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Chapter one
The bounty
The moon was high above on this black sky night. It was not yet full and in three days would be the Red Moon. The stars were bright and gleaming as they shined down on his long brown hair that danced in the wind. The trees swayed in the breeze dancing in tune with his long dark cloak. Three stood before him their eyes fixed in an accustomed distrust, but how odd they would all be women. They too were clad in long dark cowls but with very detailed markings and symbols all over their shrouds. Their garments were that of priestess’ purple in color and obviously from another region than where he was now. He was standing in front of his steed and about to saddle when they appeared before him. The one in the center had flowing red hair that played like a child in the wind as she stepped forward.
“You are D the Hunter are you not?” Her voice was as young as her face but the tone was stern.
“I am.” D replied. His voice the legendary soft stoic tone that hid his dark unknown past.
“The Coven of wind would like to hire you to hunt a Vampire.” She continued.
D merely looked on, his expression emotionless.
“The Vampire stole a Coven sister from us. If she is still alive please return her to us. But, if she has been bitten and turned you must kill both of them, Regardless of the cost.”
“...What is this Vampires name?” D asked his tone still dark and cold.
“Marcos Lest.” She replied in a heavy laden sigh.
A brief emotion flashed across his face, his eyes slanting and fixing on his “employers” as if she had lied to him to his face. All had heard he was as unfeeling as stones and were taken back by this unexpected flare of emotion.
“We will pay you One hundred million for your service.” The Red haired siren spoke unmoved by the flare. He looked at her eyes. They were intense in gaze and so determined, far too much for just the affection of a friend. He realized then it had to be her family member she wanted back. What a common occurrence he thought to himself.
“... I accept.” D said as he put the saddle on his steed and readied his mount.
“Thank you hunter.” He heard her say as he sat on his horse ready to ride off. When he looked back to bow, they had all vanished as if they were never there.
He turned back to the path and shrugged it off. This was just another job and time of was of the essence. How far ahead were they? How long had it been since she was abducted. The questions soon started to poor through his mind but one remained the most important. Why was the girl so intense? It was all he really wanted to know. He bucked the straps and the horse dashed off through the forest galloping at full stride. The wind was cool on his focused brow and he could hear the flapping of his cloak behind him.
“Are you sure you want to do this?” A voice at his side spoke. D gave no response.
“Fine don’t answer me...not like that’s anything new. But to take on Marcos Lest alone? Are you insane?.. hugh! Look who I’m asking. But none the less your father...”
“Don’t worry.” D’s voice interrupted sternly. His eyes were focused and slightly annoyed.
“I’m just looking out for you as always. You might not give a damn if you live or die but I kinda like being alive.” The old raspy voice drowned on.
“They have to be a day away at the least. How are you going to find them?”
“...I know his scent...and they aren’t that far.” he said much to his own surprise.
As D galloped forward he reached the top of a ridge and on the path below there was a four horse carriage with a rather conspicuous driver. He was decked in a noble dark Cape and his clothes matched the English nobles. The white ruffled shirt flapped in the wind as they sped on. His long dark hair danced behind him, black in color, and a few strands in the front tickled at his pale face. It was him.
D snapped the rains and the horse dashed forward.
“Are you doing what I think your doing?!” the voice gasped..
The steed quickly darted off the ridge and flew through the air like a hawk at its prey. The voice screaming the entire time.
His steed hit the ground with force kicking mud behind as its hoofs dug into the dirt trail.
They rode on the driver aware of his follower. D’s horse
darted in front of the Carriage and forced them to stop. He was soon in the air sword drawn, falling fast at his prey. D’s sword was met with a loud metal clang.
“WHY?!?” the Vampire demanded.
“I could ask you the same thing...Marcos Lest.” D replied.
The steel trembled in their hands as their eyes locked.
“You know nothing D.” Marcos began, his voice dark and heavy with a deep burden. “You have learned nothing of the nature of our kind have you?”
“Let the girl go.” D interrupted. “I know she is in the carriage.”
“Is someone there?!” a female voice called from inside the carriage.
The two were on top of it. Fighting. Shaking. Their feet planted against the aged black wood of the seat. The horses breathed and snorted with nervousness. The cowls at their sides moving against their legs as they trembled with intensity. Marcos was a strong Vampire. He was a Noble. The blades of D’s long slightly curved sword and Marcos’ straight thin broad sword shimmered in the moon light.
D pushed forward with all his might and finally pushed Marcos off balance. His opponent leaped back, D narrowly missing him with his sword.
“This is not over D!!” Marcos called as he leaped into the dark of the forest.
D stood on top of the carriage his fist clenched and sword still drawn.
“What was that all about?!” the old raspy voice said.
“....I don’t know.” D replied his voice sad as heavy.
“Is someone there? Please!?!” The girls voice again yelling from the inside of the cart. Her hero jumped down and opened the door.
It revealed a young girl clad in the same purple gowns as the ones he’d seen before but it was different somehow.. More formal. Her robe was red. She was the High priestess, no doubt was to be about that. She stood, still very shaken from her ordeal.
“I..I am Lille..” she began. “Of the Coven of wind.”
“Yes I know.” D interjected. “Your sisters asked me to retrieve you.”
“I am grateful. Thank you.” She bowed. “Are you the Vampire Hunter I’ve heard of? The Half breed hunter? The Dunpeil they call D?”
He simply nodded.
“I see. “ she continued stepping down from the cart. “Well, I suppose if you’re going to have a job of this size you need the best.” She stood beside him now ready to leave.
“I wonder...Did they ask you to kill me if he’d tasted me or had me turned?” Her voice was soft and silky but it held great motherly compassion and her manner was extremely proper.
“They did.” D replied. “May I ask why?”
“Oh there’s time for that later if you don’t mind. I am rather tired. May we go now?” She said brushing the long brown hair from her cheek. It was long in the back and had been leveled in the front. Her hood was back and draped across her meek curved shoulders She was young and very gorgeous. Pale blue eyes looked up at him in wonderment..
D walked her to the horse and they mounted. The next town was only an hour away, she would sleep against his back as they rode. There was plenty of time for questions later. However, there was still that one that he could not deny. No matter how hard he tried to have his stoicism logic the thought away. The fact remained, a Noble stole this girl.
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