Voltes V Fan Fiction ❯ Voltes V (The Godaikin Wars) ❯ The Space Dynamo Medical Center. ( Chapter 41 )

[ X - Adult: No readers under 18. Contains Graphic Adult Themes/Extreme violence. ]

Mildred is the stout woman care taker of Richard and Joanna Heartford, long before they were in their teens.
She's also there when Erika crashed landed on earth and was nursed back to health.
This time, another young woman was taken to “The Space Dynamo” : a woman tall, blonde and looking like from a royal family…A woman who wears the uniform of Planet Earth's new enemy.
But for Mildred, none of these seems to matter…
They maybe enemies, but here, she needs help and medications.
“But I told you Richard, we can't let that girl stay in The Space Dynamo!” Edward Kramer, Richard's friend and co-pilot blares in outrage! “She's maybe an enemy spy, pretending to have amnesia!”
Edward stands taller than Richard: He's slim, with designer sunglasses and wears an afro.
He was not just for looks though, he is an accomplished swordsman as compared to Richard's being a black belt Karate expert.
He slammed his fist at the counter in great anger.
Richard just closed his eyes.
“Even if she's one of the enemies…she still entitled to be nursed and cared for…” Richard said bluntly. “I'm going to see what she needs...”
Edward turned around but still sounding cool amidst his frustrations. “Have it your way then…”
Richard entered the brightly lit, medical center: The facilities of this particular medical center are fairly adequate, compared to Camp Big Falcon's enormous sickbay.
Still, it is enough to tend people back to health…Civilians or prisoners at that…
He saw Mildred, tending the wounds and bruises of the young woman.
“Richard…” Mildred greets him. “She'll be alright; I've just checked on her blood pressure, it's…”
Richard greeted the noble stranger, promising her that she'll be safe in under their care.
The center's door opens, and in comes Professor Jourgan; the jolly old Earth Defense professor and coordinator of Daimos.
He's bringing flowers and some chocolates to the strange young girl in enemy uniform.
“I believe that even though were enemies, we still have to treat each other with respect and dignity.”
He handed the young survivor his gifts.
The young woman smiled at the fun-loving professor.
Richard smiled too.
The stranger reminds him of Erika when they first met.
Outside the medical center, Edward Kramer watched the group with utter contempt…
“The same o'l Richard; going softy in the face of female enemies…”
He left the medical center, and as he walked across the antiseptic walls of the corridor, he came across Joanna who is about to look into the strange girl's situation.
“Edward???” she called out to him but he ignored her.
There are pressing things in Edward's mind…
“That girl is bad news for all in the Space Dynamo,,,” he told himself.
“She's wearing the same type of uniform those heartless invaders called Voltron Force are wearing…”
Edward walked out from The Space Dynamo and thought of heading out to look for a non-Dynamo, tele -communications office.
“I've got to call Camp Big Falcon!”