Voltes V Fan Fiction ❯ Voltes V (The Godaikin Wars) ❯ Trouble for the Reinforcements... ( Chapter 18 )

[ X - Adult: No readers under 18. Contains Graphic Adult Themes/Extreme violence. ]

Chaos took over the helm of the great, Galaxy Alliance stellar ship S.S. Venturer as its skipper Cmdr. Hunter saw the obliteration of the flagship S.S. Avenger.
The view screen displays the encompassing fiery destruction; as debris from the ill-fated S.S Avenger rained down on the walls of the Stellar Ship Venturer.
The loud thuds and crashes send further mayhem to those who can hear; it was as if the ghost of Cmdr. Mhir and his crew tries frantically to seek refuge on the S.S Venturer.
“Commander Hunter…” one of his crewmembers started to speak.
“Most of the other departments are on panic!”
Cmdr. Hunter sat slumping on to his officer's seat.
“Section 49's crew is leaving with lifeboats in full capacity!”
Cmdr. Hunter shook his head, trying to erase the gross reality that blossoms before him.
“Were not going anywhere, were going to blast the enemy if it's the last thing we have to do!” he screamed trying to fight the surrounding noise and the feeling of imminent defeat.
The S.S. Venturer released salvo after salvo of laser fire.
The barrage is so powerful; it could melt the hardest metal.
The deadly beams made its mark on the Vavilos' side.
The Godaikin rocks to the violent blasts…
But its uncanny alien armors suffered no damage, apparent or otherwise.
Meanwhile, Shaider continues to engage with enemy space fighters in excellent results.
He also continues to keep track at Vavilo's progress.
A few flicks in his controls, the armored enforcer barked another command at the Godaikin:
“Vavilos Beam!”
From Vavilos' great chest plate gushed out a river of glowing red anti-matter beam that engulfed the entirety of the S.S. Venturer.
Inside the massive stellar ship,
Cmdr. Hunter and his surroundings were seemed to be bathed by a blinding flash of wine red, turning immaculate white. Then he saw his crew instantly turning into skeletons…
Gradually, their bodies disappeared into dust.
He tried looking at his own hands, only to saw these turning into skeletons and vanished into nothing…
Outside, the great stellar ship novas into oblivion…
There are no signs of ruin or debris…
As if the flagship does not exist at all.
Inside the Galaxy Alliance stellar ship S.S. Harbinger, Cmdr. Garth stood up slacked jawed…he had never seen an entire stellar ship, with all its splendor vanished into nothing.
Frantically, he tried to contact the Galaxy Garrison to unleash Voltron Vehicle Team…
But his communicators channeled to the Galaxy Garrison are all out due to the great inter-dimensional prison that engulfs his whole fleet!
"Commander Garth," one of his crew took his attention.
"Commander Froy of the S.S. Prospecter closed all his signals and communication links ...He maybe planning something!"
At first, everything for Cmdr.Garth felt blurry.
But then, something like a desperate Kamikaze move crossed his mind.
"Good Lord!" he whispered audibly…