Voltes V Fan Fiction ❯ Voltes V (The Godaikin Wars) ❯ The Great Godaikin Rescue ( Chapter 54 )

[ X - Adult: No readers under 18. Contains Graphic Adult Themes/Extreme violence. ]

“O.K. Team…” Bio Red One instructed his team, “let's ram that ship and rescue Princess Erika!”
The Bio Team immediately responds.
“Let's do it!”
Powerful turbo thrusters propelled the huge, magnificent Godaikin straight to the damaged enemy ship.
Baron Hakone could only watch in horror as the stupendous, Godaikin Bioman rammed mightily at his ship; sending a tremendous impact that rocked the great ship with a soul searing jolt.
Thousands of alien hardware and other mechanized components were blasted everywhere within the ship, sending these at the running multitudes that composes the great crew of the vessel.
Powerful laser defense guns bore down at the great Godaikin, launching all the lethal powers of their beams…but to no avail, the lasers bounced off harmlessly upon touching the Godaikin's armors.
The insides of the baron's ship were covered with thick haze; dangerous sparks from crushed electrical equipments are everywhere.
Baron Hakone tries to stand and surveys the surrounding chaos.
What he saw next after the miasma settles baffles the imagination; five, brightly colored, tightly uniformed armored soldiers stands before him.
Suddenly, they jumped from every direction as they introduce themselves:
“Red One!”
“Green Two!”
“Blue Three!”
“Yellow Four!”
“Pink Five!”
The five multi-colored rangers skillfully arranged themselves in such a way, the evil baron nervously barked orders for the remaining crew to take up arms and fight!
“Bio team Fight!” the team continues their acrobatic introduction as suddenly, the strange elaborate transistor markings in their helmets glows and dances.
“Super Biomic Soldiers Bioman!”
Their little acrobatic demonstration ends, Baron Hakone orders his crew to kill the gaudy, multi-colored intruders.
“Kill them…kill them all!”
The confrontation resulted into a frenzied skirmish; where the Bio Team uses all their Biomic skills to defeat their assailants!
“Fire Sword!”
Bio Red One took out a glittering chrome sword that suddenly turned in blazes.
He utilized this to slice at cat walk supports and other remaining vital navigational computer units, sending these blowing up in every strike.
“Green Boomerang!”
Bio Green Two released a powerful alien boomerang that
Carved through huge, industrial-type structures and let these collapses over other essential machineries.
“Electron Sword!”
Bio Blue Three jumps through the air and decapitates all working laser turrets that were rendered dangers to the Bio team.
Powerful shrapnel and other debris flies as the electron sword contacts tired steel.
“Bio Arrow!”
Gigantic reactor cases are the target of Bio Yellow Four's Bio Arrow; the arrow head blades cuts through the metallic encasements in lethal accuracy.
The great reactor cases bursts with the power of thermo-nuclear explosions.
“Super Electron Beam Light!”
Bio Pink Five flashes out a magnificent beam, sending a thick metallic wall bursting wide open. Behind this wall, is the ship's main control room. where Princess Erika's Cubicle cell was located
“Look Bio Team…” Bio Yellow Four announced at her team mates excitedly. “It's Princess Erika.
Wasting no time, the Bio Team took the Bhramin princess out of the cubicle cell and boards her immediately into the waiting Godaikin Bioman.
Inside their Godaikin, the Biomic soldiers activated their superb machine in full throttle.
“The Princess is safe…O.K. Team, let's take off!”
The great Godaikin left the dying starship and heads back to Planet Earth.
Inside the Imjad's ship, Baron Hakone was pinned down by a large metal beam that once supports the great, over hanging cat walk.
He was dirty, bruised and gasping for air!
He tried to move his arm but to no avail; larger chunks of discarded debris had buried it.
Suddenly, he heard a faint noise…no a sound, a melody sounding like music from a 1980 band “Tears for Fears”…”Everybody's wants to Rule the World.”
Then from out of the haze, he could see the form of the Imjad approaching him; in his face, sketched lofty disdain.
“Oh please great Imjad…Help me…please!”
The Imjad steps onto the large metal beam, thus increasing its weight.
Baron Hakone coughs from the mass.
“You have served your purpose!” The Imjad said then suddenly, Baron Hakone's pus filled boils pops up.
Next, large finger-sized maggots began to squirm out of these boils and begin to eat his flesh.
From outside, the Bio Team could see the huge, alien starship blowing up into total abolition.
Its fiery display of destruction marked the end of Baron Hakone.
The Bio Team turns their sight from this scenario, to that of Planet Earth and safely returns Princess Erika to Planet Earth, to the Space Dynamo.