Vampire Hunter D Fan Fiction ❯ Silent Hunter ❯ Chapter 6

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He stared down at her body for what seemed to him like forever, then he saw a little motion in her hand, her fingers curling slightly. He bent over top of her farther, and saw color come back into her cheeks. D put his hand over her nose, and felt breath coming from it.
D picked her up, and carried her from the castle. It was sundown, and his horse was still waiting faithfully across the drawbridge. The baby boy had either crawled or fell off the horse's back, and was sitting on the ground playing in the grass. D put Mercy across the saddle, then mounted himself and set her upright. He then leaned down and picked the boy up, carrying him in his free hand as the other held Mercy, and he guided the horse with his feet.
Soon he was near the town again, and he picked stealthily through the streets to an abandoned house on the outskirts. Inside of it were still a few beds in serviceable condition, so he laid Mercy on one, the boy on another, and himself slept on the couch.
As D awoke a while later to find Mercy standing over him, her eyes slightly glazed as if in a trance. He reached up to find her skin cold, and he stood up next to her. She sat down on the couch, and looked dazedly at the wall. Then, small footsteps sounded in the hall, and in toddled the baby. He waddled over to Mercy, and held his arms out to her.
She stared at the baby uncomprehendingly, then a small light seemed to dawn inside her eyes. She reached down and picked the boy up, and cradled him in her arms, and the baby gurgled happily. D stared silently down at the two, then left the room and returned a moment later with a quilt. He wrapped the two in it, then sat down, pulled his hat over his eyes, and slept again.
After staying for a few days, D decided it was time to leave. He and Mercy mounted on his cyborg horse, and left town as silently as they had came. Mercy sat staring down at the toddler in her arms, as D guided the horse out of town.