Voltes V Fan Fiction ❯ Voltes V (The Godaikin Wars) ❯ Study thy foe. ( Chapter 11 )

[ X - Adult: No readers under 18. Contains Graphic Adult Themes/Extreme violence. ]

Approximately 3,000 feet just below the stratosphere, the retreating Stellar Ship Explorer is being pursued by a squadron of “Phantom Crafts”; resolute star fighters from the Earth International Defense Force.
Koran knows he have to deal with the Voltron Force's defeat and with the current struggle to deal with the pursuers.
Missiles, projectiles, energy beams and lasers from the Stellar Ship Explorer proved useless since the Phantom Crafts easily evades the fixed guns.
Koran also considers the lethal damages sustained by the Stellar Ship Explorer in their battle against Voltes V.
“Koran, the ship's main reactor is in critical mass!”
Commander Hawkins reported.
“The ship's engines are about to fall apart!”
“We have to hold on!” Koran declared,
“Put on double power on our protective screens!”
Explosions, after explosions rocked the wounded vessel.
Koran realized the ship does not have a chance to hide among the pock marked lunar surface that looms before them.
His eyes wondered around the Voltron Force's positions.
He could only shook his head seeing them, still locked in hopeless dissolution.
Sitting sadly, meditating from the failures of their mission. Koran tried to talk to Keith or to the others.
“Keith…Princess…Voltron Force…”
Another powerful blast threw Koran, slamming him hard at the metal walls of the room.
His head bleeding badly, Princess Allura hurriedly turns to his aid…
Keith snarled something under his breath and stands, then took off.
The other Voltron Force members are indecisive to follow him.
“Keith, where are you going…?
The Princess tearfully asks him…
“I'Im not gonna sit here and let a bunch of off-world show offs splash mud and grime at us!”
Keith replied angrily,
“I'm gonna save this starship, and the people before were goners!”
Something in what Keith said brightens the spirits of the Voltron Force.
“We're with you Keith!” Hunk declared.
“C”mon Keith, just say it!”
Lance came in second.
“Yeah, nobody messed around with Voltron and go scott- free!!”
Pidge replied.
Princess Allura stood up and smiled at Keith.
“There is hope for all of us, after all.”
She told her self.
Soon, the Voltron Force boarded their Voltron Lions and re-activates the tired yet powerful engines.
Amidst the many protestations from the engineers, the Voltron Lions' barely repaired engines roared in preserved majesty and rockets out from the ailing Stellar Ship Explorer, to face the pursuing Phantoms.
Everything seems to be a blur from the speed and agility of the Voltron Lions.
The Voltron Force bent their frustrations on the pursuing space fighters, in a lethal way:
Fangs, razor sharp steel claws and a volley of missiles, projectiles and lasers composed the fury of the Voltron Lions that leads to the savage destruction of the pursuing Phantom Crafts.
The Stellar Ship Explorer was spared from the deadly bolts of the Phantom Crafts.
Yet, the great ship flounders aimlessly to smash mercilessly at the lunar canyons, sending chunks of debris, people and instrumentations colliding hard at each other…
Meanwhile, the alarm continues to blare at Camp Big Falcon.
The Voltes Team entered the control center, where Dr. Hook awaits them.
“What is it, Dr. Hook?”
Steve asks as he enters.
“Please Dr. Hook, tell us…”
Big Bert also inquires.
“Is that Voltron coming back for a re-match?” Mark asked in sarcasm.
“Just keep your shirt on, team…”
Dr. Hook replied “The Vavilos will be arriving any minute!”
The Voltes Team was surprised.
The Vavilos is a famous space ship/Godaikin piloted by a highly skilled special galactic enforcer.
“The Vavilos?” Little Jon asks
“You mean…Shaider?”
“Yeah, Shaider the space police…” Dr. Hook supplies. “…And he's bringing some data about Voltron.”
“…Data about Voltron?” Steve asks further.
Dr. Hook looked back at Steve and continues.
“We need to study that giant robot, its missions, planet of origin, history, pilots anything we can grab hold on to so we can repel them more effectively!”
“Shaider is an inter-galactic, inter dimensional traveler, “Jamie ponders.
“Perhaps he had picked up Voltron's data among his many voyages…”
Dr. Hook nodded “Perhaps…But how loose those in formations so not to be picked up by its enemies…I wonder…”
Little Jon felt an overwhelming surge of excitement.
“I don't care, what counts is we can now polish off that no-good Voltron for keeps!”
“No Little Jon,” Steve said as he shook his head from his little brother's reactions.
“In that last fight with Voltron, I realized that the pilots are honorable…Voltron's no evil doer…”
Mark was startled by Steve's words and looked at him in disbelief. “Did I heard right? Do you mean that invader's honorable?”
Steve slowly distanced himself from Dr. Hook and the Voltes Team.
“Steve, what's troubling you?” Jamie asked Steve as she runs after him.
Steve stopped walking and slowly turns to Jamie.
“We are Earth Defenders, fighting for peace, justice and freedom…Instead of antagonizing Voltron, we should try to understand its pilots…
Let's show them we are honorable, and honor is what separates us from beasts, robots or Boazanians!”
“Oh yeah,” Mark replied with teasing sarcasm in his tone,
“Like how these so-called honorable invaders try to understand the soldiers at the Earth International Defense Base!?!.”
Dr. Hook seems to feel the growing friction between the two.
“Shut up! Squabbling among ourselves is useless…After studying Voltron's data, then we can decide to treat the invaders accordingly…Understand?”
The Voltes Team replied in unison… “Yes sir!”