Voltes V Fan Fiction ❯ Voltes V (The Godaikin Wars) ❯ A new mission unfolds. ( Chapter 1 )

[ X - Adult: No readers under 18. Contains Graphic Adult Themes/Extreme violence. ]

It was dusk at Camp. Big Falcon:
The Voltes Team stands before Mrs. Armstrong's grave.
The grave was marked by a single post, very familiar to those who practice Shintoism.
She was the mother of Steve, Big Bert, Little Jon.
Steve starts the talking: “Here we are mother, gathered before you with my Brothers, and my team mates, Mark and Jamie. A new crisis is about to unfold and we will not rest until we've blow these new aliens out of Earth's orbit!"
Big Bert wiped the tears from his eyes, " Mother, please guide us by your love…"
Mark slowly distanced himself from the group, Jamie looked at him in weak disbelief, and she seems to sense Mark's discomfort.
Mark looked at Jamie, “Just let these babies cry for a while, before we talk about engaging the new enemy.”
“You have no respect for the dead!" Big Bert started to snarl.
He was about to charge at Mark when Steve touched his shoulders,
“Big Bert, Let him be…" Steve said calmly.
"Stop insulting us before mother…"Little Jon cried, stood up and took a threatening pose.
"Mark, you can always leave every time we condole with mother…"
Jamie stood up and looked at Mark in the eye, “What's eating you, Mark?"
Mark was about to reply when Big Falcon's alarm rang up!
Steve shouted at the team, “It's the Base, Dr. Hook needs us!"
The Voltes Team hurries to Camp Big Falcon.
Inside Camp Big Falcon, Dr. Hook a man in his early fifties, looking like an Amish priest in laboratory uniform said “Team, the invaders are putting pressure on the Earth International Defense Base!" He points at the huge monitor displaying a map location of the E.I.D Base.
Then, the map display was replaced by footage of the oncoming battle. The Voltes Team looks pensively at the monitor; the glow from it illuminates their faces. Dr. Hook looks back at the Voltes Team.
“Our new Shadow crafts were able to polish off some of the invaders but…"
Dr. Hook points at one of the tracking monitors beside the huge one where suddenly, the image of the Voltron Lions, were in display.
Little Jon looked startled “N-New types of Beast Fighters?"
“Yeah, and they're very swift and effective!" Dr. Hook replied.
Steve felt his stomach tensed something like he felt when the Boazanians used an android that looked like his father and brought crisis into Camp Big Falcon, he wave his fist at the monitor…
“They're all the same, why don't they let the Earth be? Those invaders never had any blood in their hearts!" Big Bert angrily replied, " They think they're so tough, Steve. We got Voltes V!”
Dr. Hook just nodded before he replies audibly; “That's it Voltes Team, keep that fighting spirit!"
The Voltes Team nod in Unison: “Yes sir!!!!
Then, the Voltes Team, sprinted towards a row of cubicles containing pilot seats that transport them to their Volt Machine cockpits!
Outside at twighlight, Camp Big Falcon opens up its wings as Dr. Hook looks from his headquarters (Big Falcon's head) and tried to remember the days of sheer crisis that plunges the world in total chaos. “Dr. Armstrong should see this new conflict at hand…I thought war was just a sad memory after the Boazanian defeat… But here we go again…"
Dr. Hook stood up beside his console and announced…
“All of you, Blast Off!”
Powerful roar of Godaikin engines like a thousand thunders rumbled as the Volt Machines rocket towards their destination. The War Zone above the Earth International Defense base!