Voltes V Fan Fiction ❯ Voltes V (The Godaikin Wars) ❯ The defenders of Voltron ( Chapter 31 )

[ X - Adult: No readers under 18. Contains Graphic Adult Themes/Extreme violence. ]

Various starships from Planet Pollux surround the moon, goods and services were served to the still ailing Stellar Ship Explorer.
The Voltron Force is busier as ever assisting the volunteers from Princess Romelle's world.
Suddenly, a powerful barrage of missile fire rattled the body of the great flagship, sending a storm of sharp debris at both droids and human crew.
Then the alarm went off and thousands of crewmembers went scampering for safety.
“We've being attacked by Voltes V!”
Keith and the Voltron Force checked the bridge's monitor and there, the much hated Volt Machines are zeroing-in at their position.
“Don't those brats ever give up?” Lance expressed his loathing.
Prince Bandor and Pidge showed the same feelings: “Curse that Voltes V…” The child prince of Pollux exclaimed.
“Voltron will destroy it together with its pilots!”
“Your'e sure right, Prince!” Pidge replied and proceeds to the launch bay area where the Voltron Green Lion is parked.
“No Pidge!” Koran went after him. “Voltron is still not ready!”
“But Koran…” Keith protested. “That Voltes Team will stop at nothing until the ships but a pile of scrap!”
Hunk joined in “We can't let this happen to us here, we're the Voltron Force…”
“Romelle…” Princess Allura lobbied her, “This way into the ship's lowest level…you'll be safe there.
Princess Romelle obeyed Princess Allura.
It's no point to die without seeing Pollux or Arus' victory.
Koran looks at the Voltron Force and never really having any choice, he nodded at them in affirmation.
“Arus and Pollux needs you …”
He paused momentarily, then; “Go hunting Voltron Force!”
The Voltron Force cheered in unison: Let's go Voltron Force!
Outside, the Volt Machines are doing pretty well dodging the laser bullets coming from the huge Pollux stellar ships.
“Claw boomerang!”
From the nose of the fiery red Volt Crewzer One; a gleaming yellow bladed boomerang springs out cutting thought the armors of the enemy stellar ships, sending debris of blasted machineries and crew into space, before the whole vessel novas into oblivion.
“Great work Steve!” Mark commented positively. “Now watch what the Volt Bomber Two can do…”
“Bomber Rings!”
A volley of lethal ring like projectiles passed through the armors of an intervening Pollux stellar ship.
The Bomber Rings entered its main bridge and blew up sending thousands of mechanical and human sinew flying in fiery fury.
The ill-fated starship incinerated just in time for the Volt Bomber Two to veer off.
“Yeeeehhhhaaaaaa!” Mark screamed in victory like a cowboy in a rodeo.
“That's for the soldiers of the Earth International Defense!”
On the other hand, Jamie is having her hands full: Two mega-sized Pollux stellar ships tries to pin the Volt Lander Five using their enormous bulk.
“Lander Drills!”
The Volt Lander Five spewed two vicious looking drill missiles that entered each ship's hull.
Jamie then maneuvered her machine downwards and the two blowing ships missed it by the fraction.
Clumsily, the two Pollux stellar ships slammed at each other and ended into a gargantuan mass of blazing, decomposing debris.
“Freezer Rays!”
The great Volt Frigate Four piloted by Little Jon brazenly entered a giant Pollux stellar ship's launch bay; where the Volt Machine made a seemingly suicidal maneuver and launched all its weapons at the majestic stellar ship's interiors.
From afar, the great ship flounders and slammed at an another stellar ship that ended into a fireball of fiery decay.
From its smothering ashes, the Volt Frigate Four zooms out virtually unharmed!
“Panzer Missiles!”
Powerful nuclear missiles released from the massive Volt Panzer Three hits an attacking Pollux stellar ship, blowing up its entire bridge.
Without mercy, its crew was conscious enough to realize that they were splattered out into space, never to return home.
One of the larger Pollux stellar ship readies itself and its crew to defend the Stellar Ship Explorer.
The main guns aimed at the evasive Volt Machines.
Suddenly, its interiors dimmed…and every personnel inside suffered painful migraine…so painful they thought their brains are popping out!
“Ohhh…The pain…THE PAIN!!!”
The Pollux stellar ship's exteriors turned into mesh ghost-like graphics, and gradually disappeared from sight.
What was left standing is the magnificent image of the mysterious Laser-framed Godaikin Laserion.
Laserion had just consumed the entire starship!
`Excuse Laserion for being a party crasher here…” Tommy Takashi apologies at the Voltes Team with a whim of humor.
“I just love crashing at parties…”
“Well,” Steve replies. “If you call this a “party”, then what can you call that?”
Tommy looks at his monitors and saw the raging five Voltron Lions, rocketing at their position.
“Uh… The Master of Ceremonies…?"