Voltes V Fan Fiction ❯ Voltes V (The Godaikin Wars) ❯ The Darkest Vision ( Chapter 24 )

[ X - Adult: No readers under 18. Contains Graphic Adult Themes/Extreme violence. ]

The morning was cold and calm, yet a great jubilation warms the atmosphere.
Steve walked the nearby hill and tried to watch the great Boazanian world they helped liberate.
Suddenly, a voice called him…a voice so sweet and dear to his ears.
Steve turns around…
Up on a hill, the image of Dr. Armstrong greeted his eldest son…
“Steve…Here I am!”
He held his arms at him, ready for a hug…
“Father!” Steve came rushing in, so delighted he finally had that chance to enfold his long lost father…
Suddenly, the ground rumbled; both father and son stopped half way.
Then between them, the ground crumbles; the shock sending both father and son tumbling down the dirt.
There, before their startled eyes, Voltron: Defender of the Universe came out of the opened ground like some gaudy and magnificent corpse!
It was huge; powerful red, blue, green, yellow and black armored lions, all combined to form this immense gladiator that now looks down at the two.
Steve tried to take his father to a safe distance away from the colossal Godaikin when suddenly; one swift from Voltron's Green Lion hand took Dr. Armstrong away.
Steve cried after his parent held high by Voltron.
“Steve!” Dr. Armstrong replies back.
Unexpectedly, Voltron started to talk with the flair of formality made by honorable knights.
“You are Boazanians…determined to take over not only Earth, but the entire galaxy as well!”
Steve could not believe what he heard…He was too dumbfounded to reply to such an accusation.
“As Voltron: Defender of the Universe, I must impede such barefaced undertakings…”
Steve noticed Voltron's lion head hand gradually squeezing the life out of his father.
“Damn you Voltron!” Steve cursed as he clenched his fist at the mighty robot.
“Leave my father alone in this…Fight me instead you coward!”
Voltron replied by throwing Dr. Armstrong far way like rubbish.
Steve's eyes grew wide as he saw his father smashing at nearby rubbles.
His head and arms at strange angles…his ligaments were torn mercilessly…
“NOOOOOOO…!” Steve cried in mixed sorrow, frustration and disbelief…
He fell down on his knees and shook his head.
“You killed him…you killed my father, you bastard!”
Voltron neared Steve and replies: “It is his destiny…to die as a Boazanian should…and why don't you consider your own mother?”
Steve slowly raised his head to look at Voltron's visage.
“What a strange mother you had...?” Voltron continues.
“Every morning you visit her grave and ask for her guidance yet when she was alive she sends you to a training facility where murderous training sessions were held?”
“Leave mother out of this...!” Steve cried in anger.
Nonchalantly, Voltron continues…
“…and to top it all, every one who tries to escape will be shot…?”
Voltron shook its giant head in mock pity.
“I guess your mother does not really loved you…she tried to treat you harshly like criminals, with callous disregard for human rights!”
Steve stood up and wiped the tears in his eyes.
“She died trying to save us from a beast fighter, damn it!...You don't know anything about my parents…about the Voltes Team so shut the hell up!”
Casually, Voltron took out his most potent weapon.
“Form Blazing Sword!”
From the mouth of the Voltron Red and Voltron Green Lions, comes out a huge, glowing king sword and the giant Godaikin aimed this at the standing Steve, with a ceremonial growl!
“Don't weep for your father…weep for those people your kind have killed!”
Steve was in sudden shock.
“Yeah…those people butchered by the Boazanians…Don't you have anything to say about them…you murdering animal!”
Something inside Steve's head explodes…the pain came rushing in as he grabbed his own head and cried in utter shame…
“Is this what Voltes V is all about…The Liberation of the Boazanian slaves…and not the defense and glory of planet Earth and its people?”
Voltron sneered at the bewildered Steve as its great sword still aimed at him
“You flew with your Solar Bird all the way to Boazania…For what…For Earth? I don't think so…it's for the Boazanian slaves, and the restoration of Hrothgar's so called honor!”
“That's not true!” Steve protested…but still had no words to throw back at his accuser since it chokes him to see his father die like that.”
Voltron brushed him off. “Your kind make me puke…you filthy, crawling…”
The colossal robot swings his Blazing Sword at Steve with great swiftness.
The impact was equivalent to that being blown by the Hiroshima bomb via ground zero.
Steve woke up screaming.
He opened his eyes and realized that he's back in his room.
He was breathing hard and sweats covering his fore head.
He sat there…unmoving…trying to fathom the insanity of it all…
The dark vision made him contemplate about his parents…about Boazania and about whether Voltron and the Voltron Force are honorable defenders or foes to be destroyed…