Voltes V Fan Fiction ❯ Voltes V (The Godaikin Wars) ❯ Might of the Vavilos ( Chapter 17 )

[ X - Adult: No readers under 18. Contains Graphic Adult Themes/Extreme violence. ]

Cmdr. Garth knows not all in outer space is black and star ridden; there are oasis of multi-colored spatial bodies and various nebulae clusters resulted from conglomerates of stars, space dusts, quasars, pulsars and super novas. But the current celestial display outside his ship changed into some strange, psychedelic patterns.
As if like his whole fleet was thrown into the hip, magical world of “Yellow Submarine.”
“Navigator…” he asked his underling smartly. “Full status report regarding our conditions…”
The navigator was about to check in their current status when suddenly, a great outburst rocked the ship!
Cmdr Garth could only look outside and saw Shaider's compact starship Stryker, engaged in a dogfight with the vast squadron of Galaxy Alliance fighters.
“Stryker Beam!”
Shaider's commands lets out deadly energy rounds in rapid sequences.
Sending fifty of the Galaxy Alliance star fighters into fiery degeneration.
Terrified by their uncanny foe, the Galaxy Alliance fighters fired their laser torpedoes more in haste than calculation, sending their comrades in their scorching end.
Inside his lethal conveyance, Shaider shifts his controls to autopilot and activates his remote voice command unit.
“Battle Tank, Go!!!”
Meanwhile, in the Vavilos' launching bay, a low silhouette space tank automatically launched itself to join the raging galactic skirmish; magnificent jet combustions propelled the squat machine into the heart of the battle.
Four squadrons of Galaxy Alliance space fighters welcomed the new comer with threatening ballistics fired in murderous pace…to no avail!
The Battle Tank returns the favor in the form of tremendous volleys of high-grade energy beams that incinerated half the strength of the interceptors!
Inside the Stryker,
Shaider spots the three giant flagships closing in on the Vavilos.
Immediately, Shaider change the frequencies of his voice command unit and sends a vocal control at the Godaikin.
“Vavilos Formation!”
The wings of the giant starship pivots, then its body extends further.
This same starship body suddenly splits at the middle to form “legs.”
The front section of the cockpit flips up to form the “feet”.
The aft section turns, now looking more like a giant robot's body.
Then, two slim, steel colored arms retracted from each side.
Commaders Mhuir, Hunter and Froy in their respective flagships had witnessed the grandiose transformation of the Godaikin Vavilos!
Before their startled eyes, stands the terrific winged cybernaut…a metallic apparition, so magnificent so surreal…
“Launch Cadmium missiles…” Cmdr Mhir gave the commands as he
shook off his awe and fascinations! “…on my mark!”
Outside, thick armored shields open up to reveal several torpedo holes and from these, large dangerous looking missiles spew out and aimed at the great Vavilos!
But in such quick and agile precision, Vavilos caught the charging missiles like an arrow catcher, then immediately re-aimed these back at its sender.
Cmdr. Mhir and his bewildered crew realized that the great Godaikin moves in an impossible contour, no giant robot could ever do…
They tried an evasive maneuver but it's too late…
The missiles hit the S.S Avenger flagship directly at the bridge, and soon, Cmdr. Mhir and his crew was engulfed in a great fire ball that sends a powerful shock wave that wiped out his own vast stellar fleet to Kingdome Come!