Voltes V Fan Fiction ❯ Voltes V (The Godaikin Wars) ❯ The Teleporter Escape ( Chapter 36 )

[ X - Adult: No readers under 18. Contains Graphic Adult Themes/Extreme violence. ]

“Crewzer Missiles!”
Another savage explosion tore open some of the exposed parts of the Stellar ship Explorer as the Volt Machines continues their bombardment.
“Bomber Missiles!”
Brakka - Boom!!!
“Steve!” Mark called Steve from his com-link. “Reminds me of the last time we've raided Zardoz's underground castle eh?”
“Yeah, Mark!” Steve replied. “Still, better look out if Voltron's up and running!”
“Lander Drill missiles!”
The Volt Lander Five released another set of missiles that bored holes into the thick armors of the downed Stellar ship Explorer.
The powerful engines of the Volt Machines roar violently as they circle around the stranded stellar ship.
Inside the attacked ship, Nanny's eyes widen in great sadness and disbelief from Koran's decisions.
“No Koran,” she replied, “That evil Voltes Team does not listen to reason!”
Koran continues to pull-off some dextrose hoses and other medical implements from his body.
“The Galaxy Alliance and Planet Arus need you, Koran.” Commander Hawkins came in second. “Let's just hang on further, I'll radio for the Galaxy Alliance to send….”
“We have no luxury of time, Commander.” Koran snapped back. “We must stop this brazen aggression before…”
“Listen to your people Koran…” suddenly, came a soothing familiar voice from behind.
“What the…”
Koran turns to see the ignoble robed figure of the Imjad.
“The Voltes V Team is up to destroying you and the Voltorn Force…” he starts. “They will not listen or stop at nothing to achieve that objective.”
A powerful explosion came from the ships fore section; it rattled Koran and the group, but they were able to rise up and continue with their conversations.
“Oh yeah…” Commander Hawkins intervened. “Why do those kids want us dead?”
The Imjad smiled a meaningful smile before Commander Hawkins.
“They have extreme hatred against you, Voltron, the Galaxy Alliance…yes.
They are all blinded by anger because of a series of horrific dreams they had…seeing the great Voltron killing and throwing their father like garbage!”
Koran suddenly felt shocked, his hands turned cold.
“They see Voltron and the Galaxy Alliance as cold hearted murderers.” The Imjad continues. “Believe me; they will never stop until you are all dead!”
“A vendetta…”Commander Hawkins utters almost inaudibly.
“Why that's unfair!” Prince Bandor protested.
“They just saw their stupid father died in a dream, why do it to us for real?”
“Because your highness,” the Imjad replies, “The Voltes Team is a fierce group of barbaric warriors hungry for blood…All they know is to kill.
They were brought up by a mother who sends them to a camp where transgressors were shot at like criminals…Unlike the sophisticated life styles of the fair Princess Allura…”
“Then what can we do?” Koran looks at the Imjad, begging for answers.
The Imjad smiles in quaint delight
“I've installed a teleporting device in this ship's engines. This device will throw us in a “place”, far enough for Voltron to be repaired, the Voltron Force to relax, until we had enough strength to mount a full scale attack against the barbaric Voltes V and the Voltes Team and claim the Encyclopedia Universale”
A new hope rises above Koran. He quickly went into the ship's main consoles and uses the main communicators.
“Hear me Voltron Force; this is Koran…” he starts to call-off Voltron's fighting. “We will use the onboard vortex to return you all to the ship at once.”
Outside, the Voltron Lions painfully turned their backs at their opponents and let the Vortex beam take them back to the Stellar Ship Explorer.
“Look Steve.” Tommy Takashi informs Steve and the Voltes Team.
“Those Lions are going chicken!”
“Or they might be trying something!” Steve replied back, “I don't like the looks of this!”
Suddenly, the great Stellar Ship Explorer was covered by a glowing purple dome.
“It's gonna explode!” Little Jon screamed, and then the Volt Machines and the laser framed Godaikin scampered in all directions.
The glowing globe engulfed the entire structure of the S.S Explorer, and then suddenly it vanished into space…
“They've teleported…” Big Bert snarled. “Back to Planet Arus no doubt”.
Steve looked at the lunar horizon. “I don't think we've seen the last of them…Let's all go back home!”