Voltes V Fan Fiction ❯ Voltes V (The Godaikin Wars) ❯ The Armored Battle Continues... ( Chapter 8 )

[ X - Adult: No readers under 18. Contains Graphic Adult Themes/Extreme violence. ]

Immediately, Voltes V countered with:
"Concealed Bazookas!!!'
Voltes V's giant hands bend down and replacing it, are large cannon-like guns that stated to fire volleys of energy bullets that hit Voltron really hard on the mid section!
Voltron crashes into an abandoned building; sending a rain of loose concrete conglomerates at the ruined streets down bellow.
“Keith, were hit!" Pidge announced to Keith in great disbelief,
Princess Allura felt the anger rising above her head,
"Those savage brats will pay dearly for this!"
"You're right there Princess,” Keith reaffirms her, “Voltron can only put up so much!"
"Blazing Arrows!!!"
From Voltron Green Lion's mouth, forms a bow, and then fires powerful arrows at Voltes V; the first arrow touched Voltes V's shoulders, sending sparks of metal flakes.
Mark analyzed the situations,
“Steve, we've been hit!"
Jamie looks around and noticed more arrows coming at them,
“And more of those arrows coming our way!"
Steve took his cool,
Let's take those down, team…"
"Ground Fire!!!"
Voltes V's belt buckle opens up, then a tremendous force of fire-wave hit's the on coming Blazing Arrows, melting them before they hit their mark!
Steve smiled triumphantly at his teammates,
“Good work, team…Now's our turn…
"Ultra Electro Magnetic Tops!!!
Immediately, Voltes V's torso opens up and two, nasty looking steel tops, equipped with extremely sharp blades came rushing at Voltron.
Desperately, Voltron countered with…
"Voltron Eye Beam!!!"
The eye beam hits one of the advancing tops, yet it triggered an explosion that sends hot shrapnel at Voltron's face!
One of the untouched tops hits Voltron at the left cheek, sending sparks of molten metal. Then the top automatically explodes and Voltron fell dazed for the moment!
In the Explorer, Koran surveys the battle.
He prayed hard for King Alfor's divine intervention…
"If only King Alfor could understand what kind of enemy the Voltron Force are facing right now…"
Meanwhile, Little Jon saw Voltron floundering.
“Steve, the beast fighter is disoriented!"
But Mark could see that Voltron is still on its feet.
“Wait! The enemy's still not down and out! “
Sure enough, Voltron suddenly springs to life and aimed his Blue and Red lion's mouth at the surprised Voltes V…
A variety of missiles came out of the lions and knocks Voltes V's off the ground with incredible force!
Steve was shocked momentarily,
"What kind of missile is that?" "Knocking down a robot the size of Voltes?"
Mark saw Voltron's plans,
"Steve, watch it, Voltron's back on its feet!"
The Voltron force found an opportunity… Suddenly, spikes form around Green and Red Lion's mouth!
“The big bully's down Keith!"
Pidge announced hoping for all the Voltron Force to hear.
“…Now let's cut `em down to size!"
Keith smirked at the thought; that young people could stand and fight against the Voltron Force,
"These brats should have known better to fight Voltron: Defender of the Universe!"
Voltron lunges at the still downed Voltes V. but only to receive a mighty…
“Voltes Kick!!!"
Voltron receives a deadly blow that sends it crashing at a row of abandoned factories.
They maybe momentarily rattled, but the Voltron Force enables to collect their wits and right themselves.
Lance shook his head, trying to rationalize about this Voltes Team they're fighting right now.
“Got to admit, they're one heck of a fighter!"
" Yeah…" Hunk bluntly replies,
"…Thank heavens Lotor never thought of something like them!"
Keith tried to brush the commentary from his head; he could not admit there's an even more powerful super robot than Voltron.
“Knock it off team, Voltron's still the king of robots!"
" Wing Attack!!!"
Voltron stands into position and takes his wings off from his back.
Then, he flings this like a boomerang at Voltes V!
Big Bert saw the projectile coming,
“Steve, watch out!!!"
Steve turns around almost too late,
" Huh?!"
Just a fraction of an inch, Voltes V evades Voltron's Wing Attack by lunging backwards before it hits.
The Wing Attack however, returns back to Voltron Red Lion's mouth.
Voltron once again releases his Wing Attack at Voltes V but Voltes V countered with…
“Ultra Electro Magnetic Whip!!!"
From Voltes V's torso, a high tension belt slips off and became two dangerous whips that wrapped themselves around Voltron's Wing Attack.
Voltes V's then send this back to Voltron, Defender of the Universe!
Voltron crashed down the ground in a soul searing impact…
Keith and the Voltron Force are momentarily dazed!
Hunk tries desperately to look around for his little friend,
" Pidge…Are you O.K. lil buddy?"
" O.k… " Pidge replied,
"…but what about the princess?"
Inside her cockpit, Princess Allura tries to right herself.
“Uh…Voltron team…let's not give up…The people of Arus needs our victory!"
"She's right, team…" Keith replied ever defiant,
"Let's show these wet nosed upstarts what we're made off!"
Surprisingly, Voltron stands facing Voltes V.
Voltron looks like a noble knight of chivalric days of yore…
“Steve," Little Jon informs his team with alarm,
“The beast fighter is still standing!"
Big Bert looks at the fighter from Arus in suspicion,”
Hrrrmmm….I don't like what's he up to!"
Steve stayed quiet…studying this giant foe before him…surely the giant warrior is no ordinary beast fighter!
"Royal Shield Blast!!!"
A powerful beam comes out of the royal symbol on Voltron's chest.
This beam hits Voltes V squarely at the chest…
And just like their massive cybernaut, the Voltes Team is rattled, frozen by the sudden shock!
“We got `em, Keith!" Pidge screamed in success!
“Hah-ha! Now they're toast!"
Princess Allura felt the awesome power of her father's guidance,
“Such is the power blessed by my father…King Alfor!"
The Royal Shield Blast is quite effective, Voltes V's interior controls momentarily blacked out.
The giant robot collapsed on a forsaken office building, sending plaster, shattered glass and other debris on the ruined pavement.
Dr. Hook immediately contacted Steve on the radio,
“Steve, Voltes team…Come in…Do you read me?
Steve felt nausea, but he manage to reply,
" Ungh…D-Dr.Hook?"
"Voltes Team listen…" Dr. Hook continues,
“The enemy is using some kind of block beam and it's coming out of some royal symbol on the chest.
Quickly, switch to auxiliary power and aim at the chest, using the Finger Missiles!"
Steve seemed to felt refreshed,
"Got it, Dr. Hook…O.K team, switch to auxiliary power!"
The Voltes team replied immediately,
" Yes, Steve!!!"
A small flicker of auxiliary energy is enough for Voltes V to move and no sooner,
The Godaikin rise to lts feet and before Voltron could use another Royal Shield blast, a barrage of missiles rained at him, hitting the Royal Crest on the chest!
The great blast sends Voltron tumbling down, smashing a nearby port, then its grand form sinks to the sea!