Voltes V Fan Fiction ❯ Voltes V (The Godaikin Wars) ❯ The Volt Machines arrives! ( Chapter 50 )

[ X - Adult: No readers under 18. Contains Graphic Adult Themes/Extreme violence. ]

If we don't surrender to these aliens, we're all gonna die!” One of the Space Dynamo's surrendering soldiers' hollers back at his comrades.
Most of them started to drop their arms and raced towards the exits.
Then suddenly….
A large gun rattles at the soldiers' exit.
The soldiers deferred from leaving the base; a floating hover seat came out of the haze and in its controls sits Dr. Hook!
“What kind of soldiers are you people,” he shouted back at the Space Dynamo military personnel.
“Your duty is to defend the Dynamo!”
“B-but Dr. Hook…” one of them risked asking the seasoned Earth Defense Scientist. “We don't stand a chance against that rampaging Godaikin…”
“Hold on to your pants, men…” Dr. Hook replied.
“Voltes V and the Voltes Team is on their way to save the Space Dynamo and your dandy hides…now, where's Professor Jourgan?”
Outside, Voltron continues to use all of its majestic weapons against the Space Dynamo.
“Their base is in shambles, Keith!”
Lance announced with such enthusiasm.
“It won't be long now and this miserable base will be cosmic dust!”
“That'll give them some things to think about!”
Pidge replied.
“They'll have to face the fact that they kidnapped Princess Allura and fooled around with Voltron: Defender of the Universe!”
“Still,” Keith went in, “These people needs a fair trial back at the Galaxy Garrison…”
Keith's words are still unfinished when Voltron receives an almighty blast from his side, like the Godaikin was punched by some strong, malignant demon!
“Keith!” Princess Allura announces with a shimmering voice.
“My sensors detect a powerful surge of electro-magnetic energy!”
Hearing the word “Electro-Magnetic”, Keith turns around with disgust carved in his emotions.
“Not them again!”
From out of the blue morning skies, the powerful Volt Machines bear their weapons down at Voltron.
“We meet again invader!” Steve announced at Keith.
“This time, Voltes V will make sure that you and your so-called Voltron Force be blasted out into oblivion!”
Keith and the Voltron Force knows how strong Voltes V is but still, he voiced out his defiance. “Be my guest, Stevie boy…Be my guest!”
Inside her Volt Lander Five, Jamie starts with:
“Those murderers, we can't let them get away from what they did to Richard!”
Big Bert came in second. “What do you say, Steve. Let's give these invaders a taste of Earth Defense Justice!”
In his cockpit, Steve nods in affirmation.
“Voltes Team…” He said. “Let's give them what they deserve!”
The huge mighty Voltron turns around to face the Volt Machines.
Sure enough, Voltron activated his most potent weapon.
“Form blazing sword!”
Meanwhile, the Volt Machines flies at incredible speed, like rogue lightning, and released their mighty weapons;
“Bomber Rings!”
“Freezer Heat Rays!”
“Panzer Knuckles!”
“Lander Missiles!”
“Sky Rockets!”
Voltron received a wild barrage of laser and projectile weapons from the raging Volt Machines in such blinding fury.
The magnificent Five Lion Godaikin uses its Blazing Sword to deflect the lethal projectiles thrown at them.
“Keith…” Princess Allura cautioned Keith.
“These Voltes V barbarians are ruthless…they will do everything to kill us all!”
“These kids are trained to kill and not to think!” Hunk replies to the Princess. “They want us dead that's for sure…!”
“You said it right, Big Guy!” Pidge replied back.
“These kids are blood thirsty savages…”
A Volt Bomber ring passed through Voltron's defenses and knocked the giant robot in a great blast that produced violent rings of shock waves.
Keith was quick enough to veer off Voltron inches away from the center blast.
“That does it…these upstarts will get their spanking from Voltron: Defender of the Universe…!”