Voltes V Fan Fiction ❯ Voltes V (The Godaikin Wars) ❯ The Fight with Laserion ( Chapter 33 )

[ X - Adult: No readers under 18. Contains Graphic Adult Themes/Extreme violence. ]

Inside the Stellar ship Explorer; Koran, Nanny, Princess Romelle De Vill, Prince Bandor, Cmdr. Hawkins and the rest of the crew stared back at the huge monitor mouths agape; they've never seen such a stunning super robot, with gleaming solidified laser light as it's frame.
"It's incredible..." Koran told himself, 'I never saw anything like a laser framed giant robot before..."
Laserion stands before the quickly recovering Voltron Lions, he posed with such defiance, and it is clear whom side does he stand.
“Tommy…!” Tommy Takashi's radio rings up with the voice of Steve.
“Stand guard Tommy, these Voltron Lions are up to no good!”
“Read you loud and clear, Stevie…” Tommy reassures the young Voltes V leader as he watches the Voltron Lions circling around Laserion.
“Here Kitty, Kitty, Kitty…nice Kitty…”
Suddenly The Voltron Black Lion charges, and from behind it follow the Voltron Red Lion then the Voltron Green Lion.
“Holy…!” Tommy was shocked! The Voltron Lions were so huge; the Voltron Black Lion alone is as large as Laserion!
Laserion was able to dodge the Voltron Black Lion attack by tumbling up the night sky and landing safely a distance from the Voltron Lions.
“That beaming multi-colored clown's been dodging our attack, guys!” Lance told the rest of the Voltron Force on the radio. “If I could get him I'll rip `em apart!”
“Stay close Lance,” Keith cautioned Lance, “We don't even know what that thing's made of!”
“He's in cahoots with Voltes V that's for sure!” Hunk angrily replied.
“Let's see what that walking pile of bling-bling can do!”
“Star Dusters!”
Suddenly, a hot blast of dust came out of the Voltron Yellow Lion's mouth.
These aimed directly at Laserion.
Immediately, Tommy punched a series of combination moves from his command ship's key boards and a gleaming ball of “matrix shield” surrounds Laserion's body.
The hot blasts of Star Dusters bounced-off easily upon contact!
With the blink on an eye, Laserion jumped upward and before landing, took out his one of his most potent weapon:
“Matrix Magnum!”
From the hands of Laserion, a huge khaki-colored high-energy laser beam bazooka suddenly materialized.
This in turn, was fired at the Voltron Yellow Lion with a powerful, rock shaking blasts!
“Direct Hit!” Tommy announced in this com-link. But as the dust slowly settles, the Voltron Yellow Lion continue to rush at Laserion's position.
“Matrix Magnum!!!”
Another barrage of high-energy lasers, this time hitting the Voltron Yellow Lion flat on its forehead!
The impact sends the Voltron Yellow Lion spinning violently into the lunar ground.
“Keth!” Lance shouted at his communicators, “Hunk's down and out!”
Keth looked at the great figure of the sparkling Laserion.
From a distance, the Godaikin looked more like some giant hunter in a gaudy multi-colored raincoat, brandishing his colossal gun.
And the sight of the slumped VoltronYellow Lion reminds him of the hunter's kill.
Suddenly, all four Voltron Lions charge feverishly at Laserion's spot.
This time, each Voltron Lion had a Laser/Ion knife at their mouths.
“Hunting season is over, punk!” Keith snarled at Laserion.
“Time to face the Voltron Force!”
Before the Lions could get to Laserion, Tommy punched in some combination keys that made Laserion disappear.
The Voltron Lions land but there's no Laserion to pounce on to…
“Time to go “safari” hunting…”
Tommy chuckles as he re-activates Laserion's image.
“Go Laserion!”
Like a highly skilled Ninja, the Godaikin Laserion moved so swiftly, not even radars could pick him up.
“Keith…I'm scared!” Princess Allura whined to her communicators,
“What if this laser-robot tries to kill us all?”
“That won't happen, Princess…” Keith replies more to comfort than to reassure. “Not because were with Voltron: Defenders of the U…”
A powerful blast rocked the four Voltron Lions with a hurricane force!
“Matrix Saber!!!”
Suddenly from Laserion's chrome hands, a high energy Laser Sword materialize and the Godaikin let this swings through the assembly of the waiting Voltron Lions, sending sparks of molten metal flying through the vacuum.
Everything seemed in disarray, the Voltron Lions started to fire their weapons in all direction; hitting each other than their intended target.
The haze of battle slowly settles and there, the Voltron Lions are all slumping down life-less, their armors are covered with burn marks, scratches and other battle damages.
“Princess, Keith,” Koran tried to call the Voltron Force but to no avail.
“Quick, activate the on board Vector!”
Suddenly, the Voltron communicators lights up, and Keith starts to reply.
“Koran…We can manage …ugh!”
“Keith!” Koran aimed the Vector at the Voltron Lions. “Well get you back…”
Suddenly, a barrage of missiles and projectiles blasts through the battered hulk of the Stellar Ship Explorer as the Volt Machines starts their attack!
“Koran,” Nanny tearfully asked the Castle of Lion's administrator. “What can we do? The Princess maybe hurt...Voltron is down and the enemy forces are upon us!”
“All of our stellar engines are out; we can't go into hyperspace and escape our detractors…” Cmdr. Hawkins announced pensively.
“We have no choice but to fight to the end…”
Suddenly, all hope seems to smile at the Voltron Force and the crew of the damaged stellar ship Explorer;
“This is Peige of Voltron Green Lion…” Peige announced urgently. “I think I know how to defeat Voltes V's side kick, the Bling-bling Robot!”
Koran hurriedly took the com-link from Cmdr. Hawkins. “Are you sure about this, Pidge?”
“Nuthin' to it…!” Pidge reassures Koran. “All I need is the Explorer's main frame and some telescopic antennas.”
Gradually, Pidge's idea seems to materialize in Koran's mind.
“I know what you're thinking, young Pidge; proceed inside the Explorer's command center…Quick!”
Outside, the Voltron Green Lion moved from the pile of lunar debris and rocketed fast back into the battered stellar ship's launch bay.
Hurriedly, Pidge came out of his Voltron Lion and proceeded towards the ship's command center.
Galaxy Alliance technicians gave him ample space to execute his plans in defeating Laserion.
He took small card disks and processed some old collected data; what he created was a powerful computer virus and zeroed this at Laserion's signals using the telescopic antennas.
“This should wipe out the smile on that punk's yellow face!”
Out side, the laser-framed Godaikin Laserion suddenly re-appears; it was not included in Tommy Takashi's Laserion commands.
“What the hell?” Tommy exclaimed as he try to override the virus but to no avail.
“My controls were contaminated by some off-world virus!”
Steve in the Volt Crewzer One realized Tommy's having trouble!
“Tommy, what's happening to Laserion?!”
Tommy heard Steve's call and considers Laserion's conditions; the laser frame that held the Godaikin's left arm slowly disintegrates and soon the Godaikin's right arm starts to give way before Tommy could punch in some keys he hoped to re-configure his giant conveyance!
“This is absolutely un-cool!”
Outside, Laserion's frame disintegrates; the sight perked up Keith and the Voltron Force!
“Look at that bling-bling robot…” Hunk exclaimed as he stared at his monitors.
“Pidge did it!” Princess Allura joyfully calls out. “Now we can get rid of it for good!”
“Yeah…” Keith replied. “…Now, that gleaming clown can taste the power of Voltron: Defender of the Universe!”