Voltes V Fan Fiction ❯ Voltes V (The Godaikin Wars) ❯ A ninja Commander attacks!. ( Chapter 3 )

[ X - Adult: No readers under 18. Contains Graphic Adult Themes/Extreme violence. ]

The once mighty and imposing wall of the Earth International defense base are nothing more but shattered ruins.
Still, the automated guns faithfully guard its compound.
Four hover vehicles bearing the mark of the Galaxy Alliance entered its grounds.
Sides open and poured a hundred armored troops.
Rushing and fully geared, the Galaxy Alliance Marines or Galaxy grunts are closing in on Commander Robinson and his remaining army.
The Automated guns gave the grunts a hard time; piles of their dead littered the ground. This is more than enough for Commander Robinson to plan his next move.
“Sir," A soldier reports, “they're on the main lobby."
“That's a decoy" Commander Robinson replied, "…Add some strength to the fifth entrance, well escape through the Armory!"
The Earth Defense commander and his men entered a maze of secret passages leading through the Armory.
On the way, they re-activate emergency Defcon Security Measures composed of automated gattling guns and laser launchers.
Outside, the automated guns gave way, but the Galaxy grunts encountered a laser firing gattling gun.
Parts of gears, guns, shattered skulls and blood flew in all directions.
Most of them fell mutilated before one soldier countered with an energy bazooka.
Meanwhile in the Armory…
“Commander, there's a pipeline escape route leading to Camp Big Falcon."
Another soldier informs the officer, "you must survive sir the world needs you!"
Usually calm, Commander Robinson suddenly bark orders.
“You guys take that route, I'll try to give `em hell first!"
A gut feeling starts to stir Commander Robinson, "…They're here!" A powerful blast opened the armory wide enough for the Galaxy grunts to enter the haze laden room…
But no Commander Robinson to capture.
Weary and baffled, the Galaxy grunts turn…
Only to receive a deadly rain of Shuriken Ninja stars that cuts through their throats and foreheads!
It was too late for them to realize that they are sitting ducks in this cramp and hazy room.
The officer-in-charge of the unit suddenly realized that this Commander Robinson is a dangerous man to deal with, that he moves like the wind.
Then suddenly, he saw his own arms and guns flew with the spray of his own blood.
He just ceased to exist.
For that brief moment, Commander Robinson switched from an Earth Defense Official, into a Ninja Master and moves in terrifying swiftness like a Benihaha chef.
“Unit commander, unit commander are you there?"
One of the dead grunt's radio automatically activated and Commander Robinson picks it up.
'This is Commander Robinson of the Earth International Defense Force, your invasion unit is doomed, surrender to Planet Earth!"
Inside the Galaxy Alliance flag ship Explorer… Koran lowers his communicator device and sits back tightly. His hands rolled into fists and tear tracks from his eyes.
“Mi Lord…All of unit 99…was lost…"
Nanny gave a mournful cry and left the room. Cheddar and company were left, squeaking with tears in their eyes.
Koran looks at the stars and began to speak on behalf of the dead soldiers...
”They were once farmers, tinsmiths, carpenters, gobblers who joined the Galaxy Alliance to serve and glorify Voltron, Planet Arus and the Noble House of Alfor… They are heroes.”!"