Voltes V Fan Fiction ❯ Voltes V (The Godaikin Wars) ❯ Bioman Fights! ( Chapter 53 )

[ X - Adult: No readers under 18. Contains Graphic Adult Themes/Extreme violence. ]

Thousands of grey, ugly looking giant robots known as the Gekkas began to charge at the great, raging Godaikin Bioman.
Piloted by zealot, over devoted people from Planet Pollux, the Gekkas released their own missiles and gigantic armored weapons and begin to pounce on the Godaikin Bioman that immediately countered with its own sets of powerful Godaikin Weapons.
“Bio Super Missiles!” Bio Red One commanded the bravura Godaikin.
Outside, the massive image of Bioman released a deadly rain of powerful missiles from its chest in rapid successions.
Kablammm!...kablammm!!! Kabooommmm!!!
The advancing Gekkas received the lethal rain of missiles and these riddled their metallic bodies with holes; their interiors were damaged clear of repair; their pilots' flesh mixed with the great conglomeration of ripped and torn electronic parts.
“Bio Flash!” Bio Red One released another command that the Godaikin Bioman obeys; the gigantic Godaikin unleashes powerful beams of Bio Electron lights that disintegrates incoming missiles and Gekka robots.
Inside the Imjad's ship, Baron Hakone stands transfixed before the great monitor; he saw how a single Godaikin polish off Gekka robots by the hundreds.
“I-it can't be…” he muttered helplessly. “It's impossible!”
Like massive metallic corpses, the Gekkas float away into space, as the great Godaikin Bioman continues to fight!
“Bio Shield!” Bio Red One gave another command and soon, the massive Godaikin's left arm glows in utter brilliance; the glow forms into a giant, circular form that solidifies into a massive, reflective chrome shield!
The Gekka robots resume their attack, giving no importance to the enemy's new weapon.
Soon, they realized the importance of such weapon as most of their missiles; projectiles and laser fire were deflected by the Bio Shield.
They also realized that such weapon could be used by their Godaikin nemesis in the most severe and fatal way as the majestic Bioman started to slap the ugly robots with the Bio Shield, sending the Gekkas smashing violently against the hull if the Imjad's ship.
Inside the attacked ship, Baron Hakone was thrown to corners; some of his hideous boils began to ooze out smelly yellowish pus.
The whole of the ship; his crew from planet Pollux are all in outrageous chaos.
Out side, the magnificent Godaikin Bioman took out his last and potent weapon.
“Super Laser!”
The great Godaikin turns around and produces a mighty giant Bio Sword that's being energized by sharp striking lightning that seems to originate from outer space. The sentient Biomic particles!
Like some off world swordsman, the great Godaikin Bioman charges at the oncoming Gekka Robots, slicing them as they're about to make contact with the stupendous Godaikin.
Inside his collapsing bridge, Baron Hakone could see in his flickering giant monitor the death of the great Gekkas squadron; inside each ugly robot, are the bodies of slain folks from Planet Pollux who dreamed to achieve greater glory as part of the endeavors of mighty Voltron.
Now, their carcasses littered that part of space, slain by the great ferocious Godaikin know as Bioman.
Soon, the only thing that was left between Princess Erika and her Biomic team rescuers is the lumbering Imjad ship.