Voltes V Fan Fiction ❯ Voltes V (The Godaikin Wars) ❯ A troubled warrior ( Chapter 12 )

[ X - Adult: No readers under 18. Contains Graphic Adult Themes/Extreme violence. ]

After the briefing about the Vavilos, the Voltes Team returns back to their training sessions; once again, Steve mounted his large rocket propelled bike and continues his “moving target practice” as Jamie dons her black, ninja cat suit and resumes her training inside the booby trapped forest of Camp Big Falcon.
Little Jon re-entered the cold dark water, where an android shark awaits him and Big Bert picks up his “Naginata” (Battle staff) to spar with ten fighters waiting for him at the training center.
Mark casually, walked through a corridor that leads to his training spot. There, his faithful thoroughbred waits him.
“…Just think about all those families…mourning.” he thought to himself as he grooms his horse.
Husbands, wives, kids…all their love ones dying…for what?...So some damn alien ravager called Voltron could take out this planet and add it to his collection?”
He began to mount his faithful steed and took out his bull whip.
After he shouts “pull”, a barrage of ceramic disks went flying through the air.
Immediately, his horse came sprinting across the field and Mark lashed his weapon against the flying training disks.
Wha-pang. Wha-pang!!!
His body moves with such agility; his arm lashes the whip with such professional strikes, whereas his mind wanders back to those grim days…Those days highlighted by the intrusion of the Boazanian invaders!
He remembered how the human race was succumbed by the sheer might and power of the Boazanians : It was so overwhelming…these Boazanians …and the Earth and its people were like a small kitten, pitted against a large concrete slab.
He recalled those heartless alien beasts taking human prisoners and subjecting them in the most horrendous, roughshod conditions, perhaps no other race in the universe had been through…
The atrocities, the anguish, the pain…until Voltes V delivered them from these; the mighty clash of the Sword of Heaven echoed through his mind and Mark could see the dangerous yet successful defense of planet Earth against these unwholesome beings.
“Aliens…especially alien invaders are blood thirsty war mongers…and now Steve says they're honorable?” Mark starts to think.
His troubled thoughts made him miss one of the ceramic training disks.
“Awwww shoot!”
He dismounts his steed and focused his thoughts on the interim.
Mark starts to walk towards a nearby mineral water dispenser and was about to drink from it when he noticed a group of relieved soldiers surrounding a large television screen.
The news tells about the gruesome death of soldiers and civilian personnel working inside the Earth International Defense Base.
Mark could also see the live interview of the perished soldiers' love ones.
He could see them wail and weep on T.V.
He maybe tough and cool under pressure, but Mark is still a young teenager, much like his team mates. Something fragile cracked inside him. Mark turns away and bent his frustrations to a nearby training tree under repair.
It was one of those training guns used for Jamie's practice sessions disguised to look like a tree; Mark punched and kicked with all his might. His strikes were cold and lethal, enough to cripple any receiver. But the training gun would not budge; its hyper-fiber glass casings could withstand strikes from large attack transports.
Tired, Mark slumped beneath the training gun breathing hard from exhaustion.
“I swear, I'm gonna give that Voltron beast a taste of Voltes V's justice…those aliens are blood thirsty monsters…nothing's honorable about them…”
He was so busy sobbing that he didn't noticed Steve standing just behind him.
He had just finished his session when he noticed Mark lying down beside the training gun.
Steve had heard what Mark just said but decides to keep quiet…