Voltes V Fan Fiction ❯ Voltes V (The Godaikin Wars) ❯ Time/Spacewarp portal ( Chapter 16 )

[ X - Adult: No readers under 18. Contains Graphic Adult Themes/Extreme violence. ]

Cmdr. Garth made a deep chuckle.
“It's a real one sided battle.” He thought to himself.
And why not; he had all four immense stellar flagships and arsenals under his disposal and each stellar dreadnaught had its own fleet of fast and deadly squadron of space fighters; what good can a lone alien starship do against his regatta?
Unknown to Cmdr. Garth, the lone sleek starship is a Godaikin and just like Voltron and voltes V, its one of the most powerful guardians of the universe.
Inside the Vavilos, Shaider is already cooking something up his sleeve.
“I'll try to release a layer of pure, Blue Plasma Energy.”
He told himself.
“That'll do the trick!”
He pushed a control lever in full blast; making the Vavilos glow in iridescent actinic blue.
The Galaxy Alliance commander finds this display alarming;
“The alien starship's trying something there…” he cautioned his crew.
“Switch all messages to Cmdr. Hunter, Froy and Mhir…Tell them to open fire on my mark!”
Back inside the Vavilos,
Shaider activates several energy enhancing units that intensifies the build up of Blue Plasma energy.
Blue plasma coating over Blue plasma, the Vavilos was covered by its own intensifying power.
The alien starship now looks more like a giant glowing ball of bluish energy.
“Cursed that thing,” Cmdr, Garth cried out, “fire, fire, fire!”
Suddenly, a billion laser bolts from the four flagships, plus energy torpedoes from the multitudes of space fighters rained down on the Vavilos.
But their hellish volley just bounced off harmlessly from the Godaikin's energy covered armors.
“What in damnation!”
Cmdr. Garth exclaimed as he saw the useless effort of his fleet against the bluish, sun-like Godaikin.
“Our volley's enough to blast a small moon!”
“Commander,” a technical navigator informs him.
“My laser cannons are overheating…There's a danger of internal rupture!”
“I don't care!” the commander barks back.
“Double power on the main batteries!”
Another salvo of laser storm rained down on the Vavilos.
Once again, the bolts bounce off its glowing armors!
Shaider knows the Blue Plasma build up is all he needs to even the score.
“Time/Space warp…Now!”
Then, Shaider activated a powerful energy thruster and soon, from behind his antagonists,
the blackness of space rip-open and begins to pull every vessel into its bowels.
The great fleet of space fighter squadrons is the first to go, and then the massive flagships follow. The amazing Vavilos was the last to enter.
Satisfied, Shaider left his cockpit and proceeded to the launch bay, where a slender compact starship awaits him.
Manning its cockpit, Shaider pushed several ignition keys and voice command units.
“Stryker take off!”
Outside the Vavilos,
The compact starship Stryker left the launch bay and prepared itself for battle. It flew with rocketing speed to face the great swarm of the Galaxy Alliance's space fighters!