Voltes V Fan Fiction ❯ Voltes V (The Godaikin Wars) ❯ Voltron Awakens ( Chapter 45 )

[ X - Adult: No readers under 18. Contains Graphic Adult Themes/Extreme violence. ]

The great Voltron Black Lion starts to move backwards as the mighty Godaikin Daimos advances.
“I'm not gonna forgive your brazen invasion, alien beasts!”
Richard growls at Keith in his com-link.
“Iv'e dealt with dirty scum like you…I told to back-off when it comes to Earth but didja listen?!”
After that, Daimos delivered a deadly Godaikin kick that slammed hard at the side of the Voltron Black Lion's body, sending the leader Lion bouncing hard at the same ravine he was thrown at an hour ago.
Inside the Voltron Black Lion, Keith felt nausea.
Like the whole world is turning around him.
Intensified by the thought that the Voltron Force has been defeated once again, and he will never saw Princess Allura.
He begins to wretch and messed up the cockpit.
Suddenly, Keith saw a small light shines from behind Daimos, the light registered in his monitors.
He also picked up signals unmistakably coming from a Voltron Lion…
“I-It's the Blue Lion…Princess Allura!” Keith shouts with great joy!
Inside the rocketing Blue Lion, Pricness Allura wipes her tears as she joins in her team.
“I'm coming for you Voltron Force…“Water Blast!”
Suddenly, a mighty column of water jets out from the Voltron Blue Lion's mouth.
With his keen sense, Richard noticed the incoming presence of another Voltron Lion.
Quickly, he maneuvered Daimos out of the Water Blast's way.
Princess Allura continues to contrive her Voltron Blue Lion into Daimos when suddenly; a powerful blast of energy beam rocked the Voltron Blue Lion in a sickening shriek of popping metals.
Disoriented, the princess failed to knock down the Godaikin Daimos.
Richard knew who had helped him; a sleek, wide bodied Earth Defense craft flew over the site, soaring high in victory!
“The Gamma Fighter…Edward, Joanna, nice to see you guys!” Richard smiled as he spoke in his com-link.
“Watch out big brother,” Joanna made a stern caution.
“That Voltron devil is now complete, they'll gonna volt-in any minute!”
“Rightly said Joanna,” Edward supplied her.
“Only the most despicable would go around and imitate Voltes V!”
The other Voltron Lions begins to stand and shook up the dirt that covered their machines.
“The princess, she's here!” Pidge gratefully declares.
“C'mon Keith,” Hunk called to Keith. “We can't afford another defeat, it's Voltron Time!”
Suddenly, the five mighty Voltron Lions starts to lift-off from the battle site.
In the skies, Keith announced the necessary steps in forming Voltron:
“Insert Keys…Mega thrusters are go…Let's form Voltron!”
The Voltron Lions assemble themselves in a star-like position.
“Form Feet and Legs, form arms and torso…And I'll form, the head!”
Flashes of fancy, laser lights seem to engulf the skies as the mighty Lion Force Voltron Forms and unleash…
Voltron: Defender of the Universe!
Now complete, Voltron lands back on the ground with a mighty stomp, standing before the powerful Godaikin karate-ka Daimos.
Keith snarling radioed to Richard.
“Now let see what your space kung-fu robot can do against Voltron: Defender of the Universe!”
Richard studied the larger Godaikin before him.
The image looked menacing and he must not let his knowledge of martial arts skills cloud his judgement by underestimating an enemy.
“Keith, Look at that!” Hunk observes, “The Daimos robot punk suddenly went silent.”
“Yeah…” Pidge came I second, “like his tongue went frozen when Voltron stood up against him!”
“Then this fight is already in the bag…” Lance concluded. “All we have to do is take the robot and his punk pilot under Galaxy Alliance apprehension.”
Before the Voltron Force could barely activate Voltron, Daimos released a sudden gush of powerful flying kick, hitting the larger Godaikin at the chest and sending his great form slamming hard against a huge rock wall.
Daimos then performs an obligatory stance as Richard continues to scrutinize the rising opponent called Voltron: Defender of the Universe!