Voltes V Fan Fiction ❯ Voltes V (The Godaikin Wars) ❯ The mysterious laser Godaikin ( Chapter 28 )

[ X - Adult: No readers under 18. Contains Graphic Adult Themes/Extreme violence. ]

It was a morning like no other for Tommy Takashi, young pilot of the magnificent laser framed Godaikin known as Laserion, fighting side by side with Voltes V and having his share of kicking Voltron's behind is a great honor.
He had been following the battle between Voltes V and Voltron in the e-news.
Now; he decides to join in the fun.
“But Voltron's a lot bigger than Laserion…” he told himself as he studies Voltron's physical status in the computer.
“Well…Laserion can compensate using his laser-framed body…” he thought.
He looked around his chaotic room filled with scientific journals, some week old comic books, his unkempt bed and pictures of his girl friend Olivia; half naked in her white bikini underwear.
Tommy smiled with impish satisfaction; the Japanese teenager seem to be obsessed with girls in their under things. Heck he even tried to think about Jamie Robinson, the only female member of the Voltes Team in her tight fitting Voltes Team uniform.
“I wonder what she's wearing underneath?” he asked himself.
Suddenly, a faint alarm tells Tommy someone's at his com-link.
Tommy flipped several switches and the monitor revealed Dr. Xyrrus: Tommy's coordinator and builder of the enigmatic Laserion: What ever sensual pictures of Jamie Robinson in her underwear seem to dissolve as Tommy beholds the visage of Dr. Xyrrus from the monitor.
“Tommy,” Dr. Xyrrus starts. “Gen. Parker and I just had a dialogue with Cmdr. Robinson about hunting down the alien starship that carried Voltron…”
Tommy felt skeptical. “But Dr. Xyrrus, Voltes V can venture out into space, what do they need us for?”
“Listen Tommy,” Dr, Xyrrus replies with impatience in his tone, “The entire Earth Defense Core is into this; and our own Space Defense Force is included…so haul your butt up and head to the camp!”
Tommy made a smirk, “Oh Dr. Xyrrus, Laserion is my Godaikin remember…so don't be too demanding O.K.!”
“Oh yeah,” Dr. Xyrrus cuts him. “Laserion is a mistake we've made in our matrix experiment, remember…”
Tommy just shook his head in disapproval and heads down to the Space Defense Force base.
Compared to Camp Big Falcon, the Space Defense Force Base looks more like “The Pentagon” than a large military laboratory; fighters and battle crafts of every kind arrive and depart from this fortress.
Ridding his scooter, Tommy proceeded to the main command control and into General Parker's office.
“Tommy,” the thin Dr. Xyrrus addressed him. “Put on your uniform and ride Laserion. You have an appointment with the Voltes Team and Camp Big Falcon.”
“No sweat Dr. Xyrrus!” Tommy made a haphazardly salute and jump onto his costume.
The vast teleportation chamber awaits him; Tommy rides a chrome compact starship, equipped with teleporting enhancers.
Tommy activates the ships key consoles and voice command.
“Laserion Teleport!”
And within seconds, the compact ship levitates up to 40 meters and from beneath it; bars of red, nickel, and green laser materialize and form a large box-like body.
The laser light form “solidified” and there, the magnificent laser framed Godaikin Laserion stands.
The cybernaught is a far cry from Voltes V, Vavilos or Voltron's solid armor structure: Parts of it gleams in mysterious lasers of red and greens, silver and luminous black.
The solidified light method is a fantastic feat no robot of any kind could possibly be.
And from the looks of it, Laserion's lack of colossal height is no hindrance to what deadly things it can do.
The mini ship where Tommy Takashi sits, serves as his cockpit and Laserion's head.
“O.K. Tommy…” Dr. Xyrrus said in the monitor.
“Proceed to Camp Big Falcon…”
“I'm on my way…”Tommy a-okayed.
“Laserion Go!”
The great multi-colored behemoth moves so swiftly, leaving a faint trail of its majestic, laser-framed image…