Voltes V Fan Fiction ❯ Voltes V (The Godaikin Wars) ❯ In the Imjad's lair ( Chapter 10 )

[ X - Adult: No readers under 18. Contains Graphic Adult Themes/Extreme violence. ]

The Imjad's meditation chamber was darkly lit.
He sits, thinking of another way to make the Godaikins battle each other.
It's just a matter of time before he could commence his plans of conquering and enslaving the universe.
There's soft, yet unruly music circling around the chamber's atmosphere.
Music coming from a 1980 defunct band called "Tears for Fears".
Faint flicker from lights coming from out side the room reveals two hooded figures standing at attention; one of them was large well built and tall, the other one is small, about three feet tall.
About some time, the small figure approached the Imjad…
It was a little girl, she had pale complexion; like that of the dead. A ghastly look that can make any goth-lover wonder in awe and her voice sounded so sinister.
"Success," the Godaikin Battle is a success…"
She declared, “But I fear the other Godaikins may not get easily involved…"
She pointed her finger in the air, and then a glowing list of the Godaikin Robots materializes from nowhere and floats around the room…
"They are the sentinels of time and space all together,
Daltanias, Dan Cougar, Guardian, Daimos,
Dai Leon, Dynaman, Dairruger XV, Daidenjin, Daitetsujin 17,
Laserion, Tetsujin 28, Goggle V, Voltes V, Golion, Abega,
Combattler V, Bioman, Machine Dolphin, Vavilos, Sun Vulcan,
God Sigma, God Marz, Leopardon…"
The glowing lists faded as she looked at the Imjad and smiled.
"All of them, never knowing that they are meant more than just protect and defend their respective planets or realm…"
The Imjad smiled at her with icy delight, "Saint Aria,”
He called her, "They shall fall one by one before realizing their destinies...
The destruction of the Encyclopeia Universale is the key of their absolute defeat...”
He looked at his portal, studying the fallen Godaikin Voltron and the defeated Voltron Force.
Suddenly, the tall hooded figure approached the Imjad, the light flickering revealed his true face: A mutant, whose face is filled with pus bags as if he's suffering from a vomit inducing disease.
He is known as Baron Hakone, the unclean…
"Beg your forgiveness, eminence." He starts,”
But I have been informed that the Explorer is attempting to escape The Earth's atmosphere, behind them are a squadron of Phantom Crafts, determined to destroy them all.
There is a small chuckle that escapes the Imjad's mouth.
"They will survise the pursuit...And it will only kindle the fire of hatred more on them...”
The Imjad stands and paced the room.
"This will be easier than I thought!"
He said with delight in his voice,
"Both Godaikin's victory or defeat does not matter to me.
What I desire is the total obliteration of the Godaikin order!"
He sat back and continues to talk.
"And if such destruction occurs, we shall freely execute our plans…"
After his words, the two evil robed ones smiled maliciously…
The morning in Camp Big Falcon is quite calm and quiet.
Jamie enters the training center; she wears a different out fit from her usual uniform.
This time, she wears a skin tight, stylized spandex costume based on the black,
Ninja drab. But like her yellow, mini-skirted spandex, the out fit is alluringly sexy.
She was about to put on her black head cover when…
"Been waiting too long?"
The sound of the voice made her jump in alert, and avoids the ball and chain being hurled at her.
”Haik!" Jamie launched herself out of harm's way.
She some how produced, lethal micro-knives the size of hair pins from behind her neck!
Her target, her father, Commander Robinson, stands threateningly.
Hiyaah!!! Like lightning,
he blocked the micro knives using the handle of his Tanto blades.
As soon as Jaime landed, Cmdr. Robinson moves like the wind and slashes at Jamie's position…
Bit there was no Jamie to slash!
Suddenly, Jamie somersaults and lands on her father's shoulders; she took the ball and chain from his back and launches herself in mid air.
Cmdr. Robinson turns around to throw shuriken blades at his daughter who immediately countered with a Japanese native bomb.
The bomb blew the oncoming ninja stars off course.
Cmdr. Robinson threw himself away from the ninja stars shrapnel, only to receive the ball and chain wrapping around his legs.
Off balance, Jamie lands on his stomach and aimed a micro knife at his eye.
Suddenly, the tension stops….
Jamie softens her stance and helped her father to stand.
They were laughing.
Ninja fighting was replaced by Kodak moments as father and daughter exchange hugs.
“You're doing pretty well, Jamie.
You have made our ancestors proud."
Commander Robinson said with pride.
Jamie smiled yet she shook her head.
"Yes, dad..." Cmdr. Robinson looks at his daughter and smiled.
"My how you're grown. Well who'll be it, Steve? Mark?"
Jamie shied and remained silent.
Cmdr. Robinson released a great guffaw,
“Don't tell me you're going tomboy?!"
Jamie's cheeks turned red,
"Oh, Dad!"
"C'mon Jamie, I'm just kidding..."
Commander Robinson replied.
Both of them took a seat near a mineral water dispenser.
"I hope you're mother can see us now…"
Jamie closed her eyes and tears formed, something she don't want her team mates to see"
Yeah…Hope she's proud of us…Of what we accomplished."
There's a pause.
Then both Jamie and the Commander heard an alarm from the head quarters.
"C'mon Jamie...Lets go!" Jamie nods and with her father, left the room...