Voltes V Fan Fiction ❯ Voltes V (The Godaikin Wars) ❯ A misleading nightmare... ( Chapter 14 )

[ X - Adult: No readers under 18. Contains Graphic Adult Themes/Extreme violence. ]

The universe turns into a blazing battleground as two giant armored champions squared off once more, both wielding their colossal swords.
Suddenly, Voltes V's towering figure moves in a strange graceful dance that severed Voltron's sword arm.
Sparks of molten armors flew in all directions.
From his monitor,,Keith saw the Green Lion spinning into deep space, still clutching the Blazing Sword…
”Pidge…Pidge!” he screamed over the com-link.
But there is no reply.
Space is total darkness.
Nothing but the stars and the great indigo form of Voltes V in a Samurai-like stance stands before him.
Voltes V continue to move in an oriental-like dance, suggestive of a seasoned swordsman.
“I'm not intimidated by you punks!”
Keith shouts angrily as he struggles to fend-off the fear that grows inside him.
“Voltron and the Galaxy Alliance will prevail!”
Voltes V stopped moving.
Its mighty hands still grasping the Sword of Heaven…
Keith frantically flips up some switches; eager to open fire at the looming threat.
The attack came from the side…
It was so swift that Keith could hardly felt the impact of the Sword of Heaven slicing through Voltron's midsection.
Livid sparks of electronic blood spits out of Voltron's wound.
Then, the Defender of the Universe dropped down on its knees.
“Voltron Force, this is Keith…Do you read me!”
Keith desperately punched into his console trying to activate his com-link.
“Voltron Force, are you there?”
Again, no reply…
Keith felt all alone.
He looked again to his monitor only to saw Voltes V raising its arms:
The Sword of Heaven towering above all!
Electrical stream skitters on the surface of its metallic blue armors.
Its eyes glow in eerie yellow vengeance!
Keith realized the great sword poised to cut Voltron's head!
And in his final horror, he could see the pilot, Steve Armstrong laughing like a maniac…
In Keith's vision; Steve had horns…Boazanian horns!
Keith woke up…
Drenched in sweat and breathing hard…
He held his head with both hands and tries to shake off the vestiges of that nightmare…
“Just a bad dream…” he told himself as he get out of bed and looked outside the repair center, where mechanical arms mends the Voltron Lions.
The Voltron Force just learned many things about Voltes V and the Voltes Team from the data supplied to them by Paul the Imjad.
The Imjad had given emphasis on The Voltes Team, especially Steve, Big Bert and Little Jon and their special heritage; that their father, Dr. Michael Ned Armstrong is really Barron Wrothgar; a member of the Boazanian nobility.
That they have Boazanian blood…
And that the Boazanians are heartless invaders and cold blooded killers.
And that Voltes V was a Boazanian creation and maybe defending the Earth, but is really aiming to conquer the galaxy.
Therefore, Voltes V and the Voltes team must be stopped…
And Voltron must be the one to do it!
Keith decided to enter the main bridge of the Stellar Ship Explorer.
He could see Koran at the controls already, even though the doctors still nursing his wounds.
Beside him is the rest of the Voltron Force waiting pensively for some answers.
The monitor lights up and the visage of Cmdr. Hawkins are on display.
“Good News, Voltron Force, “he started.
“I've just received word that the Galaxy Alliance just finished four of its newest flag ships: The S.S Harbinger, the S.S Venturer, the S.S.Avenger and the S.S Prospecter. These ships will act as reinforcements as you continue to repair Voltron.”
The whole Voltron Force cheered wildly.
“Hooray!” Pidge exclaimed. “Now we can put priority on Voltron's repairs.
“And were no sitting ducks anymore!” replied Hunk.
Don in robes, the Imjad neared the exuberant Voltron Force.
“But I caution you oh Voltron Force…” He warns them.
“An alien starship known as the Vavilos had just handed to the Voltes Team, Voltron's technical datas.”
The Voltron Force was shocked!
“What!?!” they all exclaimed in sheer disbelief
“Now, the Voltes Team knows who we are!” Lance angrily waves his fist at the Imjad…
“Not to worry Voltron Force,” Cmdr. Hawkins reassures them. “I'll inform Commander Garth of the S.S. Harbinger about this Vavilos…they'll be able to intercept and apprehend this alien ship.”
Behind everybody's back, the Imjad made a malicious secret smile.