Voltes V Fan Fiction ❯ Voltes V (The Godaikin Wars) ❯ Laserion Strikes Back! ( Chapter 35 )

[ X - Adult: No readers under 18. Contains Graphic Adult Themes/Extreme violence. ]

Voltron Lions Red and Yellow was the first to charge and pounced at the downed Laserion; the impact was so tremendous, it slammed the ailing Godaikin hard against a lunar cliff.
Tommy's end seems near, he could hear the scratching of metal against metal, done no doubt by the Voltron Lions crouching atop his machine.
Voltron Black Lion and Voltron Blue Lion are busy fending of the Volt Machines' attacks.
Tommy closed his eyes for the moment; he tried to remember Olivia before he blows up with Laserion.
Suddenly in his surprise, Tommy could see his Godaikin rising up and producing a powerful matrix shield that blasted the two pounding Voltron Lions away.
Puzzled, Tommy tried to flip some emergency switches and sure enough, he found out that Laserion was back on its feet.
The massive Godaikin's laser-framed arms and legs heal and regenerate rapidly.
Soon, Laserion raised its giant glowing arms and studied the technological miracle.
“Hey Tommy…!” Dr. Xyrrus called at Tommy; a welcoming voice.
“We have not created an anti-virus ware to save you hide, but we did create a counter virus to restore Laserion's laser-frame configurations!”
“That's cool, Dr. Xyrrus!” Tommy replied, still speechless for anytime, it could have meant life and death!
“Now's, my turn to get even!”
Suddenly, Steve radioed Tommy; “Glad to hear Laserion's back in it self…Now we'll be giving you the honor to bust Voltron out of this moon!”
Tommy made a snarling, nasty smile.
“Just watch me Voltes Team…I'm gonna give Voltron back all the slices and scratches his kitties gave Laserion!”
Inside the Voltron Black Lion, Keith made his Voltron Lion turn back and check the Red and Yellow Lions being blown away.
He could not believe Laserion's back on its feet.
“Pidge…” he radioed Pidge back in the Stellar Ship Explorer. “The enemy bling-bling bot is back, what in blazes is happening?”
“I don't know…” Pidge replies. “The computer virus I injected to that glowing tin can was override by some more powerful virus!”
“Then you better get back here with the Green Lion and fight this thing mano y mano!”
“Roger, Keith, I'll be there!”
Pidge tried to launch a second dose of computer virus injection at Laserion.
But suddenly, the stellar ship Explorer's telescopic antennas were hit by the Volt Panzer Three.
“Panzer Missiles!”
The antennas went up like fire crackers of Forth of July.
“Now, Tommy can slug it out with Voltron!” Big Bert smiled.
Outside, Laserion suddenly launched itself into space and then, made a death dive assault where the Voltron Lions stood.
Once in the middle of the Voltron Lions, the great laser-framed Godaikin released its vicious weapon.
“Matrix saber!”
And like an immortal warrior, the great Laserion attacks the Voltron Lions with the speed and agility of some fast man super hero: Laserion sends the Matrix Sabre slicing at the bodies of the Voltron Lions, giving them lethal damages.
“My controls are going hay wired!” Hunk yelled at Keith from his com-link! “.. I can't fire my Voltron Missiles!”
Laserion executes his fighting maneuvers so swiftly; the Voltron Blue Lion slams hard against the rocky lunar soil.
“Princess…Princess…!” Keith almost screamed at his com-link after seeing the Voltron Blue Lion receiving some slices from Laserion's Matrix Sabre.
“Why you…If something's happened to the princess you're gonna get it, bling-bling!”
The Laser Godaikin somersaulted and lands bringing his Matix Sabre into the Voltron Black Lion's body!
Keith could see the sparks and electrical components of Voltron Black Lion's interiors bursting and erupting. There is a danger of system malfunction and overheating!
“What the…Keith exclaimed as thousands of shimmering sparks hit his face. Glad that he was wearing his Voltron helmet.
Suddenly, Keith's com-link activates and his still functioning monitors show's Koran's face full of concern.
“Keith…lock-in Voltron's auxiliaries, then we will pull you out using the onboard Vortex!”
Keith was about to protest when suddenly, his communications succumbs to a fiery burst!
Outside, the mighty Laserion draws his Matrix Saber away from the Voltron Black Lion's body.
The huge voltron Black Lion slumping hard against the lunar dust.
Tommy Takashi took a deep breath and de-activates his weapon.
“You can easily kill those heartless aliens…” Mark radioed Tommy.
“Why'd you withdrawing your Matrix sword?”
Tommy gave Mark a kid-like smile.
“Nah!...I want them to go to jail and consider the evil things they've done…beside, its fun fighting side by side with the Voltes Team, why take out Voltron so soon?”
Inside the Volt Crewzer One, Steve smiled at Tommy's remark then began to address his team.
“O.K. Voltes Team, let's crush that giant enemy starship!”
He gestured at the wounded Stellar ship Explorer just beyond.