Voltes V Fan Fiction ❯ Voltes V (The Godaikin Wars) ❯ At the sea side with Richard ( Chapter 39 )

[ X - Adult: No readers under 18. Contains Graphic Adult Themes/Extreme violence. ]

The great ocean spans almost to eternity.
But for Richard Heartford's eyes, the image of the mysterious Bhramin girl named Erika, only counts.
Far behind him, stands the mighty Earth Defense base called “The Space Dynamo.” An elongated, interstellar ship turned Earth Defense base known to care take, harbor and monitor the potent Godaikin Super robot named “DAIMOS.”
“Don't worry Erika…” he called out to the rushing sea, “I'll be there for you…Erikaaa!!!...Erikaaaaa!!!!!”
The young Earth Defender, pilot of the magnificent Godaikin Daimos, runs across the beach, each step reminds him of the struggles he had to face, just to be with his love…
He landed on his knees, weeping and tired.
“Oh Erika, when can we be together?”
Erika and Richard's love is something like a cut from “Romeo and Juliet”; Erika's brother, the vengeful Ulrich, a Bhramin invader, had killed Richard's father.
Then her people started to attack the Earth.
Richard uses his father's Godaikin creation to stop the advancing Bhramin fleet.
The battle stopped in a lull, perhaps due to the new menace that looms above the interim galaxy.
But for Richard, being with Erika is his utmost concern.
“Erika, I will never stop until we'll be together again…” Richard vowed as he thrust his fist in the sand.
Suddenly, he saw something floating with the waves….
In great joy, Richard came sprinting towards the ocean.
Even in his clothes, the young warrior swims through the waters, defying the stinging saltiness of the sea.
He got hold on to the hands of the floating figure; a woman with Erika's size.
Richard absently swims to the shore and when he was about to look at the woman he rescued…
She's tall, blonde and of monarchial features, she was wearing a tight fitting space explorer pilot suit with white and pink color scheme, similar to those used by the Voltron Force.
She was coughing, expectorating some sand and sea water from her lungs.
Richard helped the strange young lady to recover.
“Who-who are you…?” the young warrior asked her.
The young woman slowly looks at Richard; her face bears the seriousness of a survivor.
“I …don't know….”