Voltes V Fan Fiction ❯ Voltes V (The Godaikin Wars) ❯ Machines against Lions ( Chapter 32 )

[ X - Adult: No readers under 18. Contains Graphic Adult Themes/Extreme violence. ]

The mighty Volt Machines and the Laser Framed Command Ship, circles around their position as the raging Voltron Lions prepares to fight!
Keith, the Voltron leader cautioned the Voltron Force since they had some unpleasant experiences against Voltes V and the Voltes V team.
“Keep your eyes pealed team,” Keith warns his team mates. “We've dealt with these kids before, so let's stay sharp!”
“I'm not letting them get away with what they've done to Voltron…” Lance exclaimed. “This time, they'll all gonna pay!”
“Proton Missiles!”
Suddenly, a group of strange missiles fired from a three-tube device which magically appears at the front leg joint of the Voltron Red Lion.
These missiles almost hit the body of the ever vigilant Volt Bomber Two.
“Hah! Missed your chance, you dope!” Mark remarked before he released his own set of weapons.
“Bomber Rings!”
Like maddened armored claws, the Bomber Rings collided with the last remaining Voltron Red Lion missiles, sending the great Voltron Red Lion tumbling down the hard lunar dirt.
“Rocket Grenades!”
Pidge shouts high atop his lungs as he activates the spiked-ball like mini explosives, discharged from various parts of the Voltron Green Lion.
The result is utter destruction as some of the balls came closer the Volt Lander Five's location.
In the nick of time, Jamie was able to veer-off from their path before they blew-off parts of a nearby canyon.
“I'll show you what we can really do…”
“Lander Earth Blaster!”
A magnificent beam of savage energy bursts from the Volt Lander Five's launch device, blowing away Pidge and his Voltron Green Lion.
The impact was so intense; it sends the Voltron Lion machine smashing at a nearby lunar hill.
“Pidge!...Little buddy!” Hunk exclaimed as he look out of the Voltron Yellow Lion's cockpit and seeing what happened to Pidge and the Voltron Green Lion.
Infuriated, Hunk excecutes a “free fall” maneuvers and launched his weapons!
“Hrrr!…Rotor Missiles!”
Hunk activates the Voltron Yellow Lion's rotating launcher that dispatches three small missiles at the front leg joints.
“Crewzer Cannons!”
The Volt Crewzer countered immediately with a barrage of machinegun fire in rapid successions, just before the Voltron Yellow Lion's missiles hit the evading Volt Lander Five.
“Thanks, Steve!” Jamie thanked the Voltes V team leader with a wink.
“Any time, Jamie!” Steve replied with a thumb's up!
The Voltron Yellow Lion is about to launch another set of weapons when suddenly, Hunk was rattled by rocks and tremors that sends him rolling on all sides in his cockpit.
Outside, the magnificent Volt Panzer Three had grabbed the Voltron Yellow Lion's tail with its red shovels like some metallic blue giant crab.
Then, the Volt Panzer Three slammed the Voltron Yellow Lion at a nearby cliff.
The brunt was so strong that Hunk felt like he was put inside a blender.
“That's for the pilots of the shadow fighters!” Big Bert yelled at Hunk over the com-link.
“Savages!” Princess Allura exclaimed as she made a power dive at the Volt Frigate Four.
“Water Blast!”
Suddenly, a mighty column of water jets out from the Voltron Blue Lion's mouth.
The powerful Volt Frigate Four defies this by flying spear-like through the water column then smashing head on against the Voltron Blue Lion!
“Is that all you can do?” Little Jon taunts, “Spit liquid?!?”
From his monitors, Keith could hear the terrified shriek of Princess Allura.
“Princess,” Keith called her with concern, “Princess, are you alright?!”
There was no answer, and Keith could see the Voltron Blue Lion smashing hard against the dusty lunar ground.
“Grrr…Damn you punks.” Keith snarled at the vision of his enemies.
“If anything happens to the Princess I'll…”
“Spinning Laser Blades!”
A spiked wheel of blades suddenly appears at the front leg joints of the Voltron Black Lion and propelled toward the Volt Machines.
Immediately, the Volt Machines executes evasive action, letting the Laser Blades touch nothing. Then, they regroup once again.
“Steve, “ Jamie hollered in shock, “Behind you!”
Steve turns around only to see both the Voltron Green and Voltron Red Lions upon his ship: Powerful claws tried to rip and plow thought the Volt Crewzer One's diamond-reinforced armors.
Steve frantically pushed the controls to the limits but to no avail, the Voltron Lions are so tenacious, they even tried to pull the Volt Machine down the ground.
“Steve!” Big Bert screamed at his monitor at the sight.
“Big brother!!!” Little Jon cried.
Steve suddenly activates his ship in full throttle, sending the fiery red Volt Crewzer One in a frenzied extreme orbital velocity, but the Voltron Red and Voltron Green Lions continue to hang on.
“Voltes V…” an announcement rang from Lance, pilot of the Red Lion. “Surrender to Voltron and the Galaxy Alliance!”
“Yeah…” Pidge supplied. “Voltron: Defender of the Universe!”
“Oh yeah…” Steve replied with a tone of sarcasm, “Then, try defending this!”
The fiery red Volt Crewzer One flew with incredible speed, in a utmost orbital velocity.
But still, the two Voltron Lions continues to hang on.
Then without warning, the Volt Crewzer turned to its back and touches the surface of a nearby lunar cliff, scraping the two Voltron Lions then fires up into space and returns back triumphantly!
“Way to go, Steevie!” Mark commented in his cockpit.
“Ha ha ha,” Big Bert joins in, “That's it Steve!”
The two Voltron Lions lay there filled with dust and lunar debris…but not out!
Voltron Red and Voltron Green lions stood to see their victorious enemy doing some fancy flight acrobatics.
Pissed off, they were about to charge when suddenly.
A dramatic red laser beam hits the Voltron Green Lion at its front paw.
“What the heck?!”
And before the eyes of the Voltron Force, a new enemy suddenly emerges.
“Laserion Teleport!”
Every body from that sector heard the activation command that sends the mystifying
Laser Command Ship, to re-shuffle and change its shape and stand erect as the incredible Laser-framed Godaikin Laserion.