Voltes V Fan Fiction ❯ Voltes V (The Godaikin Wars) ❯ Joining Voltes V ( Chapter 30 )

[ X - Adult: No readers under 18. Contains Graphic Adult Themes/Extreme violence. ]

Steve watched the different starships depart from the grounds of Camp Big Falcon.
His mind is filled with the visions he had last night and the validity of Voltes V's stand as an Earth Defender.
“That's absurd, “he justifies to himself. “Voltes V is and always be the final defender of the human race!”
He continues to look at the very last machine that hovers and proceeded towards the farthest sky.
“Me…my father and my brothers' having Boazanian blood is not an issue here…”
He clenched his fist and strikes the ground with a lethal karate punch.
It was painful and it numbed his knuckles, but his concerns are far more central than the pain it caused.
“Voltron,” He muttered angrily. “If you touch my father even an inch, I swear…I'll tear you to pieces so bad, your Voltron Force would wish they've never been born!”
“Steve!” Jamie called him.
Steve looked around; the image of lovely Jamie made him smile; she was young, beautiful and it's a pleasing diversion to whatever that's bothering him.
“Steve we've got to get ready,” Jamie continues.
“The team will be joining Tommy Takashi of Laserion. We will be hunting down the giant flagship that's harboring Voltron…”
Steve smiled faintly as he tried to stand up.
“O.K. Jamie, I'll be joining you.”
Jamie noticed the dirt on Steve's knuckles; she kept quiet, pretended that she never noticed it.
Steve entered the right side threshold of Camp Big Falcon, thinking of going to the sick bay to consult about his numbed knuckles and hope he did little as just sprained it.
Around the corridor's bend, he met Mark; the other young man just glanced curtly at him and went on his way.
“Mark!” Steve called his comrade.
Mark stopped half way and replied without looking back at Steve; “What do you want Steve?”
Hesitant for a moment, Steve dared to reply. “Mark…you're right…There's nothing honorable about Voltron and the Voltron Force…”
“It's about time you've seen the light, hey Steve…” Mark sighs. “What made you change your mind, huh?”
Steve exhaled as he replies. “I made a thorough study about the enemy…”
“Glad to hear about that Steve…” Mark's only respond still not looking at Steve.
Then slowly, he walked away.
A moment later, the Voltes Team had boarded their respected Volt Machines.
“O.K. Team…” Steve warmed up his Volt Crewzer 1 engines.
“We will head towards the moon and search for Voltron and his flagship!”
“But Steve,” Little Jon protested. “Don't we have to wait for Tommy Takashi and Laserion?”
Steve replied nonchalantly, “He can join us by following our trail to the…”
Steve was not through with his words, when suddenly from nowhere, the laser-framed mass of the enigmatic Laserion shimmers before Camp Big Falcon.
Like a ghost, Laserion's body slowly solidifies in an impetus, attitude-ridden stance.
“Hey, I'm supposed to join in the party!” Tommy Takashi yelled out at the Voltes Team.
Steve felt irritated by the display of cockiness from this teen-aged Japanese.
Still, he reminded himself that Tommy and his Godaikin are allies and they should treat him accordingly.
“Oh great…!” little John showed most of the enthusiasm. “…the laser-framed Godaikin!”
“With Laserion and Voltes V as a team, “Big Bert commented, “I couldn't help feeling sorry for Voltron.”
“Then this settles the score…” Mark concluded, “We got all the aces up on our sleeves!”
“Hush team…” Steve quiets his team. “We must not under estimate the enemy…aside from Voltron; there is this immense Galaxy Alliance we have to deal with!”
There was a momentary silence…
Then Tommy replied sheepishly.
“You're right Steve…C'mon, let's get this over with.”
Steve turns his monitors to Dr. Hook…
“Dr. Hook…we are ready…”
“Roger, Steve…” Dr. Hook replied.
The huge cabinet-like façade of Camp Big Falcon opens up like two folded white wings.
Immediately, the skies rumbled and thundered as powerful emissions of electro magnetic energy was unleashed.
The five mighty Volt Machines blasts through the skies and into the darkness; followed by the strange laser-framed Godaikin that shuffles its body and turned into a laser-framed flying command ship.
Then the flying object followed the five Volt Machines to the vastness of space.