Voltes V Fan Fiction ❯ Voltes V (The Godaikin Wars) ❯ Two Visitors. ( Chapter 13 )

[ X - Adult: No readers under 18. Contains Graphic Adult Themes/Extreme violence. ]

The hulk of the Galaxy Alliance flagship “The Stellar Ship Explorer” was a hive of various repair and medical activities. Humans and repair bots, mend the great gash and holes created by their encounters with the Phantom Crafts, the defenses of the International Defense Force, and Voltes V.
The heavily damaged yet victorious Voltron Lions had cleared the pursuing Phantom Crafts and returned to the Stellar Ship Explorer's repair center. The Voltron Force steps down from their Lions and sprinted towards the sick bay.
There, Koran lays waiting for them; his wounds were starting to heal.
“I'm proud of you; Voltron Force…the spirit of King Alfor is with you…” He began to cough which made the doctors check his condition further.
“Rest o dear Koran, “Princess Allura reassured the battered coordinator.
“Please be strong, for all of us need you.”
Tears began to form in the corner of her eyes.
There is a strange chill that moves around Keith's body…He felt troubled: “What if we loose Koran the next time we came into battle with this Voltes V?” He told himself. “Can we keep it up without Koran?”
He looked at the Voltron Force, they were unusually quiet…Even Hunk and Pidge.
Keith looked around some more and stared at the huge Plexiglas window: Here, the vastness of space stared back at him and as he shifted his sights, he saw the blue floating orb of the 3rd Earth.
He clenched his fist at it and swore under his breath:
“I swear I'll get those wet-nosed kids and that giant abomination of theirs!”
Then, as if on cue Nanny approached the Voltron Force with unhidden joy.
“I have great news oh Voltron Force.” She starts “Saint Paul the Imjad had provided us information about this new enemy, This Vol-tees-Five…”
“Well it's about time!” Lance retorts, “Why didn't he handle that information to us in the first place?”
Suddenly, a loud alarm rings up from within “The Stellar Ship Explorer”. It's the teleport Chamber receiving a visitor…
Suddenly, with renewed vigor, the Voltron Force stood to face Paul the Imjad.
Meanwhile, at Camp. Big Falcon, a sleek white and blue starship descends down from the skies. Before making a touch down, the ship prepares for a transformation.
“Vavilos Formation.”
The wings of the giant starship pivots, then its body extracts further.
This same starship body suddenly splits at the middle to form “legs.”
The front section of the cockpit flips up to for “feet”. The aft section turns, looking more like a giant robot's body.
Then, two slim, steel colored arms extracted from each side.
There Vavilos, the unbeatable inter -dimensional Godaikin floats like a multi-colored apparition before Camp. Big Falcon.
The Voltes Team watched in awe as the massive Godaikin unravels before them.
“Coool! …Vavilos is awesome!” Little Jon made a comment.
“Vavilos is an inter-dimensional super cybernaut built for space police use.” Big Bert informs everybody.
“I heard it uses mysterious alien beam energy.” Jamie adds. “I think it's called “Blue Plasma Energy”.
Mark looked at the spectacle rather impatiently. He finally came up with: “This Shaider guy…He better had those Voltron data and not so much special effects!”
Suddenly, a cyber announcement sounded from within Camp. Big Falcon: “We are about to receive “teleportation” from the docking ship.
Count down for the reception starts at 09, 08, 07, 06…”
Dr. Hook and Commander Robinson entered the teleportation room and punch in some numerical keys at the console. The announcement continues: “05, 04, 03, 02, 01…Contact!”
The teleport room receives the visitor with a bright blue glow that fades after10 to 15 seconds.
Before the startled eyes of Dr. Hook, Commander Robinson and the Voltes Team, stands a tall, fully armored figure in gleaming chrome and metallic blue exoskeletons.
“Code Name: Shaider!”