreads over D's face, baring his fangs, which are now half again as long as usual. He launches himself from the wall to the smaller one, his left hand drawn back, ready to strike. Suddenly, his left hand pulls up facing the smaller vampire, and Left Hand screams in rage also, seemingly as upset at the death of those innocents as D.
Left Hand pierces straight through the vampire's skin, straight into its heart, and it begins devouring its lifeblood, as D's fangs sing into its neck, into its throat and ripping a huge gouge, blood spraying grotesquely everywhere. He places his mouth over the gaping hole, and almost sucks the blood down.
After draining the body of its blood, D lets it drop back onto the floor, the remains of its throat still spurting blood and gore. Turning back towards the coffin, and pauses over it. Some semblance of his humanity has returned, his eyes aren't nearly as red as they were, and his teeth have shrunken back to normal size.
He puts his wrist over Mercy's mouth, thinking to save her with his vampiric mind. He reaches up with the other hand, and slits a small hole in his wrist, watching the blood dribble down into her lifeless mouth, and then over the holes in her neck.