Vampire Knight Fan Fiction ❯ For You-repost #2 ❯ Chapter 6

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Author’s Note:
I had some fun typing this chapter. I originally planned that this story would only be seven chapters long; but here it is chapter 6, so it will be a lot longer than I thought.


Chapter 6

When Zero got back to his room, showered, and finished his homework he glanced at his clock and realized that if he was going to keep his word and walk Yuki to class he wasn’t going to get any sleep. He cursed softly to himself as he slipped into a clean uniform, grabbed his books, headed out the door, and in the process surprised many of his dorm mates. A few of them called out greetings while others stood in shock at the rarity of seeing him this early. He didn’t return the greetings but did nod his head in return, a response they were all used to.

He made his way to their usual spot off to the side of the main path. A glance at his watch showed that he still had at least ten minutes to go until Yuki would meet him there. He leaned against the tree and waited.

A few minutes later he was joined by Yori. “Good morning, Zero-kun. Yuki will be here in a few minutes.”

“Morning.” He greeted.

Her head tilted to the side. “Did you even get any sleep last night?”

“No. I talked to Toya last night, then got waylaid by an annoying brunette, and then along came some of his lackeys.”

Yori grinned, “And Yuki just happened upon all of you and jumped to the wrong conclusion. I heard all about it when she came in. By the way she still thinks you’re cheating on Kain-senpai.”

A deep sigh escaped him before he could stop it. “Toya agreed to meet with you, but I didn’t have a time to give her.”

“I wasn’t sure she’d say yes. What do you think would be a good time? Our schedules are so different.” Yori looked slightly discouraged.

If it wasn’t for his unusual schedule, Zero would be in a similar situation. “Depends on whether you want to disrupt your evening routine or get up at an ungodly hour.” He watched her consider his words. “Look, how about I talk to Toya and find out what time would be good for her. You could always meet this weekend.”

Relief flooded her face at his suggestion. “Thanks, Zero-kun! I know you’re not overly fond of the Night class.”

Zero glanced down at his watch noting with displeasure that Yuki was running late. “Why the sudden interest in the Night class? You’ve never cared about any of them before.”

The short haired girl’s face turned serious as she looked at him for a moment. “I’m not stupid. I know there’s something different about them besides their looks and grades. I don’t know how I know; but I feel it.” She raised a hand to rest it against her heart. “I don’t know how to explain it. Toya-senpai gives me that odd feeling; however, there is something that draws me to her.” She stopped talking and gave him a worried look before continuing: “I get a similar feeling from you, but what I pick up from you makes me feel safe. I probably sound crazy.”

The hunter shook his head in denial of her last words. Some of his suspicions were being confirmed. “You’re not crazy.” He looked up at the morning sky. “Have you ever heard of hunters? I don’t mean the kind that hunt deer, rabbit, or birds either.”

Her eyes widened as she nodded. “My grandmother mentioned that her father was a hunter when I was still really young. From the way she said it, I knew that she wasn’t talking about a typical hunter.”

I knew it, thought Zero. Now how do I tell her the rest without sounding like a total nut job? However, he didn’t get the chance to say anything more. Yuki, with her usual bad timing, arrived right then out of breath and panting from her sprint. He crossed her arms and glared. “You’re late.”

“Sorry,” she gasped, “I lost one of my shoes. For a while, I thought I was going to have to go to class wearing only one shoe.” She took several deep breaths. A minute later, she smiled at both of them: “Good morning!”

Zero rolled his eyes. Damn, now I have to find a way to talk to Yori alone.

The girl seemingly read his mind because she suddenly said: “Thank you for the help with the math problem, Zero-kun. I still have some questions about the essay we’re supposed to write; can I meet you in the library later?”

Zero gave her a quick nod as they headed to class. Not only would they get to class early but Yuki wouldn’t have time to ask him about last night. He took pleasure at the thought of freaking out their first teacher when he saw that they were early. Thank god tomorrow is Friday.


Zero sighed in relief from his spot at one of the back tables when he saw Yori walking towards him without Yuki. His adopted sister had tried her hardest to get him alone to interrogate him. She never got the chance since Yori seemed to never be far from his side. Eventually he managed to escape both of them for a few minutes as soon as the last bell rang. The usually serious girl’s face held barely hidden amusement when she saw him. “Whatever you’re going to say, don’t say it,” he growled. She wisely said nothing as she took a seat opposite of him. Her gaze was drawn to the three piles of books on the table. From afar, no one would be able to tell that they were doing anything other than studying. The books weren’t just decoration, though. Some of these books had information pertaining to hunters along with some references to vampires.

“I had to do some fast talking to get away from Yuki. When I left she was making some kind of list.” Yori placed her hands on the table looking uncertain for the first time. “I have a feeling that you’re going to tell me stuff that will change my world…” She let her sentence trail off. “My grandmother is the only one who doesn’t think I’m crazy. Everyone else either believes that I’ve gone off the deep end, or I’m making everything up. Ever since I was little, I’ve come across quite a few people who’ve made me wary of being in the same vicinity.”

Zero gave her credit for not looking away. You don’t know how right you are. I don’t want to do this, but you need to know. “You’re right. I need you to be completely sure before I tell you anything. What I tell you will definitely change your perception, whether for good or bad I can’t tell you. This isn’t something you can just forget about, Yori.” Well, technically that’s not true. Kaname, Ichijo, Akatsuki, or even Aido can erase her memories; but I don’t want to have to do that to her. Unfortunately, I’ll have no choice but to go to them if she really can’t handle it.

Yori’s gaze never flinched nor wavered, though Zero could detect a slight trembling in her hands. “I want to know. I need to know, especially if I’m to meet with Toya-senpai.”

Zero leaned against the back of his chair measuring her. The girl in front of him was strong. He sighed in resignation. “First things first, from what I’ve found out about your family I learned you come from a fairly strong hunter bloodline. For whatever reason, the last true hunter was your great grandfather; which is why no one else believes you when you try to explain what it is you sense. They simply don’t have the abilities you do. You are not crazy.

Yori looked greatly relieved to hear that. Zero couldn’t imagine what it would’ve been like for her to have been raised in a non hunter household. There were some disadvantages to being the child of hunters; but he never felt like an outsider. “You’re right when you say the Night class is more different than what everyone else believes; and for that matter, so am I. It would be beyond idiotic to lie to you about that.”

Yori frowned, “What are you?”

Such a simple question with such an incredibly complex answer. How do I get myself into these situations? “What do you know about vampires?”


A few hours later, Zero stood in his usual spot at the Moon dorm gate. As usual his side was loud yet the girls stayed behind him. Yuki, like every other night, was having problems keeping her side barely restrained. She was too busy to notice the one major difference that separated this night from the rest. Sitting in Zero’s spot in the tree behind him was Yori. He’d figured that it was the safest place for her. Well, I don’t have to have her memories erased; but I’m going to have an extra shadow for a while. A quick glance in her direction showed that she was quite amused about the immediate situation. Motion to his right alerted him to the presence of his stalker. “Get back in line,” he growled in irritation. He resisted the urge to rub his aching head. He’d developed a killer headache a few minutes into the conversation with Yori and wasn’t in the mood for this mob’s antics. “IF YOU DON’T GET IN LINE YOU CAN FORGET ABOUT SEEING THE NIGHT CLASS FOR AT LEAST A WEEK!” That threat earned him a lot of dark glares and angry mutterings, but the mob pulled back giving Yuki enough room to breathe.

The creaking of the gate alerted everyone to the arrival of the Night class. The mob took a few steps forward but didn’t try to get any closer. Apparently, none of them were willing to take the chance that he’d carry through with his threat. Even over the noise, he could hear Yori snickering behind him.

“Good evening, Kiryu—hey, when did you get over here?”

Zero barely had the time to process Aido’s words when he found himself tugged around so that he was moved between the blonde and Ruka with said blonde clinging to his back. His eyebrow began twitching in earnest as seconds ticked by without him being let go. “What the hell do you think you’re doing?” he managed to get out without exploding. The rest of the Night class seemed amused with the blonde’s behavior.

Aido whispered his answer, “She’s trying to get me.”

You have got to be kidding me! Zero was barely restraining the urge to grab Bloody Rose. He closed his eyes to ease some of the pain in his head. I must not draw a gun when in front of the mob. I must not draw a gun when in front of the mob. He repeated the mantra over and over hoping that if he thought it enough times it would be true.

“Seriously,” Aido continued to whisper, “she’s plotting something against me!”

Just as Zero was reaching for Bloody Rose a stick of pocky was shoved into his mouth startling him into opening his eyes. Rima stood in front of him with her usual deadpan face. Silence descended on the entire area. “You looked like you could use a sweet treat,” she said in explanation. “If you don’t like chocolate, I’ve got a box of strawberry.”

Zero took a bite of pocky before responding. “No, chocolate’s fine. Thanks.”

Rima nodded in satisfaction just as Aido started complaining. “Stop stealing my pocky!!”

An evil aura filled the air killing anymore protests he might have made, instead forcing him to huddle closer to his living shield. All of the nobles, including Kaname, looked around for the source of the aura. There was nothing unusual or out of place in their surroundings.

Zero, on the other hand, didn’t bother looking around. He’d sensed this aura before whenever Yuki seemed to be getting to close to the Night class. But Yuki hasn’t done anything. In fact, it seems to be coming from behind me? He didn’t have to wait long for the impending explosion that always closely followed the aura.


Zero’s mouth dropped open. WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON HERE? I did not just hear that. I’m hearing things. His eyes slid over to Yuki for confirmation that he really was hearing things; but the look of total shock on her face confirmed his fears. The nobles’ faces were just as shocked as hers. Hell, even Kaname’s eyes had widened from surprise.

“Oops.” Rima said as she craned her head around him to look behind him. She then looked at him and tilted her head with a satisfied look on her face. “I always knew you had a fan club, Kiryu-kun.” She handed him another stick of pocky, which only fueled the flames of jealousy coming from the girls behind him.


Zero heard Aido whimper softly in fear. Takuma chuckled nervously before looking to Kaname, “I think it would be wise to forgo attending classes tonight, don’t you?”

“Yes,” Kaname responded. “I don’t think we’ll miss much.” With that said he turned around walking back through the gate. He paused long enough to say to the vice president, “I’ll call the teachers and let them know.” The rest of the nobles followed him leaving Takuma, Ruka, Akatsuki, Shiki, Aido and Rima to face the mob. Ruka stayed by the gate to keep it open, while Takuma tried to reason with the mob. With the mob of girl’s attention semi focused on the vice president, Akatsuki grabbed his cousin pulling him to safety.

Zero felt both of his arms grabbed, which snapped him out of the haze he was in. Shiki had him by one arm while Rima had a hold of the other. The petite model actually grinned at him as she said, “It’ll be safer if you come with us.” Shiki snorted. In a matter of seconds he was whisked through the gate and into the Moon dorm.

“Hey, what a minute,” he protested to no avail. “Yuki’s going to need help; and Yori’s still out there. I can’t leave her out there alone!” At the first mention of Yori’s name, Rima paused long enough to look at a panting Takuma, who was right behind them.

The blonde looked puzzled before realization dawned on his face. “Oh dear,” he said.

Rima and Shiki’s grip loosened enough for Zero to turn around to face the vice president. He kept his voice low, “She knows. Yori comes from a hunter bloodline and has been able to sense all of you from the beginning. She came to me for advice because she thought she was going crazy. I can’t just leave her by herself.”

Takuma’s eyes widened in understanding, “I see. In that case it would be a good idea for one of us to escort her back to the Sun dorm. Who knows what those girls will do to you if you take one step out of the gate.” His green eyes looked appraisingly over Rima. “I don’t think you should go out there since you’re the one they’re most upset with.” The petite model pouted.

Shiki released his grip on Zero, “I’ll go. It won’t be too hard for me to slip out the back and around the wall. She’s the one sitting in the tree, right?” Zero nodded. Yori had admitted that the brunette model was one of the less intimidating members of the Night Class.

“Be careful, Senri.” Takuma warned. “Especially on the way back; you might want to inform the headmaster of the situation in front of our dorm so he can help Yuki.”

With a nod, Shiki moved to leave but stopped and turned back to Rima. The petite model still had a fairly firm hold on Zero’s arm and didn’t seem like she was ready to let go anytime soon. “Go easy on him.” He said with a smirk then he was gone leaving Zero with a feeling of doom as Rima began tugging him along up the stairs.

The last thing Zero heard as he was pulled into her room was Takuma saying: “I think Rima’s found a new playmate.” The blonde’s words weren’t reassuring.


Akatsuki sighed in relief after his cousin finally calmed down after Ruka’s latest attempt to ‘attack’ him. He walked down the stairs in an effort to find his childhood friend to give her some helpful advice. He found her reading a book in the common room but paused as a familiar presence tickled his senses. The noble reviewed the early events with the mob of Day class girls remembering that the silver haired male had been brought into the dorm.

“Rima is holding him hostage in our room.” Ruka’s amused voice interrupted his train of thought. Her eyes danced with amusement, “She’s been hiding a desire to play dress up with him for quite some time.”

With one eyebrow raised, Akatsuki asked wryly: “How long has she had him?”

Ruka looked sympathetically in the direction of her room. “About an hour.” She smirked at him as he turned to leave. “Are you going to rescue him from my evil roommate’s clutches?”

“Maybe,” he murmured; then in a louder voice he said: “If I were you, I’d give up on subtlety. Hanabusa’s totally convinced that you’re up to no good.” Her smothered laughter followed him out of the room. The petite noble had excellent taste in fashion so whatever she put Zero in should be more than good.  The flame wielder approached Ruka and Rima’s room with his curiosity awakened.

A polite knock on the door was greeted by a moment of silence before Rima opened the door with an amused look on her face. “I wondered how long it would take you to realize he was here and come after him. You lasted longer than I thought you would.” She motioned him inside. “You missed all of the fun.”

The violet eyed male’s jacket was tossed carelessly over Rima’s bed along with his tie. Akatsuki was disappointed at her words. He sat on Ruka’s bed waiting on Zero to emerge from the bathroom. He would’ve liked to have been there. I really hope Ruka doesn’t take too much longer getting through to Hanabusa. I’d like to actually spend time with Zero and our gang leader rather than babysitting him.

Meanwhile, Rima had gone over to the bathroom door. She poked her head in and said loud enough for Akatsuki to hear: “Your knight is here to save you.” Akatsuki couldn’t make out Zero’s muffled words but he bet they weren’t nice judging from Rima’s snickering. A minute later she moved away from the door to sprawl on her bed. Zero walked out of the bathroom dressed in his uniform sans jacket, tie, and shoes. He ignored Akatsuki’s presence instead casting an annoyed look at the female noble. “You’re out of your mind.”

She gave him an innocent look. “Why, it could happen; and I want to be the one to do it.” The innocent look faded to a smug grin. “He may have missed the show,” she said pointing to Akatsuki, “but I have pictures. So you have to let me do this again.”

Despite the dark look on the hunter’s face, Akatsuki could see a tiny grin when Zero replied: “You’re evil. I’m leaving. You can find someone else to torture.”

Rima only hummed in reply as the two of them left her room. Akatsuki had barely opened his mouth when Zero turned around saying, “Don’t ask, never mention, and I’ll let you live.” The noble shut his mouth with a smirk fully intending catching Rima later to interrogate her, and maybe get a glimpse of those pictures she mentioned. He just followed as Zero stormed down the stairs and past Ruka, who was on her way to the room they’d recently vacated.

She quickly hid her grin behind her hand at Zero’s flustered expression. Akatsuki smirked executing a quick bow as he passed in order to keep up with his retreating mate. “Your room awaits you.” He heard her muffled giggles as he moved quickly to keep Zero in the dorm. Zero had just reached the entryway by the time Akatsuki caught up. The noble grabbed his arm halting the hunter’s movements. Talking fast he asked: “I know you have classes to attend in the morning, but do you really have to leave so soon?” Every muscle in Zero’s body tensed at his words. “I’d really like to see you for longer than a few minutes at a time.”

Zero remained tense but he softly asked: “Where?”

Good question. Outside isn’t much of an option because who knows who’s still out there. However, staying in here is any better…unless… “Hanabusa has some research to do in the library that will keep him occupied up until the time we go to bed. We won’t be bothered in my room.” The hunter would be more comfortable out of the sight of so many vampires, many who wouldn’t think twice about trying to kill him.

Zero nodded causing Akatsuki’s smirk to soften into a gentle smile. The noble reluctantly released Zero’s arm from his grip. The two of them walked without a word to Akatsuki’s room where the noble courteously opened the door for his guest. Once Zero was in the room, the flame wielder gave a glare to a pair of nobles who were rudely staring. They winced before quickly moving away. He resisted rolling his eyes. Some vampires-okay, the majority of them- would always judge Zero harshly because he was both a level D and a hunter. They would never try to look underneath those labels to see the real Zero Kiryu. Said male was now sitting at Akatsuki’s desk watching him. Receiving blood had done wonders for his appearance. Violet eyes were calm yet alert. Speaking of blood…”How are you feeling?”

“Better, thanks to you.” Zero answered but something about the question seemed to make him uneasy.

Akatsuki wasn’t surprised by the simple answer. The male in front of him never came across as nonstop talker. Thank god, one in my life is more than enough. He knew he wasn’t giving Hanabusa much credit. His cousin had his quiet moments. The flame wielder sat on his bed so that he could lean against the wall and face the hunter. He remembered the conversation with Kaname. I guess I need to get used to thinking of him as Kaname. There will be times when he will be our gang leader, but now there will be times when he’s just Kaname. As vampires, we’ve been taught that we are to revere purebloods; it’s been drilled into us that they aren’t the same. It’ll take some time and work to get past that. One of the biggest differences was that Akatsuki’s blood would only slow the progression of a level D vampire to level E; however, Kaname’s would halt it altogether. “Kaname,” he managed to drop the suffix, “offered his blood to you.”

Zero tilted his head so that his violet eyes looked upwards. “He did. That was the offer he was talking about the other day.” He stopped yet Akatsuki could tell there was much more to be said. That always seemed to be the way it was with their gang…Kaname. You had to pay careful attention to his words and actions. Eventually the hunter found the words he was looking for: “I learned some interesting things about blood bonds.”

Akatsuki took a deep breath and let it out slowly. So that’s what has him tense. If I had any doubt about Kaname’s intentions, it’s gone now. In order to break the bond with that woman, Kaname and Zero would have to form a two way bond. He felt a bit uneasy, though.

“You’re the first person I’ve bitten.” Zero said with his eyes now looking over to Hanabusa’s side of the room. His next words were said so softly that Akatsuki would’ve missed them if he hadn’t been so focused on Zero. “I’ve only been bitten by one person.”

It’s not the bond part of this that bothers you. No, what bothers you is that you’ll have to let a vampire bite you; and not just any vampire a pureblood. However, the pureblood in question cares about you.

“I agreed.” Violet eyes finally met sunset eyes. “What are you thinking?”


To be truthful, Zero was scared to hear the other’s answer. Sunset eyes never looked away from his even though the silence frayed his nerves. He had to know how Akatsuki felt about this. After a few minutes, which seemed like hours, the noble answered him. From the moment they met in the dorm hallway, the noble in front of him had dropped the impassive mask everyone saw. Akatsuki’s face was gravely serious.

“There isn’t much I can do about it really.”  Akatsuki finally said. “You need his blood and that woman will never be able to control you.” Zero felt his stomach sinking because the noble wasn’t really addressing the question. “However,” Akatsuki spoke again before he could say anything, “blood sharing between mates is about more than feeding. For vampires blood sharing is as-if not more-intimate as physical pleasure. I admit that I want to feel my fangs sink into you and taste your blood.”

Zero was shocked. Oh, he knew that the subject would eventually come up between them--but still. Can I let him bite me? Can I let Kaname bite me? The noble’s words, though, made Zero consider biting in a different light.

“Even if you never let me bite you,” Akatsuki continued, “you are always welcome to my blood. I want to bite you; but your trust and your heart are far more important to me. I had hoped to eventually earn the right to taste you. I hope and wish to eventually form a two way blood bond with you. Kaname’s offer is bringing the subject up a lot sooner than I expected. I’m glad you accepted his offer. Don’t worry that this will cause problems with me.”

Zero could only stare at the noble as the weight of his words fully sank in. He was still having a hard time understanding that Kaname wanted the bond with him; now, Akatsuki was telling him he wanted the same thing. Akatsuki’s eyes were intense as they remained focused on him. Zero dropped his head to escape from that intensity, just long enough take a steadying breath. First and foremost he was amazed at being the object of such attention; secondly, he was relieved because the tension that had been slowly driving him crazy was gone; third and finally, it was really sinking in that this was real. He didn’t know what to say. What could he say?

A knock on the door startled both of them. Akatsuki ran a hand through his hair as he got up to answer the door. The interruption had perfect timing because it broke the new tension that was rising between them. Zero pulled himself together as Ruka swept into the room and smiled at him? Is she bipolar or something? One minute she hates me and the next, she seems to like me. The long haired female turned to Akatsuki and demanded, “He looks traumatized! What did you do to him?”

Akatsuki frowned, “I didn’t do anything to him. We’ve just been talking.”

With one foot tapping and her hands now placed on her hips, Ruka accused: “Akatsuki Kain, I’ve known you since we could walk! Don’t lie to me.”

Zero couldn’t stop the chuckles that slipped out. Ruka obviously knew how to handle the cousins.

“I didn’t do anything!” Akatsuki continued to protest to no avail. “I’m sure you didn’t come here to just pester me; so why are you here?”

Ruka crossed her arms but stopped tapping her foot. “The headmaster is downstairs at the door wanting to know if we ever plan on giving his son back.”

The way she said it caused a flush creep across Zero’s cheeks; but it was Akatsuki’s answer that turned the flush into a dark blush. The flame wielder’s frown deepened, “Nope. He’s ours now. The headmaster can’t have him back.” To make matters worse, Ruka’s shoulders shook showing that she was barely restraining her own laughter.

Zero stood up drawing their attention to him. Ruka gave him a sympathetic look before turning back to Akatsuki and scolded him. “Akatsuki, it isn’t like you’ll never see him again. You’ll see him when we go to class tomorrow. If you don’t let him leave he won’t get any sleep; and thus, won’t be in any shape to escort us--meaning that you won’t see him. Don’t give me that look!” She said the last part because the flame wielder actually pouted at her. The long haired noble suddenly reached out wrapping her arms around Zero’s arm and pulled him out of the bedroom. She completely ignored Akatsuki’s protests (“Ruka, bring him back!”) and Zero’s shock. She tugged him all the way to the dorm entrance earning herself shocked looks from everyone but a laughing Takuma and a snickering Aido.

Cross’s eyes were round with surprise as Zero was brought to him. “Uh, Ruka-san I didn’t mean you had to bring him so quickly.”

The normally reserved female released Zero but shoved both of them out the door. “You don’t understand, Headmaster,” she explained, “I managed to get him away from Akatsuki; but Kaname-sama’s a different story. If he doesn’t leave now, he may never be allowed to leave. I can handle Akatsuki, but I can’t do anything to stop Kaname-sama.”

From the feel of his face, Zero knew that he was blood red by now. He didn’t even want to consider the implications behind her words. Hell, I can’t understand why she suddenly likes me.

Cross coughed into his hand. “Well, I thank you then for taking care of Zero-kun for me. I hope you have a good evening, Ruka-san.”

“I hope the same for you, headmaster.” She responded then switched her attention to Zero. “Have a good night, Kiryu-kun. See you at the escort.” With that said, Ruka slipped back into the dorm closing the door behind her.

Zero looked at his adopted father still in shock from her actions. The bespectacled man gave him a once over before speaking. “I take it you’ve had interesting evening then.”

Zero didn’t have an answer for him. Interesting doesn’t even cover it.


Chapter 6 End

Author’s Note: Rima also kidnaps Zero so that she can learn about Yori. This story has literally taken on a life of its own. It was originally supposed to be a lot darker (there wasn’t supposed to be any humor in this at all), and was supposed to be completely separate from Sunset, Amethyst, & Burgundy. Even the pairings are different. Oh, well. What’s done is done, and I like how it is turning out. I hope you do too.

I hope you’ve enjoyed.

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